Do You Want To Win A Free Plane Ticket To STEEMFest2? ENTER NOW!

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Heyyy all! Man, I am pretty happy with HF 19 thus far, as many people are! So, I have already sent @everlove, the winner from the first contest, the funds needed to purchase a plane ticket to Lisbon, Portugal for STEEMFest2, and now, I'd like to send funds to another Steemian to go to STEEMFest2. This time, a couple things will change.
First, I'd like to clarify that the people who entered the last one (you can see the contestants from the last one here) will not have to make a new blog or change anything to enter this one! But, the new contestants will have to make a couple changes that the old contestants did not need to do.

Rules & Eligibility

1. Any Steemian can enter this, unlike @aggroed's contest for minnows only, every Steemian is eligible for this one. But, if you are a minnow, I'd reccomend doing the qualifications for both of our contests. You can see the rules for his here.
2. You must do a one paragraph bio on yourself, explain who you are, etc. and you must also lay out what you will bring to STEEMFest2.
3. You must show pictures of how much your plane ticket will cost.
4. You have 7 days from now to submit your entry, all you have to do it leave your blog in the comments section of this post to be eligible.


There will be a major change in the judging. I feel as if it's more transparent to let the Steemians decide who wins instead of just 3 judges. So, after the 7 days are up, I will do an announcement blog, I'll put all the entries in the comment section, and the winner will be chosen like so: you chose one comment (user) that you would like to win this contest and you will comment under that user, STEEMFest2, if you do more than one user, your comments that come in after your first will be disqualified. Please let me know in the comment section of THIS POST if you have any questions or concerns regarding the judging.

Other Contests To Enter

@aggroed is running a minnow STEEMFest2 contest here.
@joseph has a STEEMFest2 contest anybody can enter here.
@steemfestdreams has a contest anybody can enter here.

Good luck!

How to Vote For @theprophet0 STEEM Witness

1. Click Here
2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the little upvote button next to my name, @theprophet0 - I am in 50th place.
3. You will be asked to authenticate with your active key, the main key may work also. Once you have done that, you just voted for theprophet0 witness! Wohoo, Thanks!

Please also consider voting @aggroed, @mckenziegary, and @rondonson for a STEEM witness!

Lastly, if you need help with anything with STEEM/Steemit, this game, or PeerPlays or have any questions, feel free to direct message me on Discord @theprophet0, @theprophet0 or in the #help channel, or for PeerPlays, stop by here: - I hope you guys feel I am deserving enough of a witness vote, thank you!
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my name is Mark. I live in The People's Republic of New Jersey. I am a home remodeling contractor who is very interested in Steemit and crypto in general. I've been trading BTC and altcoins for the past 2 months. It's been a wild ride. The top 3 things I've learned are

  1. Hold
  2. HOLD
  3. HOLD!!!!!

To me this is a long term investment.

I don't have a lot to bring to the table at Steemfest2 other than enthusiasm, curiosity and a drive to see steemit and cryptos move forward as I tag along.

here's what my ticket would cost.



Hey Mark! Please do a blog with your entry!


I entered the contest according to the above rules. Am I supposed to blog it on my blog also or do you just want me to do it there also?


Yeah, make your own blog, please!

Oh my gosh this is for REAL! Thank you @theprophet0 for making this happen all over again. I'm so grateful to have won a ticket from you and to know that others will also receive a blessing. Your generosity is ever-astounding. Thanks for making it happen!

This is so nice!!!! Good luck for everyone who needs this ticket <3

Hello Steemians,

I am a steemer who recently joined steemit. I think I am one of the first 100 steemers that joined from Turkey. I really like blockchain and think that Steemit is currently the most practical blockchain based platform. So I try to spread the word as much and help my friends understand and join the community. I lived in Arizona for 5 years and got a bachelors degree as an Industrial Engineer. Currently work with a German company, therefore I learned how to appreciate different cultures and see the best in them.

I already booked my hotel for Steemfest. (10 days after I joined steemit).
If I win I will open up a similar competition within the Turkish community and pass the donation to someone from the Turkish community.

P.s: We are planning a product launch at Steemfest and the products will be sold for SBD or Steem.
And yes I voted for you approximately 10 days ago :D


Hello! Please turn this into a blog!


I will work on it, Turkish curator will support me.D


We all can support you :)

Please follow me @yehey
Thank you.


Hello I have made a post about the product launch that I am planning at steemfest.
Can you please check it at : @superona 's account. Your resteem would be very valuable.

Thanks for the support.

Thanks for this awesome project and giving back to the community - good luck to all the participants!

Is this for real?


upvoted you and its great to read all your posts because it adds a great skills and knowledge in myself, already followed you and inspired from your posts, hope that you also follow me back so that it will be a great pleasure for me and a big contribution from ur side for me , thanks kindly follow me and resteem my post aswell


thanks for you kind words, i upvoted you and followed you back


Yes this is real!


This is definitely for REAL!!!!

Oh I wanna go, Starting to clear the agenda already, see you guys out there!

as you wish....

steemit hard fork reward its x20

How come I'm just seeing this 3days after, anyways my entry comes in tomorrow hopefully

I am do it all human being from the tiny island of Cyprus. I missed SteemFest last year due to medical thing but I believe I am in better health now to come and meet you guys.


That'd be sweet!


upvoted you and its great to read all your posts because it adds a great skills and knowledge in myself, already followed you and inspired from your posts, hope that you also follow me back so that it will be a great pleasure for me and a big contribution from ur side for me , thanks kindly follow me aswell @shanzaylizay


thank you

I just wanna take the time and say congratulations to the new winner of the ticket and @theprophet0 it's awsome you and anyone else are able to do these kind things for the community

Thank You, Your Very Good Heart To Tell About This, Somoga I Will Be The Winner

i see to much this quiz shows i may win loool

Just gave you a witness vote!

upvoted you and its great to read all your posts because it adds a great skills and knowledge in myself, already followed you and inspired from your posts, hope that you also follow me back so that it will be a great pleasure for me and a big contribution from ur side for me , thanks kindly follow me aswell @shanzaylizay

upvote your all posts dear , and expect the same it will be a huge favor of your for me

Damn I wish I could go!!!

This is really nice of you!
I made a goal to be able to afford my ticket from my Steemit earnings, and today I came a lot closer to that, thanks to the hard fork :)

I'm happy for the lucky winner of your challenge!

Amazing how people are coming together to be able to help others meet their dreams. I have never been in any platform that does it like steemit. Kudos people!

Thank you for your consideration, I enclose a link to my blog


Hey gmuxx! Please turn this into a blog!

Great post. Upvote you,So that glad to know about you and your all post.

Great post. Thank you.

Wow this is awesome @theprophet0, being I finally shed my minnow status (with alot of hard work) didn't think steemfest contests in the ball park for me. It's nice to see everyone has a chance....very non-censorshipy of you, the steemit way!

hey sorry to bother you here like this, but I got 2 e-mail's from you from steemchat, I can not seem to get it to open tho..
so I am reaching out direct connect..

I'm not joining but I voted up to help.

Please follow me @yehey
Thank you.

Thank you for the shout out, I appreciate it! I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of the contest.

I need this :)
I will try to submit my entry during the week :)

can't wait to see posts from the event

i so want to go, it would be massive for me because it would also mean to be reunited with my partner who is at home in new jersey, i've not seen her for six months and i know she really wants to come back to stay with me in the uk, this would be the icing on the cake for us to be able to go to this!


upvoted you and its great to read all your posts because it adds a great skills and knowledge in myself, already followed you and inspired from your posts, hope that you also follow me back so that it will be a great pleasure for me and a big contribution from ur side for me , thanks kindly follow me and resteem my post aswell @shanzaylizay


roger that, thank you for your comment. very kind!


thanks alot to you too kindly if you like me and my posts resteem my post and upvote plz , love from shanzay

I returned to see if I won yet... lol... Just kidding... I realize there's still plenty of time for everyone to enter...

good luck

I really want to, but I can't leave the states right now. I will be there for the next steemfest though! Thanks for all your doing for Steemians sir! aaaand for the magnet when I get it :) You are appreciated!


Looking forward to it man! :)

Can someone please explain to me what Steemfest is? People keep talking about it but what is it exactly! lol

this is so awesome, gonna start doing this

I have good news
last night and after some failures I earned $445 in a minute because of HF19
here is the story of how this happened
I feel like the sky is raining money
HF19 update made me $445 in a minute
that makes me amazed
you can check the story here:

Good luck everyone!

thanks for this chance :D
This is my entry

Spreading this to my users over at Steemit Blogger Central for you, love seeing people get some help to join up and meet other Steemians...may Steemfest be amazing for all. And thanks again @theprophet0 for your help this week, means a lot to my dad...we just got him a new fridge and everything is so much better thanks to everyone's help... HF19 also lol. RESTEEMS ARE LIVE FOR THIS, hope it helps.

You can view your RESTEEM at the following pages:



Our Steemit Blogger Central SLACK community is here:
You can post your articles and meet other Steemians on our SLACK for real time growth


I love this @theprophet0 and hope as many people get to go as possible!!

Wow! What a fantastic opportunity you are giving @theprophet0! Well done!

i upvote and resteemit

My upvote was just valued $2. This is amazing

Oh this would be fun :)!!!

I am not entering the contest. Just wanted to say its great you are doing this. I saw the previous contest post too. Now i just wanna say Thank You, we need more generous steemians. Enjoy the fest.

Thank you for the offer-forced to refuse

Amazing heart. As much as I wanted to join the contest but I could not. Im still in the process of processing my passport. After the passport will proceed with the tourist visa. Yes, we filipinos is required to have visa everytime we wanted to go overseas. Base on my inquiry to the emabassy of portugal here in the philippines, there are so many requirements. They need the full details of the what Im going to do there. That would not be a problem. The next thing is, they will be requiring to submit all the bookings I have, like plane ticket including hotel bookings. And lastly, they are requiring me to submit a bank statement, to know if I have the capacity to sustain my stay in Lisbon. This is the big problem because my bank statement doesnt show any capacity, shame :). However, I will still continue the processing of papers, hoping that somehow I can still do it and hopefully see each other in Lisbon.

I was gonna write a comment but then I saw there is "post your blog" so I'm posting what I've written up for the other two contests.

Transport is cool though as I'm a pro homeless :).

Good luck everyone ! i might go by train or car since i am in France i wish you to win this ticket :))) and Happy futur Steemfest2 <3<3<3

What an awesome contest, yet what makes it AWESOMEx2 is that you have already fulfilled @everloves dreams and now are doing it yet again for someone else! Fantastic!
Congratulations on being so AWESOME! If I hadn't already voted for you as witness I surely would now.


Haha, appreciate it brother!!!! Do you have enough time to enter? ;)


no, but I can make time! Just got to go run this meeting, maybe have my first meal of the day, put the kids in bed and then write something up!

Wow this is awesome, thanks for doing this to help more people experience steemfest. Too bad I already missed just now missed the deadline a couple of hours ago :'(. Already voted for your witness campaign a long time ago ^_^

Congratulations @theprophet0
You took 18 place in my Top 100 of posts

Any chance there will be a 3rd one? I just caught sight of this :(