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What Makes Steem Beautiful? Steem is beautiful because of YOU!
The world is catching the "Steem Virus". Our planet is discovering the diamond in the rough.

It is YOU, my dear steemians that make our steem society what it is. Please, resteem this post so others may get involved supporting our new members. The reason I put my time and effort creating these daily posts is to make a difference for the new members on Steemit and hope this will influence others to do the same. Reaching out to minnows is a Win/Win effort. When we show kindness to others we are uplifted.

In advance > Thank you for clicking on each minnow's url or @ name and Upvote > Follow > Resteem > Comment on their posts. Let them know what you are doing. Most will return the good will. It is YOU, my dear steemians that makes our steem society what it is.





David, aka Joined June 2017 from Pakistan.
David is a software Engineer and a social worker.
He loves to meet peoples and make new friends






Courtney Warner, Charlie Shrem’s fiance, aka @courtneywarner
Joined June 2017 from Sarasota, Florida.
Courtney is an actress and commercial print model.





KingpinZA, aka @kingpinza Joined June 2017
from Bloemfontein, South Africa
He has a passion for photography and hopes to turn it into a profession.
He is eager to share his photos and stories.


" Teamwork does indeed make the dream work, however small it might be."





christellemoore, aka @christellemoore Joined June 2017
from Barcelona Spain. She's intersted in nature, arts, music,
architecture/design and he has his own productions :)



"Today is Christelle B-day - Happy 43rd Birthday!!!"





Dark Link, aka @darklink Joined June 2017.
GaMiNg and cRypTo BlOgGer. He follows back.
He has a dog named Inka



THANK YOU, again, for all your support and making steemit so successful.
If you missed these beautiful minnows please visit and give them your two cents (or more.)



Thanks for reminding us what a beautiful community we are!Congrats for this post.

Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to visit the minnows on the list.

The welcome goes to the 5 steemians on the post's list. Not for me... but thank you.

I don't know. Has anyone ever welcomed you? I feel we have missed out on the most beautiful of them all!

lol... I' haven't made my intro yet. You are a smart one.

Thank you so much @steemisbeautiful ... Steem is a great community ... we are the members of this beautiful family.. I am social and like friendship ...I am lucky to have friends like you...

You're welcome and thank you for visiting your fellow minnows on the list. MinnowsUnited we succeed. I hope you will continue to visit and welcome these new members and I am sure you will be blessed with followers and visits yourself. Be well, my steemian friend.

Thank you so much I have visited your blogs and the new MINNOWS blogs...And thanks once again for featuring me @nazirkhyber...

Thank you so much and I hope your efforts will be rewarded abundantly.

It is true.
This community is what makes me love Steem as they are so supportive.

Yes it is a beautiful community and it's because of people like you. .We are the future. I would love to do a feature on you but need more info and location, talents, passions etc. Thank you for supporting the minnows on this list by visiting them..

Thanks for helping so many new users ;-)

and.... Thank you for supporting all these minnows on the list. Bless you.

i would love to be featured in a post sometime and i am following you and all the ones you posted today for a good start - keep well -D

OK consider it done. You stay well, too.

wow -- anything i can do to help other please ask me and i am so humbled and happy that you will give me a hand up. Thanks so very much - i really want to help so keep me in mind if i can assist you or a friend. -David

Visit the minnows on these list and on the links at the bottom of the post. Let them know what you are doing to support them Resteem and encourage other minnows to do the same for one another. Upvote good content. Minnows united will help all the new members to succeed. Learn as much as you can and submit posts to help minnows. These all will be helpful.

yes --for sure -- i am delighted to help

Steemit really is beautiful!

Yes it is and it's because of steemers like you.

The Community is absolutely amazing. Great to see people trying to help minnows out. Maybe you guys can give me a cent or two as well. Help a minnow out

Right now Steem is Beautiful Trail is for new members. I will send over someone to check you out. I thought it would be OK but if I do it for you I'll have to do it for everyone and the focus will not be on the new members. I appreciate you visiting the new minnows and giving them your help.

I completely understand. Nice initiative you got going here keep Steemin'

Fantastic!! Thanks a lot @steemitbeautiful for the push :) It is very motivating to generate interest from very active and seasoned Steemians and discover new people thanks to you;

Resteeming of course and upvoting
Have a wonderful day!

Congratulations @steemisbeautiful
You took 100 place in my Top 100 of posts