Revolutionizing VR: This Virtual Reality Headset Promises 70 Megapixel "Human Eye-Resolution"

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The current standards of Virtual Reality don't really live up to their name. The quality is still blurry, not like actual vision.

Although we have seen drastic improvements in the last couple of years, we are still far away from real virtual reality that totally looks and feels like a different reality.

But that is about to change.
A finnish start up has just announced a product with which they could revolutionize Virtual Reality.

They have created the first VR headset with "human-eye resolution"!

You will be able to experience VR as if you were truly looking at another real world!

The startup "Varjo", meaning shadow in finnish, stated that the headset will offer 70 megapixels per eye!
To put that into perspective: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive only manage 1,2 megapixels.

The Varjo offers a 100 degree field of vision, just like other VR headsets.

It's supposed to be released in 2018.


Top: Image with Varjo VR headset. Bottom: Image from Oculus Rift VR headset.

What's the technology behind it?

Varjo announced that they will be using "patented technology that replicates how the human eye naturally works, creating a super-high-resolution image to the users gaze direction."
It also uses video see-through technology for "unparalleled" AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) experiences.
The technology was developed by experts who formerly worked at Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel and Nokia.

While Varjo hasn't stated exactly how the technology works in detail, they revealed that it combined a context display, focus display, optical combiner and gaze tracker into a "bionic display" for human-eye resolution in VR, AR and XR (Extended Reality).

What is the experience like?

Some big tech websites were invited to try a demo of Varjo in New York recently.
The testimonials were very positive - everyone reported how clear the vision was compared to the regular Oculus Rift graphics.

At a recent demo in New York City, the company showed off what its technology can do using an Oculus Rift. The team downloaded an interior environment off the Unity store and tweaked it to add crisper details and richer textures.

In the preview, a card-sized rectangle was laid over the middle of the field of view to show the difference between Varjo's tech and the standard Oculus Rift render.

During our preview, things that were viewed through the rectangle were significantly clearer than the surrounding areas. On a virtual eye test, letters in the bottom row were easy to read through Varjo's simulated rectangle, but were blurry and almost illegible in the regular Oculus Rift mode.

There was a simple room with a TV in the corner streaming video; a shapeless environment with some floating computer monitors; a plane cockpit. Because this was an Oculus Rift, the image quality was exactly what I expected it to be: fine. However, a small clear rectangle was there as well, sitting in the middle of my field of vision.

If I looked at something through that small rectangle—the text on the virtual computer monitors, the tiny numbers in the plane's instrument panels—it stopped looking like VR. It just looked like...well, like real life.


I suppose the best testament to the company’s technology was that I spent most of the demo questioning whether my eye sight had actually been improved. After being dropped into an apartment scene, I was almost disturbed by my ability to read the spines of books on bookshelves several feet away.



Although the headset should start shipping at the end of this year for "professional users" as a prototype, there are still some challenges to face before it can reach mass adaption.
The company didn't specify anything about frame rate and latency, and they also haven't announced yet how they are going to produce and display content with such a high resolution.

In other games, there are no games for this VR technology yet.

It currently already takes quite a powerful PC to view content on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, so for this resolution, the device would have to be much faster.
A specific price hasn't been set yet either, although Varjo stated they wanted to keep the product below $ 10.000 .

So while the technology is spectacular, we might still have to wait a few years until the Varjo will reach consumers with some attractive games to play.

Screenshot from the Original Demo Gameplay

“Varjo’s patented display innovation pushes VR technology 10 years ahead of the current state of the art, where people can experience unprecedented resolution of VR and AR content limited only by the perception of the human eye itself. This technology, along with Varjo VST, jump-starts the immersive computing age overnight — VR is no longer a curiosity, but now can be a professional tool for all industries.”

-Urho Konttori, Varjo CEO and Founder

What's your opinion about Varjo? Do you think they will manage to bring human-eye resolution to mainstream VR consumers?

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That's insane! Imagine that in 50-100 years we might be able to extend life by going inside VR.. (think Black Mirror style)

Maybe we already inside of VR (cue the music)

Yeah, sometimes I feel like that.

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Hell, I think even Elon Musk thinks it is a possibility (in terms of living in a simulation). We live on a giant ball spinning through space. That in itself is pretty crazy when you think about it.

vr-ception dun dun dun


Wow that would be incredible!

If that flight of fantasy tickles your fancy, definitely read Tad Williams' Otherland series, an amazingly feasible look at how VR could be used as life extension tech. Pretty sure the Black Mirror episode built off Williams' idea.

Especially immersive video games such as Fallout 4 will be an unfathomable experience with a VR of such quality. I have to get Steem to save up for this! ;)

Imagine a horror game in this VR!

Great article. My first question, which you answered, was the frame rate and latency. If they can make those things more viable and the issue with having a computer to process it, the applications will far extend past gaming. I see the demand for developers skyrocketing.

I always get wary when I see companies promising huge leaps in existing tech within a years time. Hopefully this takes off though

And just think about it.... The VR technology is sooo new....Wait 10 years and it will be mind blowing.


True, VR technology is still in its infancy, can't wait to see its full potential!

Followed and upvoted. This is so cool! I've been debating on which vr console to get. Pretty amazing. Nice post!

Thank you, appreciate your feedback!

Nice Post, I really want to see how this whole VR thing will work out in the future. It could be that we will be able to have a real fullbody VR experience in the next 10 years or so.

Yes I can't even imagine how far VR will develop in the next decade!

Thanks for the post! Right now I'm waiting for StarVR by Starbreeze studios to come to Sweden. But this looks good.

Yes, can't wait until the Varjo headset will go mainstream.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Not too long until games are indistinguishable from real life. Where the "matrix" theory stems from. Who's to say we're not in a really life like VR game right now? ;) Somebody beat us to the punch :P

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Human eye resolution is going to be standard mainstream technology very soon. I love this topic @sirwinchester. Even as i kid i was dreaming about spherical rooms that project reality. That was 25 years ago. Great content as always. Resteemed.

Thank you for your support!
Yes I can't wait until we will get human eye resolution in much more products!

That's shocking, wow!

I have the playstation vr, i love it , one of the most awsome experiences of my life.
But this really looks next level.
Super cool₩, i hope they pull it off!!

This is absolutely wild stuff for the gaming industry. Competitive gaming will continue to grow and be lucrative investments. Grear content @sirwinchester

Proof We Live in a Simulation!! We are Inventing a Virtual Reality inside a virtual reality!! We can Call it Simulatception!

When doing simulation we are also decoding it

That's really cool. Can't wait until VR has resolution matching what our human eye can notice, that will significantly up the immersion factor.

You're right, that would be even more incredible!

Let's not forget Frame Rate as well. Would you rather play a 4k game with 10FPS or a 480p game at 60FPS? I would choose the 60FPS game in a heartbeat. 10FPS would be so frustrating.

VR needs to embrace fast (60+ FPS) to complete the immersion experience

Is the Rift resolution really that bad? I'm so used to thinking of displays in terms of 720p, 1080p, etc that it is surprising to hear it in terms of megapixels.

Well, that would be the beginning of the revolution in the VR headsets. In near future, we would definitely get some pretty cool VR headsets with amazing resolution at an affordable price.

Can't wait to see what the future of VR holds!

VR is the future!

Totally! And Varjo takes VR to a whole other level!

Wowzers... one step closer to realizing we probably already live in a giant matrix! lol

or in other words, "state of the art" tech, meet "YEAR 1 BILLION"!

Yes it can be quite intimidating when you think about it, technology will totally take over in the future! The state of lucid dreaming and alternate realities should be achieved through meditation but it looks like VR is getting a step ahead of that

This looks pretty advanced than what II've seen before!

the resolution is almost 70 times as high as a standard VR resolution!

great post

Might as well get on the band wagon for eye replacement and get your real-life over with.

Hahaha, that might be the next step in a few decades!

The ability to change the world.

I can see that becoming the standard right away. Like when 1080 came out for YouoftheTube

It won't be long before businesses start replacing their monitors with VR headsets. Better resolution and you don't need as much desk space.

Interesting thought, yes you could be right!

All I can say is... "Oh no."

I remember seeing a video about the "Resolution of the Human Eye" in YouTube sometime ago, but I can't find it at the moment. I'd recommend it too, as it it goes very well with this post.

Thanks for sharing!

I so want AR/VR to mature faster!

WHoa! I would love to have that. Very nicely presented as always :)

Very interesting. I haven't gotten into VR yet, just waiting for the right time. Sounds like that time is coming.

Once you try it, you will be hooked. And if the graphics improve, it will be 100 times more fun!

This is truly amazing but I thought the human eye if converted to MP is way higher than 70.
Anyway great post and insane to see how much technology has gotten better.

Nice article, I enjoy it!

Nice post. I love vr

Thank you! Yes, I'd love to try this out ASAP.

@sirwinchester wicked post man keep on posting more great material

Thank you! Appreciate it!

Very cool - upvoted and following you!

Wow, this just sound great. I love the idea of VR.

I have a google cardboard [that i got from BT sport to watch the recent champions league Finals on] and I think its great, a long way from real sight but this has me excited!

Im not sure what to do, do i get a vive now, or do i wait for the Varjo.

im thinking i might wait and be blown away more.

I am sure @sirwinchester they will be able to deliver, the rate that technology is improving is actually scary we live in exiting times just imagine 10 years from now

I can't even imagine! Human eye resolution will probably be the STANDARD by then!

What if we are already in VR creating VR's inside of the VR? And what if this VR is inside of others?

(sips tea)

I have a feeling though that you can only see the detail as good as your eyes can see. To get the full experience you probably need 20/20 vision.

VR definitely needs a resolution bump though to power even a simple game at these required specs would be some undertaking.

You could achieve it via upscaling though current methods do cost a bit of latency.

I tried not long ago a Occulus Rift. It is really impressive but yes we feel that the resolution is still a little weak. The future helmets are going to be incredible. I'm a fan! to be continued

Exactly, the current VR headsets are still awesome and fun, but the graphics are really quite bad.
This varjo headset could revolutionize VR!

The future of vR will mainly depend on complexity of hardware. This is what happened with google glasses. I assume thacommercial use is more practicle and realistic

really very nice post i up vote to you plz i you interested nature and tourism visit my page to support me thanks again

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

"Varjo" - hopefully a temporary project name. The video where the woman was standing in front of the turbine engine made me think about how amazing vr/ar is going to be when we have vr body suits, that vibrate and respond like current gen gaming controllers. Can't wait!!!

Hard to believe a consumer headset of this calibre may be available as early as 2018!!

Very interesting @ sirwinchester

Thank you!

yourwelcome @sirwinchester

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I recently discovered when I bought a 4K display, that HDMI cables don't cut it, you must have DisplayPort to get over 2048 pixels wide. While I ran a cheap backup card, I was subjected to 30hz refresh rate (not the flicker rate, just the screen change rate) and 60hz is better but I want 240 or faster, and more, 480, if I am using VR. The processors we have now, it would take about 50 of them to generate the scene at that framerate. So you see how high the ceiling is...

Until you have got used to 60+ frames high res game graphics, you don't realise how much even as low as 40fps can kill interactivity and precision reflex responses. Then with that in your mind, watch some movies and notice how they constantly have to stick to certain shots and revert to slow motion to capture the impact of action that you could see well enough if there were more frames per second.

Yes you would have to have a very powerful computer and a 4k monitor to get this headset running. The requirements for this kind of resolution will be incredibly high!

Amazing how technology redefined reality from language and experience. There are several categories of reality: virtual, augmented, mixed, extended.

hope I will be able to save enough SBD to get my hands on this ;)

Yes 😁 that would be an awesome gift to yourself to buy from your steemit money

Resteemed. Definitely looking forward to this being available. Exciting times we live in.

Thank you!
Yes I'm looking forward to the release as well, I'd love to test it now

Hello @Sirwinchester

I like your article. I want to know if you have content about various aspects of VR or immersion journalism?

Horror movies will never be the same

Excellent post and info, will be incorporating your insights into the continuation of my speculative MMO-VR-RPG series that started with Golem and the Crypto-Sorcerers! Thanks for the effort!

Tried VR for the first time last week. It blew my mind. Can't wait for the development of it to take us anywhere we want to go.

I want VR technology to be used in sports. It would be amazing to watch a football game in your room as if you were in the stadium.

Congratulations @sirwinchester
You took 68 place in my Top 100 of posts

The big problem with VR right now is the software. We need more AAA developers to get involved to really show off the capabilities of what VR can do.

Do you use a vr headset yourself?