Next stop, $5000

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That's the latest short term price target for Bitcoin given by Max Keiser.

Bitcoin hasn't done much since it hit an all time high right around $3,000 per coin, well other than experience a 30% decline.

Since that time Bitcoin has steadied and appears to be making a run back towards those highs. 

Part of that decline has to do with fear over what might happen with the fork scheduled to take place August 1st. Although a low probability, there is some fear that a split chain could be created with the fork.

Even so, over the past month, Bitcoin is still up roughly 21%

What is taking Bitcoin to $5,000 USD?

Well several things likely, and I have touched on a few of those reasons in some of my recent posts. 

However, for this post we will stick to just a couple of main reasons why Bitcoin is going to hit $5,000 in short order. 

Wider Adoption.

I have touched on increased use cases several times in my posts over the past month:

And it appears we are seeing yet another one...

Capsule Hotel, located in Japan, has begun to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The hotel is the largest budget hotel chain in Japan and is very popular with freelancers and travelers. 

This integration of Bitcoin comes just months after Peach, Japan's largest budget airline, stated that they would start accepting Bitcoin has a form of payment. 

Bic Camera, AirREGI, and Comics and Capsule Hotel Comicap have also stated recently that they would accept Bitcoin.

Kagayaki Kawabata of Coincheck had this to say regarding the integration of Bitcoin:

"Starting Friday June 16, guests (of Comics and Capsule Hotel) can pay with Bitcoin for hotel bookings at the facility in Kyoto Shin-Kyogoku. Bitcoin payments will be facilitated by Coincheck. They have decided to use Coincheck Payment experimentally for capsule hotels. (In the future) They may expand the Bitcoin payments to other services as well."

Adoption of Bitcoin, and to a lesser extent other virtual currencies, is exploding right now in Japan and South Korea. China is seeing strong adoption as well. 

It is only a matter of time before that adoption spreads to other parts of the world. 

More widespread media attention.

Never before in Bitcoin's history has it received more coverage by mainstream media outlets than it is currently getting.

You can't turn on CNBC for more than a couple hours without hearing Bitcoin, or some other virtual currency mentioned. 

And that is just in the United States where there currently isn't much use case for Bitcoin as a currency. 

Bitcoin was recently on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, not the second page, but the front page!

The technicals.

The price of Bitcoin has struggled (I guess) ever since it reached it's all time high around $3,000 USD per coin. However, if you go back and look at recent trading history you will see that Bitcoin has a tendency of experiencing these corrections after making new all time highs, only to gather steam once again and power past that high.

According to Mark Keiser we will likely see that trend continue until Bitcoin eventually gets near $100,000 per coin.

Possibly mimicking a chart something along the lines of this over different time periods:

Is $100,000 really possible?

Sure it is, in the realm of "anything is possible".

However, is it likely?

Not sure how likely it is, but his short term target of $5,000 to $10,000 seems very possible. Especially when you just look at recent trading activity. 

In the last 12 months, Bitcoin rose from roughly $650 to $2500. That represents a return of 4X. From current prices a return of 4X would take us right to that $10,000 level. 

I am seeing a lot of reasons that support Keiser's claim of $5,000 to $10,000 at some point in the near future. Here's to hoping he is right.

Stay informed my friends!


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I was thinking more along the lines of sometime within the next 12 months. However, the next 3 months sounds pretty good to me!


Why are you expecting it to rise by over $2000 in the next 10 days?


New ATH, SegWit is materializing, Bitmain will create just another hardfork - nobody cares about UAHF.


$5k in such a short span of time? Interesting.. but then again, we've seen such crazy jumps before.... hmmm


Are you still saying it will rise 2000$ in the next 10 days?




Agreed! Not to mention a good portion of recent Litecoin buyers will likely buyback into Bitcoin and keep it there since Litecoin just lost an advantage over Bitcoin with SegWit finally approved!


if it reaches $5k (don't think it would), there would be a massive correction that would follow.


The price of bitcoin was hurt because of scaling issues and arguments about the best way to fix them. Scaling issues finally resolved with segwit.


bitcoin to the moon!


excuse the interuption btc clock is still paying here code etc -


By the day segwit activates which should be July 15.


you are a little wrong. 2016 blocks is about 2 weeks. So by August 14 we will only have SegWit locked in and then we will need 2 more weeks to actually activate the SegWit. So starting August 28-29 you will be able to sent the SegWit transactions.


so not this month, but within 30 days.


hell yess!!! at ANy time we could have a fucking MASSIVE liquid cash injection crypto by the big central and private banks and hedge funds! it willstart with ripple!

u will see ripple just injected with so many billions that bitoins marketcap goes BELOW RIPPLE and ripple can be made $1 with a simple $40 billion dollar investment! for these central banks thats nothinga nd they an counterfit and print up as much digital oney to buy bitcoins as they want but as they doo biitcoin rive wil go up and up anup!


They want to pump the price.


I dont think so that BTC will hit the 5k this month but stable 3k till middle of july will be realistic.
And then reaching the 5k by the end of summer.


Cliff High's webbot predicted 12-14k for next feb-april!!!


'Love this Gif <3


hahahaha! Never saw this gif before :D


everything is possible, i certainly would like to believe it! Go bitcoin! and Steem offcourse ;)


I can see it going even higher this year. Long term, I can see over $100k(2-5 years out). Your thoughts>


End December 2017 Cross 5000$


It will most likely drop to 1700-2000 by end of summer then pop to 10k+ ... check out my chart

See, it is cashing records! ;)

Thanks for sharing, good job on the writing too. IT is not too surprising to see the King of Cryptos getting such a boost, but for how long?Till people realize there's much more powerful cryptocurrencies out there like Bitshares or even our beloved Steem for that matter!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Amazin post! I'm going all in !
This is ridiculous!!! I'm screaming like a little girl!
I even made $80 on 1 comment recently!


Awesome! Good for you, good for us all! Namaste :)


I kind of dig the approach of BItcoin either becoming a zero or $1M+ It makes no sense to think of an 'in-between' scenario as this field is probably governed by 'winner takes it all' rules (take Facebook as an example in the social media scene). If that's the angle (winner takes it all), most people are much too modest in their price projections.


Winner take all is a bad scenario for Bitcoin. A sister currency like Litecoin is good for both currencies as it drives innovation via competition for all parties involved. Without litecoin how long would it be until Bitcoin decided to implement segwit? It would probably have taken a little longer...


Historically competing currencies have not cancelled each other out, except in the recent history when competing currencies are banned in favor of government issued fiat. That's not to say I don't think Bitcoin could hit $1M.


litecoin is going to the moon I got in early and I am loving it.

Can't wait wanna see many scratching there heads!

Interesting article, thanks! However I do wonder how many people will lose faith in Bitcoin as its been through so many changes... can't help but wonder!


I think its history of weathering major upsets and recovering again is the reason why people have gained confidence in Bitcoin. The scale-ability storm is just another test. The way that the community handles it is a demonstration itself of the power of bitcoin. Even with all that democracy and the size Bitcoin has grown too, we reasonably expect the issue to be resolved in the next few months.


Valid point, I hope it survives the soft fork and busts through to new boundaries!

Bitcoin is more and more becoming a gold standard of cryptocurrencies given that for you to buy some cryptos you have to change your fiat to bitcoin then use bitcoin to buy that said crypto. Just like USD in world economy. This has solidified its possible long term.

Hope btc goes high.. AsbI see it's not dropping at all.. Only slowly gains momentum towards the 3k mark again.
Hopefully it smashes through this time with full steem ahead.
Much love


Yeah currently its a niche market bit coin needs to be mainstream before rocket ship prices
check out my thoughts
follow me and i will follow you


That what does not kill Bitcoin, will only make it stronger.


Bitcoin price has started hiking higher. It surely will cross USD 3,ooo by end of June 2017.

If bitcoin gets to $5000, what will other cryptos be at?! Etheruem and Anthshares and Factom?



what about your thoughts on the soft fork happening at the end of the month. should we pull our position or hold?


I'd say hold. Lot of scared money will probably sell off, to their detriment.

These are seriously exciting times. Bitcoins coverage in Main Street American media is nothing short of amazing. I have had conversations with many people recently about Steemit and to gauge their crypto intelligence I always ask if they have heard of Bitcoin. Many of them say yes. A large majority in fact. Now we have media, and we are increasing places to use Bitcoin. It's just a matter of time. Thanks for the great post!

Bitcoin has a forecasted jump as it gets taken in by more and more corporations, steem is making headway, all in the same day! What a day to be alive!

Totally agree

5k in august for sure, if segwits actually activates!

To the moon i think its still adjusting it self because I'm seeing x15 for 100% votes. Nice post though.

I hope so

I think 5000 USD is quite difficult target... It might take longer time than anticipated...


I am thinking at some point within the next 12 months. What are you thinking?


I think that it will took around 3 years. Recent FED tightening policy might be one of the reason for bitcoin capping below this figure another reason rise of altcoins.


Good point. Speculative investments do well in low interest rate environments. The only way it reaches those big numbers during a tightening cycle is if it increase it's use cases dramatically. Which it very well may.

Congrats! Happy HF19!

Really great post ! Thanks for the great share

I personally believe we are right on the cusp of mass adoption. Good for all of those who got in earlier than the masses. Good luck to all of you and of course to BTC!


Anyone has an opinion on where we are in the path of 'crossing the chasm'?

Crossing the Chasm


Still in early adopters stage. I dont know the exact numbers, but I assume that the majority of crypto is still very speculative (not many use cases), except for Steem, as I am making use transaction with this post and upvote. Others will take time, it will be 3 years or so before we really see mass adoption in my opinion.


I'd say that looks about right by my speculation.


In a few years, i would say 5 years it will become usually to pay with crypto.
So, yes, we are early adopters and this whole thing will go mass adoption in the next period. The latest hot wave has got a decent media coverage.
Also, paper money will go off at a very big rate; this is my prediction.


at world scale we are actually at 0.3 % of adoption. There are about 20 millions people using crypto. I think we are still in the innovators phases.

Go watch tv with mainstream media and get out of "crypto world", nobody knows about it. It's a very restrain bubble for the moment


You are probably right, although in my world, I think about 90% have heard about Bitcoin already. But I think this is the first year if general shift to non-tech people think about buying some.


It's the same for me, i was the first to get in and lots of relatives follow, so that now i feel that it's widespread. But as soon as i change group, it's not that mainstream :)

Be careful and detach a little bit from crypto as it can be overwhelming sometime.

They say an image is worth a thousand words:

This image you included in your post speaks volumes...I too suspect Bitcoin is building for another new high in short time. If the past is any indication of the future we are in for a fun ride.

We're cheering for you BTC.

Nice post! I hope for the same, not really because i hold a lot of bitcoins, more because other coins will follow bitcoin!

I hope not only bitcoin but other cryptos as well leap over the age old fiat currency system.

Bitcoin can't even do anything; by the time it CAN do things, 2nd generation coins will have already eaten its lunch.

Anonymous transactions? No.
Instant transactions? No.
More than 10 tx/s on-chain? No.
Reasonable tx fees? No.
Reasonable tx times? No.
Functional governance system? No.
Is there any reason to buy Bitcoin other than to trade it for the cryptocurrency you actually want? No, and ETH and LTC are easy entry points as well.

It has none of the things needed to become a mainstream currency and is showing a startling lack of ability to implement such changes. Its development team has shown a shocking lack of foresight into the economics and required duties of a currency. Bitcoin is playing catch-up and trading solely on its brand name, not it's actual capabilities, and has been hemorrhaging market dominance because of it.


Market dominance decreasing nearly day by day... So if that is the main reason for bitcoin price it's not a good "reason"...


Maaaaaaybe. You never know. Bitcoin has brand recognition. It's literally insane how effective that is in our primeval primate society.


If that were the case there would not be new use cases exploding right now in Asia. Bitcoin has first mover advantage and whatever it can't do currently, it will be forked into doing at some point. It will be very difficult for Bitcoin to screw up it's first mover advantage at this point.

BTC value will only increase in the long run as more coins enter the market. Theoretically, 1 BTC could reach $1 million if not more. Simple math.

yes....up...up and up again....for the bitcoin price :)

Sadly, I don't have any Bitcoin yet, but hopefully in the next 2 weeks I will! I only have Etheruem right now, but overall i'm excited for what's happening to cryptocurrencies right now.

It seems likely that BTC will continue its upward march... there's a finite supply coming face to face with increasing public awareness and interest... we're only at the very tip of anything that even vaguely resembles mass adoption. That's the upside.

The question mark for me is the technology... is Bitcoin going to start looking "old fashioned and slow" in comparison to some of the alt coins... even some of the alt coins that may not even have been invented yet? For example, my wife and I have a small art gallery, and we'd love to "help the cause" by accepting BTC as a form of payment... yet the functional implementation of that has issues... confirmation times... vs. taking the risk of these so-called "zero confirm" transactions now being touted.


Zero confirmation and/or zero fees and maximum scaling chains still have to proof themselves for robustness and safety. Until then, Bitcoin can retain its supreme position.


I agree that confirmations need and speed need to improve. More adoption will allow for this in addition to the alternates with specific niches.

Regarding art, i posted a thread about how blockchain could impact the industry.


There are many very positive quotes. I think all of them are legitimate. However the transaction speed and fees have increased in a inconvenient fashion which is a negative factor indeed don' you agree? Many people see it maybe too rosy at the moment I believe. I hope I am not right but there could be a major crisis in BTC in front of us. Take also the centralisation of mining which is endangering somehow the independence of the BTC-blockchain on top there might come an attempt of attack from SEC and of FED which at least temporarily impact the demand for BTC for phychological reasons at least from a US point of view. Imagine some of the exchanges get shut down by governments or get tightly regulated on AML and KYC. I just wanted to post some of the concerns I see but believe me I am heavily in crypto for my circumstances and do not hope any of these things will happen. But still I try to get only my foot into the story and not the whole leg. As alternatives I suggest to hold some gold and silver that seems to be old fashioned but its nice to look at - at least. ;-) sorry for this nex time I join the enthusiastic fraction...

i ned som BC agan
kaufte meine ersten um 340
hab aberr alle aufgebraucht


wird der preis eher nochmal richtung 2000 gehen?

I think you are right. I hope!

And I stupidly invested all my btc into hyip sites and lost everything! It makes me so sick to my stomach as I see Bitcoin grow bigger and bigger!

Great post..upvoted:))

5000 is not a stop it's just a step.

What's a big factor in driving the Crypto market is rampant speculation. The Asians love to gamble money on cryptos. This, in turn, drives the need for Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is a medium needed to exchange legal tender into hundreds of other cryptos is the reason Bitcoin has become the world reserve crypto currency whereupon all others are exchanged...

I certainly hope your right, I will have one heck of a celebration if it hits 5000! Nothing surprises me any more with bitcoin :) I'm following you

and $5000 is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things even!!

I think $5k - $7k this year is an achievable target.

The US government is taking on the battle to fight Bitcoin, and any cryptocurrency for that matter. So far Asia is the leader when it comes to adopting cryptos. Interesting development so dar.

I think we should wait and see the crash of FIAT currency first then it's possible that price will be $100,000 per coin.

I enjoyed reading this post. There is also the upcoming fork that is likely the main catalyst, given that more miners have jumped on the SegwitX2 bandwagon recently.

how worried are you guys about the split affecting the value? thats probably the one thing holding me back from buying more

do you realy thing it will go up so fast like that __


Define fast? There really wasn't an exact time frame given... My personal assumption is that it could happen within the next year or so. Some others think longer some think sooner...


and this is what i consider to be very fast , do you have a coin you recomand poting my eggs in that might grow allot in the next few month from 0.001 dolar to dolar and things like that ?

good post, thanks for sharing

I'm along for the ride.
Good post.

Bitcoin is going to keep increasing over the years hopefully!

nice post

Wow this what bitcoin reach that fast?


Max Keiser? Got mixed feelings about this person.

riding the wave ....

Great Article, enjoy the reading!

I guess if China and other countries keep blaming crypto currencies for drug dealing increase and then try to restrict it, it will continue to become more popular and rise in price.

But, over saturation of people mining the currency might reduce the price. I wouldn't put $5k at the target level just yet. A quick rise can also mean a very quick fall.

What do you think will happend soon?

In 10 years you can buy a Big house with 3 Bitcoins i belive ;)

$100,000 is definitely possible.. Technology can only get better!

to 1200$ first and then to 5000$ road.

I actually had no idea what was going to happen with this hardfork. When I got on today I giddily ran around voting on my friends and favorite bloggers and it was a huge amount of fun to use what is now a double digit vote when my power is 100%...actually it's a double digit vote until it drops below 80%, and I think I see the catch in all of this, having to be careful about our voting power--at least I voted on enough people to keep me busy commenting for the evening while I hopefully recharge overnight, haha!

I understand why you're posting about bitcoin (as you explained it to me) and I will continue supporting you since you've been such an amazing support to me, but I do want to request you post an update on your beautiful family at some point ;)

Nice post, i upvote you and start to follow :) follow back if you like my posts
My opinion: BTC is going up to 5000 until august. Much hype right now, the price will follow.

Great post jrcornel and great pictures ;)

really enjoyed the chart, back in the day when poloniex had a troll/chat box it was funny to here newbies say BTC is dead and dying when it would drop to $2000 usd when it came from $1000 usd just months before that. The comments will be the same all to way to $100k


I miss the Trollbox soo bad. They should turn it on once a week XD


that would wreck polos servers lol

Bitcoin looks really good

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Followed. I hold my BTC's strong too. As always it will arise to all time highs.

I agree, all these people hating on Crypto will soon be quietly kicking themselves while all of us enjoy the returns:) And they will be the ones finally buying in once its at 5k! lmao

what do you think about this: if Bitcoin if it goes to 5k or 10k or 50k or even higher, what would be the purchasing power of it? I hope this doesn't end up like weimar germany hyperinflation but for the purchasing power

I have read this news in several places, it is very exciting!... How much time before BTC gets to 5k?

@jrcornel. Phew!!!!. That was quite an analysis. Japan and Korea perhaps are seeing an explosion in increased acceptance of Bitcoin. But India is a different ball game altogether. The only restaurant in India that put up a board, accepting Bitcoin has not yet rec'd a single Bitcoin transaction in the last one year. Some countries adopt fast, lot many are resistant to change and averse to adopt a new technology or currency if you might call it.
So all the push should be coming from these countries that are fine with digital currency. Well I will be happy to see Bitcoin scale to $5K Asap.. let's wait and see


Does someone have from-the-ground information on how adoption mobile internet is faring in India? Cryptocurrencies could take of massively in countries where the banking system is not very well developed but mobile internet is reaching maturity.

Sweet Jesus.

I always know Bitcoin value will increase...

But I never buy more of 'em!

I was just buying some "Big Fish Games" (a fairly mainstream, popular site for computer /android games) and noticed they are now accepting Bitcoin for payment of their games!

5000 is too early at least for now, Maybe end of year just an assumption.

No doubt Bitcoin $5000 in a few months. Watch out for ETH too.

Steem future is that price e are here to work on it

If BTC hits 10K I just might vacay in Japan! :)

Good stuff. Following.

I'm currently trading in Eth. I may open a position if it starts looking up. Thanks for the post.

You may be able to buy a single BTC after this post is done!!

Webbot guy Clif High is calling for $13,800 by Feb 2018. He's been pretty accurate on the cryptos so far, so we shall see.

Who needs $5000 Bitcoinwhen you can make $1000 off one steemit post!

And oh since I see a nw ICO ot called "Internet of Cins" and Internet of Things and Internet of People,

Please joinme in my new ICO, "Internet of Internet Coin Things" and aso the "Internet of People Places and things coin" we are also thinking of calling it N.O.U.N. or Nonlocal Operating Unity Nation hahahaha ishould just run with these

Since I have gotten involved in Crypto's I just buy a little bit each week and it is a great way to average in and grow a savings........

I realize it's much easier to agree about the price going up, but
I'm a little worried that the Banking System will declare War
on BitCoin... Can laws be created to bring the Crypto's down...???

It could even go higher because Segwit soon will be deployed on the BTC blockchain. Who knows how high this could push the price - I'm definitely going to buy some Bitcoins today. #BTCtothemoon #segwit2x

The crypto market is stabilizing now after a few hot weeks with sustained rises. It is most logical that it needs time to re-base, to consolidate.
In my opinion, a new rally will come soon and the most important thing that wil happen would be this one: Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin as marketcap. This one will be big and will get lots of media coverage.
Stay tuned and buy ETH!

I definitely see this as a possibility. There will be a big jump before August 1st.

I'm sure everyone is hoping for massive gains for most cryptos but I think we are due for a correction before another big pump. I could be completely wrong though ;) We do have the inevitable flippening coming up as well as UASF in August... interesting times to be in this space that's for sure!!

Let's wait and hope!!!

Thanks for the post bud, Yeah I agree btc will hit a new high soon, then maybe a few hiccup's with the bip148 coming up. I say hold and dont move around the times of the next bip.

How this is cool, thanks for sharing, I've resteemed and added you to my steemvoter

Why stop at 5000? I think Bitcoin will be traded at a much higher price than just 5000.

Thanks for sharing, I think your writing is really great.

The hotel that is accepting BitCoin. Is is linking prices to the USD so that the BTC price changes every night. Or is is a flat rate coin price?

In Mexico the bitcoin is at $49,800 Mexican Pesos. If it goes to USD$5,000, believe me, a lot of people in my country would rapidly changing their bitcoins into Mexican Pesos, taking advantage of the price.

Well I guess within few days there's a high probability of crashing bitcoin again to $2200 then it would have a chance to rise again crossing $3000 mark.
Bitcoin has been highly volatile since few months, the price rise of bitcoin is only the result of speculators and not it's real potential. And everyone knows very well what speculation does in a short term. So as a crypto trader, I would suggest not to buy bitcoin for at least few days.

I hope whatever happens on August 1ths, just be very good for Bitcoin!

i don`t thinks..maybe touch $4k approx...if $10k then what happend when any one buy in btc $10k and then prise gose down....and touch again $2k or $3k....

A couple months back when price was swinging from like $800 to $1200 and back to $800 , which I believe back then there was a lot of concern over a fork i made the stupid decision to sell off a good majority of my holdings.

Small part because of fork but moreso I just was greedy and thought I could have been making a killing with this volatility and sold at like $100 and was planning on buying back in a day or two later when it woudl inevidably tank back to $800 or $900.

Well it never came back down it climbed and climbed and climbed some more to $3,000.

What was really frustrating about this was my longterm plan was to hold for the long term and continue to accumulate. I let my business partner, who doesn't even own BTC by the way, get in my head saying I could be making money off the volatility.

Needless to say moving forward I won't listen to others and won't let potential forks shake me.

Anyone who follows me I will follow back.

I love it, I just hope it pulls Steem along!!

If that is achieved we will double our money and hopefully I will be able to double my bitcoin every 2 months by trading.