Thank you - I bought new speakers for my studio with SBD!

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It's time to get some new speakers for my studio! My trusty Yamaha HS80M have served me well for a couple years now. I'm not sure why I have yet to upgrade them but today seemed like the day to do it! I headed to SXPro in London.


Steemit is uniquely placed - it is much easier than Facebook to build a following, and unlike Facebook, here you are rewarded for your content. As a songwriter (or anyone working in a creative field) this is a game changer.

So here's a BIG thank you to everyone who has interacted / voted on my posts / listened to my music - you've helped me afford the Focal Shape 65's.



You can see they are a little smaller than my old Yamaha speakers (8" woofer vs 6.5") but they sound amazing.


The Flax sandwich cone offers a much more precise and controlled bass and the speaker is incredibly precise. I'm noticing things in my favourite songs that I've never heard before.



For those wondering what the pile of books next to the speakers were... One Hundred Years of Solitude, Just Kids, The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich, Tools of the Titans (🔑🔑🔑), The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing.

Thanks for reading!

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Wow it's super great to see another musician on steemit, I've taken about a year break and back the it was purely cryptotalk. I love the new diversity I'm seeing in my feed.

As for the monitors I think you made a great decision, especially if you are mixing and master on them. The Yamahas I've used and i didn't feel they had a true response, I got a clearer "look" at my stems with cheaper gear (rockit 6s come to mind).

I Haven't heard your new speaks but I'm sure they monitor very well. Congrats on the steem score bro.


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Am happy to share


wow man this looks pretty cool, i'll send you a follow and give you some upvotes in return for this awesome info.


it will be very much appreciated.

Congratulations on your payout!

Brilliant, I aim to have something similar soon! Really glad the money has helped you with your passion!

good posting

I'm really happy for you by telling the good work of steemit platform. The developers of this platform has been help to each if us for their work. It is good news for upgrading your studio

Happy to hear that Steemit gave you this incredible opportunity! And you are so right, I used to spend so much time on Facebook and now, after I discovered Steemit is like I completely forgot about it

Ps: One hundred years of solitude is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure to read. Glad to see it here ;)

I have rokit 8s. they are overkill as I only crank them prob around halfway but I still love them and they were fairly cheap. They have lasted me almost 5 years now without any problems. upvote this if it helps and thanks @thisisbenbrick for sharing!

Very cool, you posted, earned and converted earnings to a sweet set of Yamaha speakers. Who would have thought this could be so easy for quality posters like you just over a year ago?

Killin it!

This is awesome mate, and good to hear. As another creator, I can defo see the benefit and will be posting on Steemit often.


Glad to hear it! Look forward to your posts


@thisisbenbrick I envy your setup. I've planning to build my own network but haven't done it yet.

Voted up. You deserve it.
Please follow a newbie like me @Yehey

Tools of titans!


Good stuff :p

Steemit is awesome, I believe in Steemit! :)

We are going to the moon!

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I actually just made my first purchase that was 100% funded through Steem. It took me a little bit to figure out the best way to convert the funds, and it was a small purchase, but it is an amazing feeling to be able to do so. Love this platform and great pickup on the new monitors.

Nice set up.. here is mine!

What genres do you like making?

Congrats! we hope to reach an audience like you did.
We just started a blog about me and my husband's music career, we share our music, cover versions and more.
You're welcome to check it out :) @leoandbell

Upvoted n resteemed!
Following u, would love to be followed back :)
How about the syestem (speakers ) sell me those ....


me too bought a new mobile phone with SBD
great job man let's keep up success here

Congratulations, do you think your going to release some music on Steemit?

That is an awesome computer desk set up and a nice pile of books too. The rise and fall of the third Reich looks like it's seen some use! Congrats though man, you deserve it!


Yes reading that one for the second time at the moment!

Nice! Congrats! Those are some badass speakers! You should totally play some super scary horror game with that setup!🤣

Nice studio! Congrats on the purchase.

Wow that is amazing man, very cool I hope to make some money soon this is inspiring.

Wow, that's awesome you were able to buy those with your SBD! Congrats man! That gives me motivation for the future :)

Glad for you mate, always a special moment feeling some fresh low freq :D special when paid from crypto! Have fun

That's pretty sweet! :) You're hard work is paying off!

Thats awesome the world could always use more music and art. Also thats inspiring to me because I'm trying to buy some more art supplies and I'm hoping steem will be a useful tool in acquiring extra funds for that purpose.

Congrats dear, I am also planning to buy new dslr for my photographies, I hope I will be able to buy them with my steem earnings soon.

I've been thinking of treating myself by buying something with steem as well. It's like a second paycheck for me :D


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Thank you - I bought new speakers for my studio with SBD! — #Steemit #Steem #blogging

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good to know your a songwriter - i also am a songwriter and just starting out here - i want to bring a lot of youtubers here -David

steemit is awesome!

The Yamahas are the best for that price range. Had them for a couple of years. Hope the new ones sound close to it.

That's what I want to be able to do one day , buy a laptop with SBD. Great to see indivuals reaching their goals , keep it up

Congrats on the new speakers!

Steemit is awesome

You demonstrate how this platform works. Glad to read your post. Am now following.

Yeah, it's always great to see SBD actually in use. It is real. I have had some people say that it is not a viable currency, but we can't tell! Right?

congratulations.. it's really awesome dude

I hope i can buy things also in a long run :) great work!

Haha too bad for your neighbors, keep the music up!


maybe the neighbors are gonna love it!!! <3

Wow! As a musician, producer and songwriter, this is inspiring for me! I hope one day like you, I can upgrade my gear using SBD earned from Steemit.
Cheers man! Keep going :)
Following you.

im looking to get some new speakers would you recommend the Yamaha HS80M? how do they sound?

Cool post. I'm a few days new here and enjoying the idea of some musical intercourse... or maybe i meant discourse. we are about to get a user Neve mic pre in a lunchbox (if I can get this damn website finished) and maybe I'll post about it. Planning to post about the songwriting process as part of my Steemflow.

I love music a lot at times I worked on fruty loops and I created instruments "house, deep, traince" but seen the constraint of time and commitments I stopped and pity! I follow upvote you and resteem it

Congratulations! I'm new here, so I always appreciate reading success stories. The only reason I'm on facebook any more is for my local business contacts.

Having a hard time migrating them over to SteemIt, they're very set in their ways ;D

i bet that's expensive. this ones very cool when placed in a movie theater. great post!

NICE!!! I've been using the yamaha NS-10 for ages now, its a pity they stopped making it but it sure does sound great!

Congrats Ben! I purchased my own set of Yamaha HS80s about two years back... they're still serving me well, but I do look forward to the day when I can get a truly phenomenal pair of monitors.

I'm not at your level of steem ultra-success, but I was able to buy a new Focusrite audio interface thanks to steem earnings... this place is making a difference for musicians everywhere.


Which did you get? The new Claret is getting great reviews!


Got the smallest Scarlett. not a ton of ins/outs, but the quality is a HUGE jump over my old crappy Line6 UX2. I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't realize how bad that UX2 was. Just recording drums through this new one, sounds like a whole different kit!

Congrats for your paid by steemit speakers! You didn't tell how much they cost you.

No catalyst like success and nothing says success like tangible results. Congratulations!

Cool speakers. I am not aware of those. I have been using the Yamaha HS5. They are the smaller version of the 8 but they do the job. Nice music also, check mine out if you have a chance, it is more jazz based.

Congratulations on your new purchase, It's happy to see that the profit in SBD is invested in something useful! Go on and keep your pace!

Good stuff! Long live Steem!!

Amazing. Just Kids is such a good read. Do let me know how Tools of Titans is!


I only just started Just Kids.. and Tools of the Titans is just incredible. A must buy!

@thisisbenbrick Great upgrade :D !
Funny to see the post progression IN your photos. ;)

Nice! Looks really cool, enjoy ;)

Those new speakers look shiny! I wouldn't mind hearing the sound quality on those babies.

Nice setup. No monitors for me yet, but it's on my list of stuff to get. A long with more mic inputs for my interface. I'm currently using one mic for recording, but I'd like to be able to use at least two for some projects.

Good for you. Congrats!!!

they look supernice!! i also stuck with the yamaha hs80 ;DD

Damn, the Focals is a nice step up! Followed. Can't wait to hear some great musik.

That's awesome. Good for you!

such a positive news! congratulations!

Happy for you and hope you do more good

I can only imagine the sound, beautifull setup you got there. Good luck!

what is it that you create in your studio, is it music based, or tv movie based. We had Yamaha speakers (near field monitors) where i used to work but the main studios had very big Tannoys

amazing and good posting

Stumbled on your post and I think that is fantastic. I have just started out and hope to one day be able to do that. Congratulations to you.

This is very true and a great post. What's really nice about it is to see people actually converting/using their steem to make purchases for themselves. It is REAL. Enjoyed.

wow it seems you have an all-in-one room, a working station and studio. Great :)

Never mind the speakers, I want that desk! Especially if it's 125cm wide. ;-)

That's Steemit for you!
Empowering creators to build a sustainable model for their work!
News like this makes me happy. I understand the difficulties faced in the publishing world by creators, in terms of sustainability. Steemit solves the problem.

As a music producer i understand this so well buddy as you said this is a real game changer for an Artist. Those focals are amazing! looking forward to hear some music from you :)

am super glad to inform musicians about i myself am not a musician, buh one thing i know is that musicoin , steemit and belacoin will be the facebooks, youtubes and insatgram of the future respectively. Please join musicoins, upload your mp3 there and see how greatly you will earn. just like steemit you earn per up upvote. Read my blog on musicoin you will understand it better.
Am happy to share

Always great seeing success stories. Do you have any advice for minnows. Trying to get my posts noticed more ?

great system bro

Congrats on your studio upgrade, amazing to hear Steemit helped you to get there. Do you have a link to any of your music that you can share?

Niiiiiiice man, always love me some studio porn.

Very good! Congratulations on your success!
I hope I will also able to buy something in the future with Steem dollars earned. For example books. Have a nice day and enjoy Steem!

this makes me so happy! artists on steemit ftw! <3


I also read your article on people being scared to join steemit! in that regard, I posted this on my FB as an advertisement for how cool it is over here. xoxo.

nice post. I hope someday I can bought something with SBD :D

my husband will be jealous of those speakers.. haha

Wonderful sounding speakers, good buy!!

I'm a songwriter/photographer and I felt the same way. It's like work! You create quality content and are rewarded accordingly!

Congrats! Good to hear something like this, Steemit is way to go. 👍

I have the Yamaha's too. I love those babies

Nice setup! I can see the benefit of upgrading your speakers and I'm sure they will more than pay for themselves!