What is happening with Steemsongs?

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Today I spent a few hours with the web designer working on Steemsongs (please follow @steemsongs).


As well as functionality to allow any artist to display their releases and charge a certain amount of SBD/Steem per release we also hope to display any posts from that artist/band that fall within the last 7 days. Your vested Steem Power will also allow you to own the music by simply up voting a determined number of a particular artists posts.

This project is designed for fun and to provide a way for people to spend their Steem and SBD without cashing out to other currencies. To that end we plan to distribute 100% of earnings back to the artists.

Logo Only.jpg


To help @Steemsongs monetise we will post features on artists that have uploaded music to the site. This leaves the artist free to create their own posts and sell their own music without us taking a cut.

If you would like to sign up for updates visit http://www.steemsongs.com
If you are an artist or potential user please follow @steemsongs
Any thoughts or ideas please comment below.


Idea: a way to be able to upvote to own?

I DON'T know if this is a feature yet, but it would be cool if you could upvote a certain percentage according to your SP, so that way you can keep your SBD. The artist still gets paid, and the music is pretty much still as free as streaming services.

IDK just an idea.

I plan to use this service, so definitely keep me updated.

Hey cant wait for this!, been waiting for a while! :D

I know. But unlike todays culture of release and ICO immediately I'm actually trying to put thought into this.

Cool dude!, i bet it will worth the wait... Seems good so far... :)

so artists can upload albums there? I have friend who is trying to promote his albums (country music)

Yes, absolutely. But it will be part two of the roll out.

We'd certainly be interested in this happening. We already post songs to youtube/facebook and other places. Some are Creative Commons so they're already free to share and remix. :)

ok thanks, I will follow the updates

when do you expect that to happen?

You can use the #steemradio-country and #steemradio-music to promote your music!

Great initiative. I'll add a link to this new post to my next Steemit Open Mic post to get the word out. Also will Tweet it and add it to the new Steemit Musicians Facebook page and Discord channel as well as the @music-trail. Thanks for doing this project. It's a great idea!

such a cool idea!

Very excited for this. Resteemed and ready to participate as soon as it's open.

It would be nice to have a licensing functionality so we can use the work in videos, blogs, advertisements, content, etc.

I agree but it is a much later step that will be an add on. It's not core functionality. It might even better for Steemsongs content to be represented by a third party licensing company... will think more on this.

This looks great! Can't wait to discover some new artists!

Sounds great, I wasn't expecting that when I signed up. As a songwriter, I'm definitely keen to participate.

Awesome! very I excited to see this come to fruition. Will users also have the option to download music?

This will be the only functionality. It is not a streaming service.

Will streaming become a part of it at some point?

No plans for that at the moment.

My band and I are really excited by this opportunity ! We are LFT you can check out our first music video @legiah Followed upvoted, see you soon on Steemsong :)

Looking very much forward to this project. So much I felt like mentioning you in my latest post :)

As a musician, I'm really excited about this :)

We are getting ready to do a wide launch of the Steemit Local Music Society on Discord, which will hopefully be the one umbrella for all things Steemit-original music content. We would love for you to be a part of our team, and could potentially accommodate your project within the server channel however you would like it accommodated, as well.

Please get in touch with me on Discord or Steemit.chat and let's talk. Big things are in the works to unify the musical communities across all genres, we have a great team of folks working on the project.

Not sure if you joined the Steemit Local Music Society Discord channel yet; here's the link: https://discord.gg/n9ak9r


hey @steemsongs im jut about to post a song i wrote and recorded , id love for you to check it out :)

This is sick! I was just thinking that Steem will probably be the first use case for musicians earning with crypto in real-time! I am so happy to see this. I have a lot of unreleased music I'd be interested in participating. :)

Have you uploaded any of your music on Steem yet?

I can upload released music, any suggestions on how to work with Steemsongs?

No, but I followed them to keep being informed. Would you like @leelektrik to feature you in an article?

You're absolutely correct with this buddy, such a great idea and could work really well if people hear about it and et involved! :)

I think musicoin is doing something similar

@steemsongs is for the steem blockchain and for steemit users.

Didn't know you could do that... I have been posting my Songs like this..

This is fantastic. Musicians need this service. Thank you.

Wenn es musicians should Work together. Theres so muchbbenifut geklingelt wach other Out reaching people.
It's been 2 dass since I joined steem and I've already so many awesome artists.
I resteem good music posts anderen other quality content.
We should follow wach other :)

This makes me want to start recording originals. In a studio and not on my phone :D

awesome Idea sir... hope to post a few of my own soon
OMG!! so much going on steemit...
Argh... how...
keep up...
(loses mind)

Music is best medicine to relax mind

Very excited to see this feature!

This is an absolutely brilliant idea! This will help progress everyone involved! - we love the idea and will be getting involved as a label with this and we will be informing and urging our artists to get involved too!

Respect! 👊🏼 - we have given you a follow to keep updated. :)

woo it's amazing.....

I also try cause i'm good in making music in Fl Studio.....

Thanks buddy for this INfo.

Followed you! Please like this! :d

Its great to see steemians doing this. Im planning on trying to promote a youtube channel on steem as well. hope this idea helps lots of people.

Hello, I dont't understand everything, but sounds great. I signed up on steem yesterday, producing music as a composer of classical music and writer of popsongs. I recently posted some stuff and would be pleased if you could upvote or even follow me @senzenfrenz So huge thanks for your support!

This is a great idea and will be helpful to smaller artists to share their music. There is so much good stuff out there that is never heard!

oh wow this is a great idea!!

I love this idea Good luck buddy : )

Nice job!
Upvoted, followed and re-steemed :)

This is great! If we can support artists we like through the power of Steem that'd be an amazing platform

Great post..thank you for the link..I will visit http://www.steemsongs.com...upvoted & followed you and @steemsongs

Really neat idea! Following.

I'll have to check @steemsongs out! Thanks for sharing.

this is really interesting. I can pretend to be artist a kids song. haha

Great update and post! Really love the idea !

We need a steem rap decision over here xD looking as we have a chess club why not a rap squad..
That would be a good idea.
Though never heard any steemsongs honestly xD
Cheers and besr of luck.

This sounds awesome! This music lover is looking forward to it!

Great read. Follow me for the latest tech headlines from my paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

I have joined steemit a few days ago! And i would like for anyone here to see my blog , comment and help me out! upvote would be a bonus! kindly help anyone?

I have joined steemit a few days ago! And i would like for anyone here to see my blog , comment and help me out! upvote would be a bonus! kindly help anyone?

Great idea. Hope to see it working soon. I think the up voting and reward system on steemit is great. Is steemsongs an extension of that model?

really cool idea :)

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This looks like a wonderful project! Awesome work and best of luck.

Great Idea!!! I signed up for the newsletter.

Can't wait. That could make song's writers with stupid voice (looking up at the ceiling) meet good artists to interpret their songs.... :)

:) i cant waitttttt

Excellent initiative I am in a hurry to see the result and to be able to discover artists through steem :) I follow you, good job

Look forward to it

it's amazing

I am releasing a song on Wednesday 28th June. Whats the best way to Steemit with @steemsong

This sounds very awesome.
Will def. want to use this!

Can we add bollywood songs here and some classical Indian Music?

Patiently awaiting this launch! Will you have separate genre tabs or just a diverse portfolio of how the artist submitted?

Initially it will be hand picked set of artists and no genre tab. You make a good point - once anyone can upload we will need to divide up by genres.

This is amazing!! Steem music really needs something like this :D Let's make it happen!

Interesting project. Followed it

Yesss! I would love to see a music sharing and promoting community here on steemit surrounding this.

I'm a new steemer but if anyone else produces, remixes, DJs or is just into electronic/EDM music shoot me a follow and I'll do the same. I have some cool stuff to share and I'm sure you do too.

See my content @bangjal might be interesting, vote to me
Your voice is very valuable to me

Steemsongs is amazing, i would definitely use it to buy music for my projects. Check out my 30seconds if you like "Steem Tailer 2017"

Who else is trying to give a cool comment in way to take some upvotes :D ?

So much informative post ! Thank you for your effort !
thumbs up steem with akkha.jpg

Congratulations @thisisbenbrick
You took 29 place in my Top 100 of posts

Good job! It would be nice to implement a payment rate percentage calculated on the amount of time listening, in addition also put a donation button steem, what do you think? @thisisbenbrick @Steemsongs

Very interesting project. I will follow the updates. so thank you.

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