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This time, BitShares is doing Marketing right. Here's a video showing some of the things our Marketing firm has done.

They are in charge of figuring out how to launch and manage this billion dollar contest and where to deploy our growing cast of celebrities. And they have a plan.

It’s important to realize that July 4th (Global Independence Day) is just when the marketing campaign kicks off. It will first have to “prep the battlefield” by seeding the world with content for them to find when they Google us in response to future ads, events and articles. Most of our celebrities will not be revealed the first day - they will be rolled out to drive attention to what has already been seeded. When the campaign is finally presented to the General Public with major stars and press events and appearances on cable news, there will already be a ground swell of information so that it appears to be coming at people from all directions and all at once.

And of course, an early objective is causing people to ask “Who is John Galt”, er, I mean, “Why is BTS rising so much?”

Different demographics will be targeted at different points along the way. Initially, it will be about accumulating free game tokens and buying BitShares to score for your team. Gradually the HERO will be introduced as a way to score bigger. Then how to issue your own HERO will be introduced to maximize your power as the teams start to get competitive. Resources generated from those early stages will be used to fund better and better tools, games, and tutorials to make the whole process simpler to understand and more desirable to join.

So do not expect July 4th to reveal everything all at once. This is a year long campaign culminating in an event as big as the World Cup, the Super Bowl and my High School Homecoming Weekend all rolled into one - hopefully with its own Reality TV series tracking the twelve leading teams and their causes.

So expect things to start out like this on July 4th:

You still have a chance to get involved before the rest of the world hears about it.
Consider my "sneak preview" blog posts to be the equivalent of a 1000x "share drop" (a drop of information about the potential future value of your own shares). Those who find out about it a few months from know will still get this kind of informational "share drop", but the amount of campaign-powered growth remaining (size of the "share drop") will be going down every month.

This is not investment advice. Just sayin'...

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear" - Jesus Christ

Key Links to Heroic Content

Here are some of the best links for inquiring about us:

The Original HERO Definition Post - “The Hero from BitShares Island"
The HERO from BitShares Island

The Billion Hero Challenge Announcement
The Billion Hero Challenge

The Avant Garde Magazine Special Issue
Will Bitcoin Survive the HERO?

The Video
By far the best resource for new people is our “TED Talk” in front of a live studio audience in Hollywood. Everyone (that we respect) loves it for some reason. There is no better way to know all about us in one sitting.

Tutorials on How to Participate
How to Join the Hero Challenge as a Leader and Participant
Borrow HERO and Short It!

Key Web Sites - Features of BitShares Overview - A collection of information about the Hero currency offered on the BitShares platform.
The Hero Story - Nice Summary on one Web Page
Fabian's Heroic Wiki - Great documentation
Cryptofresh's Heroic Stats
Telegram Group of Heroic Proportions

Contrarian Articles - Risks, Special Case and Exceptions
Will HERO work or can you brute force the free market?
Who will pay the interest on HERO?

Elevator Speech
It's all about Honest Money. The hero is a stable, fast, appreciating market pegged asset that is backed by the equity of the platform which manages it. No counter party risk like other currencies backed by government debt or gold that may or may not be in a vault. And it grows, by definition, by 5% APR against the dollar. The Hero is borrowed into existence by someone who uses BTS as collateral - like a home equity loan uses your house as collateral. Except you can sell, trade, spend or hold the Hero like a coin.


Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares and the Sovereign Hero

About the Author -- Stan Larimer

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Greatest Hits
Bitcoin and the Three Laws of Robotics
Engineering Trust with Charles Hoskinson
The Origin of BitShares
Why I will never give up Christianity

BitShares Cryptonomex Stan Larimer

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I've created a non-trivial amount of HERO via borrowing on the DEX, it is an interesting experience.

Here is how this contest can make people very wealthy:

  1. Buy BTS

  2. Borrow HERO using BTS as collateral

  3. Sell HERO for BTS at today's price

  4. Wait for BTS to go up in value due to HERO contest

  5. Buy HERO back for less than you sold it for

  6. Return borrowed HERO to the DEX

My question is: what happens when the contest ends and everyone cashes out by returning their borrowed HERO?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

By the time the prizes are awarded we will have global adoption and the incentives for using HEROs will be well understood. BitShares will also be highly profitable and taking those profits out of circulation and back into the reserve pool. This reduces supply just like the campaign is intended to do. Escape velocity will have been achieved and we will be on our way to the stars.

Interesting - after escape velocity has been achieved BTS + HERO could be a paradigm shift for wealth creation and preservation on a global scale.

When you are young, hold 80% BTS and 20% HERO. As you age shift the portfolio to more HERO and less BTS. Retire and live off of stable HERO income.

The implications are enough to reshape the entire world. That is not a joke.


Hey John can you do a post and show how to do that step by step for us novices?
Sounds like you know what you are doing. By the way was it your bot that got you first to comment on Stan's post? (you said it in the video)

Great post Stan. I just finished your video where you were at the CRS production. It is truely mind boggling all the different possibilities you have presented. So much so its overwhelming. What a perfect storm in history we have for a financial revolution.
Its not July 4 yet, so if you had small amount to catch the wave before it started, would buy BTS or the Hero?
I'm too excited to try and think and figure it all out. This blows my mind!
I'm new here on steemit, (discovered it by Matt Trainer) and just getting started. This is going to be a wild ride!
I look forward to more from you, I'm following you.

The Hero is very conservative an gains 5% agains the dollar annually.
BTS is very volatile and can go up or down in big sudden swings.
We are trying to make it go up by a factor of 1000x in the coming year.
Judge for yourself whether our Billion Hero Challenge will help do that.

So how is that going?

I just wrote a quote for you john, and it goes like this Roses are red, violets are blue , you just earned a follower, hope i did too. Please upvote this so i can earn my first 10 dollars

Here you go. :)

Omfg did i acctualy earned 20dollar!?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is a novel idea given that you will still be able to keep BTS shares. Brilliant!

Yes, it is an absolutely game changing strategy that will allow millions of people to create independent wealth

Also keep in mind that they can't cash out their collateral until someone sells HEROs back to them. The only way it could all be rapidly dumped is if people were holding both sides of their short positions. If we actually get real adoption by long term HERO holders, then it will be a large market cap market but there won't be enough HERO liquidity for everyone to destroy their HEROs at once. If that happens people shouldn't all want to sell at once, either, because it will be a healthy and growing market that provides real utility.

If somehow a few people shorted HEROs to themselves while pumping the reported BitShares price up to the target price with fake volume somehow and won the prize, they could all then dump their collateral and crash the price.

good ELI5 thanks

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Alex Fredericks, our Marketing Partner from Digital Launch just asked me to change the title to Marketing not PR.

"PR is bought media and marketing is what drives adoption, sales and ROI"

Does anybody know if I can edit a post without resetting its vote count?

no reset of vote count after edit

Just a point of clarification - PR is not "bought media." (I've spent my entire career in PR.)

"Advertising" is "bought media."

a way to edit a post usually you post a comment and ppl upvote to the top so can see correction.

I am not quite sure I can wrap my head around this project quite yet but by the looks of it, it is rising in strength and popularity and I really look forward to see how potent this is going to be. It has monumental implications and potential.

Thanks a bunch for sharing all this information with us.

May the force be with us all! All for one and one for all. Namaste :)

It's scary to think how much cryptocurrency might eventually be worth. In many ways we're potentially investing in something bigger than the internet. This is something that might be a huge fight against governments and the global elite. It is restructuring the world as we know it.

Super, it's look like amazing, but IMHO bitsahres site and hero site deserve a better web desing. Come on Stan, I'm a big fan, but the actual design don't reflect the value of those amazing projects.

@stan I have been very bullish on Bitshares for some time and this article really helped me make that decision.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Two days later I am finally reading this! I am feeling very pleased at the caliber of marketing going into this- as it should! This is a $1,000,000,000 challenge for crying out loud! Thanks for the update. Hodling my little nest egg.


too many info....overwhelming....

Can someone explain this hero hype??

Elevator Speech
It's all about Honest Money. The hero is a stable, fast, appreciating market pegged asset that is backed by the equity of the platform which manages it. No counter party risk like other currencies backed by government debt or gold that may or may not be in a vault. And it grows, by definition, by 5% APR against the dollar. The Hero is borrowed into existence by someone who uses BTS as collateral - like a home equity loan uses your house as collateral. Except you can sell, trade, spend or hold the Hero like a coin.

Thanks for explaining. Ithink bitshare is a real turn on the economy.

This sounds like a very interesting marketing campaign! How will the value of HERO grow by 5% APR in the off chance that you experience a less than desirable turnout? Will you be investing the HERO in tangible business ventures, or is the value you of the equity arbitrarily determined by the exchange?

The Hero is a market pegged asset that by definition grows by 5% against the 1913 dollar. The collateral that is backing it us used to guarantee that growth. The value of the collateral depends on market forces and may go up or down. Our marketing campaign is intended to keep a steady wind in the growth producing sails.

This is most helpful. Thank you! I am a firm BTS supporter.

Agreed! :)

Great! Im resteemed your post.

I really hate to be a downer, but it seems that this entire campaign may just be a way for the creators/owners of the exchange to pay for a favorable increase in volume and, subsequently, the price of BTS.

This is an irresponsible way of convincing people to purchase your currency. Currency exchange is not a game. Short selling a security is a risky and dangerous business and encouraging people to do so for the sake of potentially making it onto a reality TV show is kind of disgusting.

Will you please explain to me how this is not actually the case?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This entire campaign IS just a way for the owners of BitShares (ordinary people) to generate a favorable increase in volume and, subsequently, the price of BTS.

It does so by generating demand for the flagship product of a real (unmanned) company. Not hype. Demand.

What is the value of a company that handles much of the world's currency exchange traffic? How do we realize that value? getting folks to use it.

  • Short selling is one of the things experts do on a currency exchange. But that is not required.

  • Borrowing against collateral is another thing ordinary people do - like a home equity loan.

  • Holding shares in a company (BTS) is another thing people do in their investment portfolios.

  • And buying a 5% CD is another valid economic transaction.

BitShares is a digital exchange and smart coin factory that provides all these financial products and services - without counter party risk and faster and more efficiently than any other company in the world.

It would be irresponsible as shareholders not to promote these products and services in the most aggressive way possible.

The Billion Hero Challenge is the most aggressive way we can think of.

And it benefits humanity in many ways by encouraging saving, investment, and charity.



I sincerely appreciate the fact that you took the time took the time to write such thoughtful responses to my inquiry. Thank you!

I would like to say, however; just because the system behind a currency is decentralized in nature, does not mean the currency has been evenly distributed. There will always be primary beneficiaries in situations like this.

What you are talking about doing is creating artificial demand for a security as though it is a real, physical product. By encouraging people to enter into a game-of-debt with YOUR currency/shares/product/service-thing, you are effectively blurring the lines between abstractions.

The scenario in which you are engaging is one that has the potential to make this whole industry look bad if it goes wrong. Do you really believe the SEC would allow this kind of "game" to take place if we had proper regulations? If you truly respect this industry and wish for cryptos to be recognized as a legitimate asset-class, then you would save us all the embarrassment by refraining from taking advantage of those who don't know enough to protect themselves against people like you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The creation of an unmanned company is indeed a new innovation. So is creating a new world currency backed by equity in such a company. So is finding a way for the world to cooperate in doing so from the grass roots without having it imposed on them from The Powers that Be.

Gameification is a great way to teach people about new concepts. Contests (no purchase necessary) are a common way to draw attention to new products and services.

And we are doing it all in a more transparent and open way than any regulated industry has ever achieved.

Using the exact same arguments that Bitcoin maximalists use about decentralized enterprises.

Finally, you obviously don't know how well distributed BitShares is compared to Bitcoin. Half of all bitcoins are mined by three companies and SOLD on the market to the highest bidder. BitShares was mined in a far more fair way thatn that and donated into existence 100% and has had several years of trading to distribute them at 1% of the current price to people who recognized their value. There is no better distribution imaginable. Even if they had been given out one per person to 3.5 billion people, they would have wound up distributed exactly like they are today - in the hands of people who were willing to pay for them.

There is "no purchase necessary" because people will be taking on loans in the form of a short sale. I agree that gameification has a great deal of scholastic merit, however; in this case, it is not being utilized in such a manner. Also, I am not trying to bash Bitshares. It is a very well made crypto-currency, and a good investment. I have held BTS for some time.

It is the warped manner in which you are utilizing marketing techniques to brand BTS like a product as opposed to working toward initiatives that increase its utility as a CURRENCY rather than something to be marketed like Pepsi or a Box of Cereal.

It is a medium of exchange first and foremost and it should be treated like one.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I guess everybody is free to say what they think it should be. We, the creators, have always said its an unmanned company, a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC), since the beginning. You are free to think of it as a currency and for certain regulatory purposes that is correct.

But for those who accept our original vision that it's a company interested in promoting it products and services and making a profit and generating appreciation for its shareholders, we are doing exactly what we set out to do.

And its not "instead" of working toward initiatives that increase its utility as a currency. We are also doing that. The HERO is the currency. BTS is shares in the underlying platform. And the only way it will ever get adopted is if we teach the world all about it.

We have merely created a game to do that teaching because that's what it takes to reach the masses.

We have been working with the community to improve the original rules of the game - one of the changes will be that people can play with monopoly money while getting credit for using various features of the platform as they learn. (No purchase necessary.) They get credit for holding the play money or BTS or HEROs as well as for borrowing HEROs using their own BTS as collateral (taking out a "home equity loan).

Prizes will be awarded to charities selected by team leaders who get the most support from users who have completed their training and gotten the most "course credits." I'll be writing up these ideas in a new post in the days to come.

Well said Stan. It is refreshing to see a respectful disagreement run its course and stay respectful all the way through. I support your thoughts and the Billion Hero Campaign 100%.

This is very exciting! You had me at "Who is John Galt?" I'm having fun with this already and the game has not even begun!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Flagging for spam.

There are many upcoming events!


Lemonade man it's lemonade!

gonna feel like a Super Crypto Bowl with heros ;) with the HF19 update, can exchange 4 more bts to help this community out too!

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Watched the first video PR video but im not sure what is for. 2nd video im confused about what he is saying Bitshares- Hero-Peerplays?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

First video is a summary of what our PR gurus, Digital Launch, have done in the past.

Watch the second video, then ask about it.

great program

This one was super informative, thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for the wonderful information. I won't hesitate any longer to acquire more BTS for HERO campaign, Bitshare put smiles on my face and i believed HERO too will be great in future since they interwove .


Good post

Thanks for the great post @stan. Very informative!

hello~ nice to meet you^^
i followed you^^

Great program, of course wish I would have listened to it sooner, new to crypto currencies, but love the potential here, and will investigate further to get more involved with bitshares.

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