Updates - ChainBB Auto-Vote And The Psychological Effect Of The Hardfork On Me. (Plus An Important Question)

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As some of you may know, I've been an ardent supporter of ChainBB, the forum interface of the STEEM blockchain. If you are new here and you don't know what I am talking about, please read the ChainBB FAQ @jesta just released.

To bootstrap the development of the interface, there is a 15% of every rewards going to it via the "reward beneficiary" mechanism established in the previous hardfork (17-18). I urge everyone who care about this project to consider posting their posts and comments via this interface.

So in order to help and do my part, I've only been posting via ChainBB and have been upvoting as many comments and posts as possible that were created via the chainBB platform.

The Success

As you can see on this steemdb.com page ChainBB is now third position in terms of rewards allocated at 1.16% of the total reward pool in the last 90 days.

**Not bad but of course the goal is to bring this # much higher. **

I'm currently considering other methods that could help @jesta raise awareness and use of this platform which as a bright future.

Another success is the number of steady users we have everyday. We are at around 150 users per day for the last week or so.




I am now going to discontinued my auto-voting on chainbb as my voting % as been exhausted for a long time and my curation rewards took a hit (reduced by almost 90%). The experiment ran for almost 3 weeks.

Since the new hardfork, small holders will have a much bigger impact on the rewards of every post. If the users are actually real supporters, then I expect the userbase to remain similar to what it is today. If they were only their for the free money, then we will have to find better ways to attract real users.

The Impact of the Hardfork On My Voting Power


Ridiculous...absolutely insane...

These are the words that are going through my mind right now. My vote at 100% is sending almost $30 on a post only 2minutes old. That's some serious voting power right there.

So what am I going to do?


I had almost a 1000 STEEM on the sideline...what better use can I have for it now than having more power to distribute $ with my votes?

Now I can think about helping sub communities being launched...for example the french one.

Lots to think about but for now, I have to see how the cookie will crumble with this new piece of information.


How much does your vote send right now? How do you think it will impact your behavior. Please let me know below.

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I'm actually not sure the hardfork is a good thing - there will by sybil attacks in no time. Prepare for a ton of crappy posts and comments...

A new account only upvote for 0.03. You would need thousands to make a scratch.

It will be fiiine as long as your content is good. But even a lazy bum like me managed somehow to read your whole post, so seems you'r quite talented creator. So you'll be okey :D

I'm liking this but is it all comments and posta affected in the last 6 days? Before it's paid etc

Yup - all payout values were adjusted, though I was under the assumption they wouldn't be.

So anything older than 6 days stays the same value? Sorry for the dumb question

Very important to consider, the sybil attacks.

Maybe we'll need a dolphin/ orca/ whale coalition of down-voters to keep the spammy post(er)s in check?

I'm already noticing an uptick in comment spam and "Help my sick dad" posts. :(

I'm a newbie, so my voting will be for the posts that give me a warm and fuzzy.

But I do see where you are going with this, nut as I said earlier to another bloke, improvize, overcome and adapt. That is the only way to keep moving forwards.

PS. The piece of advice was my dads, I just wrote/typed it.


An Issue can be that, most of the people starts to vote for themselves only. Have you considered this option. Someone can invest 1000 STEEM his vote will be around 1$ and can make 10 S per day just voting own posts. Which makes a nice monthly or annual interests rage. Hope this change now wont reduce interaction and rewarding between participants. Correct me if I'm wrong.

This is true. However, if certain members (we'll say) catch on to these accounts, they may decide to down-vote them to $0 payout, or worse (lowering the account rep more and more below 25).

"I am now going to discontinued my auto-voting on chainbb as my voting % as been exhausted for a long time and my curation rewards took a hit (reduced by almost 90%). The experiment ran for almost 3 weeks."

@cryptoctopus - you are a real champ for keeping it up as long as you did. I actually forgot about this, as I had initially assumed that you would only keep going for about a week MAX, so yeah, thanks!

I think introducing people to the benefits of a bulletin board interface for layout of the content is reward enough in and of itself to keep people in, once they've experienced it. But I have no idea how to best explain this, or put the concept in people's faces for their review - I've never been much of a salesperson. But I truly do believe that if everyone on steemit.com tried chainBB at least once, they would get as hooked on using it as I am. Specifically, because of the improved experience of searching for content via forums of interest, versus a feed whose rush of articles you can't always keep up with.

This is absolutely insaine and I am loving it! A100% upvote is now 26 USD! It is just a matter of weeks in my opinion until all the people from medium, YouTube and Facebook join Steemit, Busy and ChainBB. This change is the catalysator that catapults the steem block gain to the moon! ( My opinion :-))

Certainly seems reasonable at the surface. Keep in mind though that we aren't even finished with day one after the HF.

Has the "whale experiment" ended? The fact that my 100% vote is worth more than $27 (at around 70% voting power) tells me that it probably hasn't. I was expecting something like $7 for a 100% upvote, from around $1.20 pre HF. The amount my vote gave out took me by complete surprise.

Now, all of a sudden, I feel like I have to be a little more responsible about how I vote, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just...different.

Lets hope so. :)

The new hardfork got my mind blown.. Im not sure if this is real my sbd payout got pumped from 100usd to 600.
And my upvote is now officially worth more than 1 cent..
Much love for the upcoming steem adventures..
Steem on

Thank you too! My full vote has gone from 0. 01 to 0. 26$. How is that 4x I really don't know but I'm glad i can influence people and give more. Chainbb has been an amazing project. I will continue to use it when I'm on my computer. Hope that similliar to Tapatalk app develops for chainBB because I spend most of my time on the smartphone. Cheers! @cryptoctopus

Don't forget the linear rewards versus the exponential rewards curve that was also implemented with this hard-fork.

You're not only voting at 4X what you were (for 100% up-votes), but also have an "even playing-field" with the whales now, as every 1 Steem-Power officially has the same influence, regardless of how much SP an account has.

awesome post. I hope everyone doesn't kill hardfork with silly posts soon though

I feel so grateful and thank you for the hard work you've been doing! It really help the newbie like me! Thank you so much, it means a lot to us.

Thank you all. I am here for upvote.

Thanks all I'm also here collecting upvotes lol

Hey! Thank you for thanking me @cryptoctopus (I am one of the users in the picture you added haha ;). My vote accounts for some 10 cents at full power now. But because it goes down so incredibly quick I only vote on a few posts I really enjoy and reward most of the people who respond to my own blog posts. So the primary effect is that it got me thinking more about where I spend my upvote so to speak. Have fun out there and good luck with your future posts!

sir @cryptoctopus and @jesta does this mean the paid beta testing is over? :( sad for me.

Doesn't mean you won't get an upvote occasionally still!

Thanks a lot! :) Now I am much more motivated again.

My vote only gives a few cents currently as I'm still a newbie. After HF19, I guess we have to reduce our voting power if we wish to vote more often.

yes, but now, as you powerup, you get much more bang for your buck!

That sounds great! A great initiative to invite and retain the newbies :)

My one only sends like 50 cents.

that's much better than 1 cent! ;-)

But that also varies you know, but eventually i try to give more than i get. so i mostly upvoted who ever is engaging with me.

Glad to see you are powering up and helping the community out.
Thank you!

My vote only gives a dollar or two great job

you are strong lool

The change is pretty radical lol, I don't blame you for shutting it down for the time being. I turned off all my auto voting as well, simply because I need to wrap my head around what's changed.

I just 50% upvoted your post and it jumped $20+, which is 40x what it used to be.

I guess that the feeling whales had since the beginning. But now it's the orcas and dolphins that feel it.

totally reasonable for folks to tune their auto-voting due to such changes. i'm glad we have an honest, open environment to discuss this kind of thing. makes it much easier for new users to get clued in and use the platforms. i noticed the changes right away this morning reflected on some past posts. then i saw that my upvote was actually increasing other's earnings and that is a great feeling!

Rewards are looking absolutely INSANE right now! Even a comment of mine from two days ago shot up in value... not that I'd complain tho xD

the hard-fork seems strange.
rewards are so crazy. it seems like a high inflation.
Maybe the steem-ecosystem is going to break down.

Hi @heejin no inflation increase happened. Simply more power to the bottom user and voter. I think now people will use their % vote bar more wisely.

But can this actually be right? I made 3 cents with a 100% vote and now it's 78 cents.

yup. Now everyone is a dolphin

My voting power was depleted because of you :)))

I followed your suit and was posting through ChainBB mostly AND followed your trail on Streemian.

That resulted in my VP being around 26%. Id switched off the trail and he percentage is slowly recovering.

Correction - was slowly recovering. It is at 25% now.

I guess the new rules are the cause.

I am not complaining :)

Because my vote, as it is now, is worth ..


Even with VP at 25%

Hey cryptoctopus. Great post.

As someone who has been using ChainBB, and has received many upvotes from you, I want to say thank you.

Also, I've come to enjoy the chainbb platform. There are a few annoying things about it, but I will continue to use chainbb. It seems @jesta is working hard to make it amazing, and he is doing a real great job.

Hopefully with everyone's votes increasing in power today, the community can take the mantle from @cryptoctopus and keep the rewards flowing!

Yeah, lets hope so....

I' m dead. The HF 19 is the best thing that can happen to US.

I love what you did for chainbb and hope you will continue to support the platform.

The thing is that I think that the Hardfork is a really bad thing, too much money is being produced and bad content get's a lot of money, which will make people think that they can get a way with really crappy posts.

there isn't a single steem being produced more than yesterday. The only difference is that more users have weight in the voting process.

For a moment I thought something has gone awry with my account.
But a bigger voting power is definitely a good thing for those who are active in Steem.

I have about 100 steem power and give $0.10 on full charge.. So that's potentially about $2 a day from a $200 account.

Where is this all coming from? I thought it was a fixed amount of steem through rewards each day... Whereas everyone seems to have massively increased?

thank you i have fun using chainbb and will be continue using it as part of my way to interact in steemit. may thanks!

now still in experimental stage....the impacts not so clear at the moment....I guess..

I'm a new user here and I'm excited about this change. My upvote is only .01 but got to start somewhere. I think this will be good for newbies like me and people that don't have a big following. Keep up the great posts!

i like crappy and shitty comments to read ..
Cool post by the way keep posting Bro

@cryptoctopus good post and thanks ofr everything you did with chainbb will continue to use it great work bro

My 2¢ upvote is suddenly 9¢ I'm freAKING OUT

Tbh I started auto-upvoting a handful of people on Streemian, so idk what % my voting power is at recently?¿

But I know one thing for sure, I got a high-paying post and I am going to shOW IT OFF TO ALL MY FRIENDS THIS IS SO EXCITING

I am going to stash away all my money into investing to try to get it to grow because I need to get a vehicle and get my laptop repaired anD THAT SEEMS KINDA ACTUALLY FEASABLE NOW AN I'M REALLY EXCITED DVDXJTDHYFVV

Ok wait maybe not all my money, I have some people I wanna commission BUT STILL I'M JUST FREAKING OUT I COULD CRY OH MY GOSH

You are doing some really great things for these platforms (ChainBB, Steemit) @cryptoctopus. This HF will no doubt affect the approach of many going forward and that will be part of the fun too.

POWERING UP, I like the way that sounds, been trying to do the same myself and if only to reach a fraction of the level you have, I will be pleased. Steem is here to stay and can be thankful to folks such as yourself for being mavericks and opening the possibilities with your initiatives and community involvement. Thank You!

My upvotes only gives 3c on this moment and would love to see the power of your upvote. I wish i came across steemit months ago.... but glad i was told about these opportunities.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today"

Well, now at least when you powerup you get a great bang for your buck!

Houston, we're ready for lift-off.

I was very excited to see all the posts in my payout cue go up dramatically in value, but I'm not so certain that HF19 will be an overall good thing. With the exception of very popular authors, I have a feeling that the number of upvotes will dwindle. I hope not.

Upvoted the post. Gave my 2 cents literally :)

Thanks for sharing! Our vote send 0,23 right now. A link to your post was included in Steem.center wiki page about ChainBB. Thanks and good luck again!

With all these crazy payouts, is this sustainable?

Great post :)
The new hardfork got mind blown;
Want to tell you;
As I am new to steemit, I like to follow people all over the world, Of different ages
Following you to learn more about the world you live in !
I hope you will check out my profile too now and then !
Have awesome posts about the travelling ,poems, drawing, historical places, and the tech part.
I have upvoted and followed you.

Decreased the view the distribution will be less, and who is a beginner maybe this did not help much.

my shit did not change so im sad and im drinking a sad coffee called despresso
check this out to help me earn my first 10 dollar

Thanks for all the upvotes in the last 3 weeks, @cryptoctopus! I used your incentive as a reason to start getting into g chainbb, and at this point I'm hooked on it, so I'll keep using it ;) It's so much better for finding new content and new people to interact with.

Thank you so much for the chainbb platform!

Happy and proud to be a part of chainBB. Great work @jesta and @cryptoctopus! Your contributions are vital to the growth of the Steem blockchain.

Looking forward to more updates and posts! :D

Thank you for this opportunity and for everything you've done for the platform. Not only has it enabled me to gain Steem, but I've seen posts about ongoing projects within the community that I believe I would have missed on Steemit. The way chainbb is organized has enabled me to follow progress and updates on multiple projects simultaneously. For me this would not have happened without your generosity. Many, many thanks!

I'll try to use ChainBB from time to time. I like the comments interface! Thank you for your support and upvotes. I am sure you helped a lot of people!

I sent the news about the project and mentioned you in my last post! Cheers!

As a proud user of chainbb, i completely understand your point of view. In general, im curious to see what path steemit will follow, is it going to be a forum type, where people will 'have' to read the post ? One good thing is that it would direct the user towards reading a post and then upvoting it, which would ensure (at least on a higher level) that the content is good (and not for example just selfie pictures).

However, it could also take a complete facebook/instagram path, where random voting could cause a flood. Now, if everyone gets paid , even without decent content or without reading, it should be fine 'in theory', but im a little sceptical how this can be kept in the future.


the other steem clients, i assume thy have different developers? Or the same ones but have different functionalities?

For the most part, all of the different steem clients are written by different groups of people. Between Steemit, eSteem, Busy and chainBB - I don't think there's much overlap. We all do use common libraries and share bits of code though :)

Might have a sustainable way to still run the bot. I'd send you a message if steemit.chat wasn't down :)

My vote currently holds $1.04 at 100% power, this is up from $0.4 before. Quite the increase. I am also very excited for the coming days on steemit and will check out chainBB after this. I have heard of the platform before but not looked into it. Is it similar to eSteem? Or are they different ideas?

I totally agree...

Hi @cryptoctopus! I believe in what your mission. I made my first post on ChainBB today. The interface is nice and I like how posts are arranged by topic. As a minnow that had a 0.0 to 0.01 value per vote pre HF19, I now have .09 per vote if the power is maxed. With the HF, I'm encouraged to put in money as I have with my mining activities. We're on a blockchain anyway, it just makes sense to put in a stake in this community and not just expect to take.

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Left a reply on your post.

I get a $10 at full power which is pretty impressive. Keep up the good work man.

Good read, I just upvoted for you and followed you, would you be so kind as to follow me and possible check out my health pages/posts. :D x

Great post... Realy enjoy it !

Congratulations @cryptoctopus
You took 20 place in my Top 100 of posts