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With a successful hardfork today and a changes happening to how voting percentages work - I figured it might be wise to take a few hours to adjust the voting controls on chainBB.

As always, the beta is available here:

and this post is available here:

Not sure what chainBB is? Here's a few posts to get you started:

Update #1 - Estimated Author Rewards added

I think the gif speaks for itself!

Notice: HF19 Voting Changes

As you've probably read in other posts - some big changes have happened today regarding how voting works. In summary:

  • The target number of 100% votes per day has been reduced from 40 to 10.
  • Each vote's impact for curation/rewards has been increased by 4x.
  • The vote weight has been linearized, removing the extra advantage those with huge balances previously had.

More information can be found on the official @steemitblog post.

What does this mean to you?

If you are somehow who votes on more than 10 posts per day, or 50 posts every 5 days, you likely will want to reserve your 100% votes for posts absolutely deserving of it. If you continue voting @ 100% more than 10 times per day, the effectiveness of your votes will continue to decrease until you give it time to regenerate.

To help explain these changes, I've updated chainBB's vote power popup to explain more of what will happen at different power levels...

Voting Controls

The voting controls are now more visibility split into two separate controls, one to cast the vote (blue) and one to adjust the your voting power (white), as seen at the top of this screenshot:

The popout that appears when you hover over the controls has a number of different features enabled to help guide you on adjusting your voting power.

  • The Voting Power slider now supports up to 2 decimal places, allowing for those with very large accounts to go sub-1%.
  • The Voting Power now has an input box so you can enter a number between 0.01 - 100.00.
  • Between the slider and the input box, there is now an estimated amount in which your Voting Effectiveness will decrease if you cast a vote at the set Power.
  • A voting budget has been added to the bottom right explaining a little about regeneration and how many votes you can effectively cast at different levels of Power.

Voting Budget

One of the changes in HF19 which had rippling effects is the increase in effectiveness of each vote.

Before today, each vote you cast reduced your effectiveness by approximately 0.5% of your current effectiveness, which increased to 2% per vote as of HF19. This reduced the optimal number of @ 100% power votes from 40 to 10. In order to achieve a higher number of votes, you must reduce your voting per per vote.

This budget display is designed to help guide you on understanding how to vote optimally. As you adjust your vote power, the budget will update, displaying how many votes you would be able to cast per day at that percentage.

Of course if you don't care about the effectiveness rating of your votes, by all mean, continuing voting away. This feature is primarily for those with large amounts of SP that want to optimize their curation/reward strategies.

Happy HF19 Day

Congrats to everyone involved in making HF19 a reality. It will be interesting to see how these changes play out over the coming weeks as the rewards stabilize and more users discover their 100% voting power.

Expect a more significant update to chainBB within the next week :)

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Thank you @jesta. That's a really quick update after the HF19. You are really so hardworking and I appreciate that. We can then better utilise our voting power and I guess I need some time to get used to the new mechanism

Hi @jesta,
I created a similar post a few hours back to tell the other Steemians about the excellent function they can use by simply come to here.
This is link of the post:

And you can see the value my post worth and what your post now worth, what a big difference between a minnow and whale. Of course, I have to admit your post is in more detail and nicely formated.

Anyway, I believe it is good to promote Chainbb to more Steemians and I will keep doing this. Cheers.
Thank you for creating such a great tool for us.


Well detailed and well understood article. Thanks

Thanks. I like having the option to change my voting power if I want too.

I must say all of this looks really great and also it is very easy to use.

Thanks jesta!

This is cool.

ok sounds good. but why do i still feel invisible....


What's it feel like? Being invisible... :)


ah ha... well nice that I can be like the hollow man hahaahah

but now i am feeling translucent.... :)

I haven't used chainbb yes, but I think it looks pretty great. This really customizable control you have added and the vote value estimation is brilliant. I didn't even have to read most of your post, the gif was convincing enough to go to your beta and start exploring! :)

This is a great post. I don't get to adjust my voting power yet, so it helped me understand what it is when people post about about it. I appreciate it. Also, thank you for creating steemstats, I really like using that to see my power and other info. Nice work. Thanks for all you do for this community! You gained a new follower.

-:) medase (Twi for thank you)

Use the vote power. It's there to be used.

Thank you for explaining. For a new user the system of votes and rewards is something that takes time to grasp

Thanks for the work! The estimation provides a preview on voting reward and can be applied along with the voting power bar!

Very good explanation


Very good indeed! Will take a little until we all digest the changes but soon we will know how to upvote effectively and reward the good content the way it deserves it

Thanks @jesta for the useful info !


Great job. Thank you for your hard work benefiting all of us.

Where we can find this Voting Controls slider ???
Very interasting post !!!


On chainBB :)


I missed that ;) Thank you

giphy (20).gif

MAhh man , knowledge is power!


Thank you for your hard work.

And you tell us that we should expect even more improvements for next week?

Well done Steemit.

HF19 was hot topic in steemit post.... :)

To be quite honest i think this Hard Fork is GREAT!!!

Very good

Ok, thank you for this. I really needed to know how this works now. I didn't really need to know before the change, but now my vote means something. All this is very cool!

very educating post, It will take a little time for most of the community members to diggest the new update and know how they should vote. The changes is already here and we must learn how to adjust to it. already following you and have upvoted

Keep it up @jesta. Great work as always.

Minnows enjoying....Hardfork was need of the hour

Jesta, can I still adjust my vote power even if I only have a tiny amount of SP?


There's a minimum value if you're using - which I think @timcliff just submitted a pull request to adjust.


thanks. I was a bit shell shocked when I saw how quickly my voting power was falling with each vote today

Nice explanation, really helped to clear up a couple of doubts I had about HF19

Great update! That was quick, HF19 just happened today and you've already updated, great work :) Keep it up! :D


Very nice

Topic hf19 updated, did not know the adjustments of the voting controls in the chainBB. Best post @jesta

So far I'm quite liking the hard fork!... but I'm glad that anything needing to be compensated for is being dealt with.

I really appreciate this post @jesta , really cleared some of my questions right up...thank you!

Hi I am new to the steemit, Thank you for this post. I found it very helpful indeed!

Updated original post with a gif of the newest feature :)

I have a couple of questions:

How long does it take to get your 100% voting power back from 1%?

Is the regeneration a single step or a continuous process?


Continuous process, at a rate of 20% per day.

So 5 days from 1%



Thank you for explaining this. I'm still trying to learn a lot about steemit and was confused about the voting. I initially thought one can vote without limit!

I logged in to steemit today and saw my comments that previously just had a few cents were now a few dollars, i've found the explanation here i guess.

HI @jesta when do you qualify for the voting controls ?


You can use them if you're using chainBB (it's an alternative interface to

nice information thanks for sharing upvoted and followed you

Thank you for writting this, it's so very helpful! Upvoted, followed and resteemed!

This hardfork was great. Really helped me out. I'm sure it helped a lot of other new accounts as well.

Thanks for the information hf 19

Nice explanation

Thanks for the good work! So really it was a happy day!

I can't access the forum, are there any problem?


Very helpful post. Many people have been looking forward to the HF19. It is finally here.

Nice work! ChainBB keeps getting better and better each day!

Great brother. Lets sharing vote between us.

@jesta man you are doing some incredible work.

Amazing I am surely gonna try chainBB

Excellent, way better than steemit :P

Congratulations @jesta
You took 33 place in my Top 100 of posts thanks

Hey, my name is Nadine and I am new on steemit. I would be happy if you could check out my post as well and follow back. Thank you:-)
I really like your post. Nice!

Thats a very good explanation. Thanks for that.