Garden Update - Indoor Seedlings update

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So I planted my seedlings on the 16th of February. Today is the 29th. I have photos from several days and will post them below. I seem to have had a good germination rate for sure.

February 22nd:



February 26th:



I brought in one of my grow lights from the greenhouse:


February 27th:




Today (February 29th):


I went through the tomatoes and thinned them out to one per pod. You don't want more than one, they will crowd each other and you can't easily separate them later without hurting the root systems which you don't want to do. This is not a buy one get one free deal, it's much better to thin them out and you want to do so after they have grown a little to make sure you are keeping healthy plants.


So far, so good. I'll be able to use my greenhouse later on next month for the squash plants.

Now is the time to get your garden planned and make steps to make this happen. I feel like food might be more important this year, so get on it my friends. Take care.

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Great progress, seedlings are looking nice and healthy.

Happy gardening! :)

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