Garden Update - Broccoli update - 1/12/2020

in #garden5 years ago

Hello Steemit friends!

I wanted to give you a garden update and see how the broccoli is turning out. If you recall from my previous posts:

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  • Garden Update - Planting Broccoli maybe too late? - 10/11/19
  • I planted Broccoli in early October which is way late according to my planting information for my area, so this was an experiment this year.

    We had some cold weather a month or so ago, but overall, I think this winter has been very mild. We had a severe thunderstorm roll through last night around midnight which had damaging straight line winds when the squall line came through. This ripped my agribon garden fabric off of my rows:



    That's how the fabric looked this morning when I went to the garden.

    The florets of the broccoli are looking great. I'm thinking of going ahead and harvesting some today and doing the blanch and freeze as well as eat some fresh for dinner.








    Many of them are looking about the size of a dollar bill. That's pretty large.




    Just a few are looking like they might start bolting. I definitely do not want that, and with the temperature getting to 70's today (very mild for this time of the year), I'm leaning toward doing at least a partial harvest today.

    So, overall, I'm extremely happy with the broccoli, even planting it rather late. The lesson is that you don't necessarily have to exactly follow the planting guidelines to have success.

    How is your fall garden going? Does anyone else have anything planted?

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    I never tried planting something late in the year but I use to be able to keep my brussel sprouts going until late November early December with no problem. No one ate them but me at that time but I have one son who enjoys them now. I haven't done a full fledged garden in years. My grandson and I did some planting of tomatoes, green peppers, sweet potatoes and spinach last summer. I had an over abundance of tomatoes, a few green peppers but not much luck with sweet potatoes and spinach. The spinach actually fizzled out real fast.

    Tub Cat failed miserably at growing broccoli. His plants were consumed by the evil spawn of moths.

    Covering the plants appears to be a very good idea.

    Yes especially early on the plants can get sun scald

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