Garden update - Planting Broccoli (maybe too late?)

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Hi Steemit friends!

I am way late on planting some broccoli, but I'm giving it a shot this year.

According to NC State (, August 15th is when I should be planting my broccoli crop. I ended up planting it yesterday, October 10th.

I went by the local plant store and they still had a lot of broccoli (and other fall crop plants) out, so I let them know it's way late according to the "authorities" and that I'd be taking a chance on buying these plants now.

They agreed, so they let me have buy one flat, get one free. I thought that was fair, so I got the two flats.


I had cleaned up a couple of my beds, #1 and #3... I was going to fill them up with some of the sawdust, but I wanted to immediately plant these, and decided to just use the soil medium that was still in there and go with that.



I did put up some agribon ( on the in the garden greenhouse hoops, so maybe that will help.

I'll do more posts as we progress to share if I was too late or not. We shall see!

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