Harbor Freight 6x8 Greenhouse update

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Greetings my steemit friends,

It's been a while since I've made a post, and I noticed that I never made a post on the use I got from my 6x8 greenhouse from Harbor freight. I assembled it about two years ago (see my first post on the assembly here), and I used it to do my starts in the spring of 2019.

I took many photos of that usage, so I'll just put them into this one post and describe what I did.

I ended up building two grow boxes inside of the greenhouse, bought some shelves and some grow lights.

An exciting thing that I accomplished was trenching and running the electric line from my solar panel setup to the greenhouse.

Photo Mar 30, 4 46 25 PM.jpg

It was very exciting to get those grow lights working. Some kids that live across the road were able to see the glow from the greenhouse and asked if I had a spaceship landing in my back yard. Fun.

Photo Mar 07, 7 43 25 PM.jpg

Photo Mar 30, 4 46 25 PM copy.jpg

So, I ended up doing my starts in trays that eventually made it to the garden, and in the greenhouse I seeded some zucchini and cucumbers that grew earlier than what I should have been able to plant outdoors in my zone.

Photo Apr 18, 8 13 12 AM.jpg - April 18th

I had a very good germination rate. I had grow lights above the cucumbers but not the zucchini on the left. I think they got some of the light from spill from the other lights, as the ones near the back seemed to grow faster.

Photo Apr 25, 8 29 41 AM.jpg - April 25th

Photo Apr 29, 5 45 06 PM.jpg - April 29th

Photo May 01, 7 38 58 AM.jpg - May 1st

Photo May 04, 9 15 44 AM.jpg - May 4th

Photo May 05, 8 29 07 AM.jpg - May 5th

Photo May 07, 6 35 16 PM.jpg - May 7th

Photo May 11, 4 16 39 PM.jpg - May 11th

Photo May 13, 7 42 56 AM.jpg - May 13th

IMG_9183.JPG - May 24th

IMG_5018.JPG - May 31st

I ended up with quite a few cucumbers and zucchini right from the greenhouse, and my garden's zucchini, squash, watermelon and peppers came from the starts that I made in the greenhouse. I also experimented with using ends of celery to make new celery, that ended up not working, I couldn't get the ends to grow enough new roots to work.

I'm glad I have this greenhouse and will use it again in 2020 for sure!

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That's an awesome use of your greenhouse. You got quite a bit of growth fairly quickly! What zone are you in?

I’m in 7a

Sweet! I'm in 9b. Will you grow anything over the winter? And I can see why the neighbor kids compared your greenhouse to a spaceship lol

I’m trying to get my beds ready for broccoli. I’m a good month late but still ok to plant that. Every year I talk about doing garlic and don’t get around to it. Maybe this time.


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