Garden Update - Starting some seeds for the 2020 gardening season indoors

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I bought some seeds and started them last night, 2/16/2020 indoors. I do have a greenhouse, but we are still getting freezing temperatures at night, even with the greenhouse enclosure. Here's what I bought and started:


(photos below are from the Burpee website)

SuperSauce Hybrid Tomato


Juliet Hybrid Tomato


Medium-Rare Tomato


Pesto Party Basil


Mama Mia Giallo Hybird


California Wonder Sweet Pepper


I ended up using the shower in the spare room upstairs as the place to do the seedlings. Any dirt or water mess that I make will just go down the drain at the end.

I used some flats that I saved from previous years. This is why it's good to save these containers if possible.


I used the miracle grow potting mix, which I keep in quantity at the house.


Then I placed the seeds, covered them with more soil and watered. I used some plastic wrap to keep in the moisture.


I will keep make more posts as they grow. As soon as I see some seedling action coming up, I'm planning on bringing inside one of my grow lights from the greenhouse and send the light down on them.

My friends, now is the time to plan or start your garden. Spring is coming.

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nice job florio! i hope they all grow well with no fungus p-) i always struggle with tomatos where i am!

p.s. please do feel free to subscribe and post to the ecoTrain community, we give nice support and love these kinds of posts! xx

Good luck with your seed starts. I noticed you have some posts about the Harbor Freight greenhouse. How does that thing hold up against the wind?

So far, so good on the greenhouse! I'll be showing it again soon, it will be time to use it very quickly.

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