The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 57

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 57

Faro and Greaves pulled into the hotel parking lot next to One Flare’s Westfalia. They knocked on the doors but no one answered. They stood momentarily at the rear doors looking around when Greaves patted Faro on the chest with the back of his hand. He pointed.

Thorny and One Flare were making gratuitous use of the indoor pool. Faro and Greaves went to meet them. When the two boys noticed the older men, they brought their mirth-making to sudden halt and climbed out of the pool.

“You boys don’t seem very agitated considering the urgency of your message.”

“Gotta do something to pass the time.”

“You think it’s safe to talk here?”

“It’s New Year’s Day and nobody else is here, and I sure don’t wanna go outside in a wet bathing suit.”

“Well, it’s gonna be awfully cold when you back out to sleep in that heap you drove out here.”

“Nah, we’re staying in Carrie and Mary’s rooms.”

“This keeps getting less and less urgent.”

“Where are the girls anyway?"

“We don’t know. They’ve been kidnapped.”


“This better not be a joke.”

Faro glared at the boys. “I wouldn’t put it past them,” he added half jokingly.

“Last night right after rehearsal.”

“Good God! What are you talking about?”

“A group of five guys. We think they pushed them out in laundry carts. We passed them getting off the elevator. They went down when we came up.”

“Is that all you have to go on?”

“Well they sure weren’t dressed like housekeeping!”

“Alright, alright. What else?”

“They drove off in an ambulance, lights, sirens, everything.”

“We chased them out to the loading dock, and the dude flipped us off as they drove off.”

“What did these guys look like?”

“Well, all pretty similar. Hired thug types. The alpha was wide-bodied and kind of bow-legged. Bald.”

“Silva!” exclaimed Faro.


“Yes, Silva, the most qualified, coveted, and dangerous henchman for hire in the world today. And he’s currently under the employ of an unknown entity in Argentina, which almost always spells Nazi.”

“I’ve heard the name,” commented Greaves. “Never once thought I’d run into him.”

“You haven’t, yet.”

“We tried to chase after them in the bus, but they were too fast.”

“Yeah. Why didn’t you guys bring the 442 for this trip?”

Thorny made an I-told-you-so gesture, slicing the air with his hand at One Flare.

“That’s sort of irrelevant now.”

“Well how’d you end up in their rooms?”

“Those two guys in the band with them convinced housekeeping to open up. The keycards were still in the power slots, so we kept them.”

Greaves shook his head in amusement. “You guys are shameless opportunists.”

“You and Tom trained us well, Kelly.”

“Where do you think they took them?”

“We have no idea. The two guys in the band went up to the Rez to rally the forces.”

“Well, let’s see. These guys are pretty good. Assuming this is related to your little stunt at Archuleta Mesa year before last, they certainly have an agenda other than ransom. They’re probably hoping to get the rest of you by interrogating them!”

“Jeezus fucking Christ!”

“Fuck me! What do we do?”

“Taking down the Dulce Base was a huge blow to their operations. It was bad enough you immobilized three fourths of their staff with acute poison ivy for a week, but then going into a firefight with the rest, killing a dozen and half men and then permanently taking down the base, probably caused an unslakable thirst for revenge and a vendetta that would be pursued to the pits of Hell and back.”

“Oh, man, did we screw up.”

“I wouldn’t say that. You’ve made the world a slightly better place. You just didn’t know what you were getting into completely.”

“We’ve got to move fast. The girls could be dead soon.”

“Oh no. They won’t kill them. They need them alive, first for information, then to sell into sex slavery—a fate worse than death. A couple of feisty young American Indian girls would fetch a small fortune on the market just for the rarity.”

Thorny and One Flare looked visibly ill.

“Here’s an idea. What’s the last place those guys would expect you to look for them? The very last place you think they’d go.”

“Well, we thought about that. We figured it was the Dulce Base, if that’s their line of thinking too.”


“There’s no time to lose. They’ll still be alive, but we can prevent further inhuman suffering and hopefully get there before they give out any names. This Silva is not to be trifled with, nor are his employers. These aren’t just bad men, they are evil incarnate.”

“Quick, call those guys from the band whose names I can never remember and tell them we’re ‘OTW’!”

“You guys can dress in the car. Let’s go.”

As they dashed for the parking lot, Faro added, “Hi ho, Silver! Away!”

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