The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 45

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 45

Over the next couple of years, the Barstows focused on rebuilding what they had in Nevada while Kammler and Bormann played Pinky and the Brain back in Bariloche. Hawass was backtracking on his deal to refurbish the pyramids. That was their second major setback, and they still hadn’t tracked down the blue-haired Navajo girl who was hiding out in the high country of the Big Rez. Big blonde blue-eyed types don’t blend in well on the reservation, and that makes snooping around difficult. Even bribes weren’t accepted when plenty of Native casino money was floating around.


So what’s better than an agitated, frustrated Nazi overlord? The same Nazi overlord agitated and frustrated again.

“FOOLS!” he berated them. “It’s been two years and you’ve accomplished nothing!” He shook his fists at his waist while convulsing in rage. Once again his head appeared like a giant swollen zit about to explode in a cloud of pus.

“We’ve been all over the Navajo and the Jicarilla Reservations, but, you know, it’s hard to blend in with Indians when you’re not one. And they don’t just tell a bunch of strangers who come along asking about someone where they are.” Opined the lacky, who was the Captain who took over “the hole” after the Colonel’s gruesome demise.

“Curse you! Curse them! Now it is Hail Mary time! That Battle of the Bulge all over again!”



“Herr Müller, it is time to prove you share your grandfather’s greatness again, I’m afraid. Do you feel like the Long Jumper?”

“Always,” he grinned.

“Why can’t we have more like you who thrive under adversity?”

Müller laughed.

Kammler observed the situation, then looked up and made an announcement to the assembled company. “Gentlemen, let us retire to the council room.” He then sneered at the Captain and his lacky, “Dismissed.”

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nice one.Keep writing these good stuff.

Crankin' 'em out as fast as I can! Thanks for comin' and keep comin' back. O love when cutegirls read my stuff ;-P

Wow! wonderful writing keep it up.......

Thank you! Keep coming back to read more!

very interesting

Good writing skills. I like the story.

Glad to hear it! And thanks for the kind words.

What are the legal ramifications of pre-publishing on Steemit? Do they technically own your material since you got paid for it or do you hold exclusive rights?

No idea, but the copyright clearly has my name on the posts.

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