The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 21

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 21

The same group of stern gray-haired men that greeted Müller and Edda at the airport now entered Richter’s lab. The conversation was in German.

“Ah, Herr Richter. We would like to introduce two new members of our circle. This is Herr Müller and Fraulein Siebrecht. Perhaps you have heard of them.” They both wore modest lapel pins that upon close examination revealed them to be Knight’s Crosses of the Iron Cross with oak leaves. They also came with new bank accounts. The award was also given posthumously to Müller and Siebrecht’s unfortunate comrades.

“I have. Fine work getting this cargo to our humble lab.”

“Our pleasure.”

“It’s a pity about your companions. A most unfortunate accident.” He paused thoughtfully here, peering over his glasses at Edda. “Siebrecht. I know that name. I used to hear it from my grandfather.”

“I’m not surprised,” Edda replied. “My grandfather was also a significant figure in the 3rd Reich. And after.”

“Well, it appears I’m in good company.”

“Hahahaha! The best. I hope.” Müller was a complex character, always so cheerful for a man of his ilk, rather like George H. W. Bush: so likable, and yet so dark and despicable.

“Enough pleasantries. How are things progressing, Herr Richter? And where do we go from here?”

“I’m glad you asked. I’ve just finished working on a presentation. You know how our corporate stooges love PowerPoints. Let’s go to the conference room for a preview.”

The group all seated themselves in plush, high-back leather chairs around a richly gleaming ebony conference table with the symbol of the Black Sun inlaid with onyx into a milky white polished marble circle. To the rank and file of the SS, to the population at large, and to academic historians, SS stood simply for Schutzstaffel. But to the present company, all of which were initiated into the occult circle, SS stood, and still stands, for die Schwartze Sonne, or, in English, the Black Sun!

Richter pushed a button on a remote to lower a projection screen and pushed another button on another remote to switch on the projector.

black sun.jpg

The Black Sun

An old color photograph of an enormous factory appeared on the screen.

Richter began his presentation: “If there’s one thing we Germans have always been good at, it’s concealing research. One of the most masterful examples of this was the gargantuan synthetic rubber factory built by I.G. Farben at Auschwitz. It consumed more electricity than the entire city of Berlin and cost over $2 Billion in today’s terms. Over 300,000 inmates from Auschwitz were impressed to work on its construction and approximately 25,000 of them died from exhaustion.

“As it came out in the Nuremberg Trials though, not one ounce of synthetic rubber was ever produced there. So after using all that energy, after gobbling up so much in material, money, and life, the synthetic rubber plant never did what it was ostensibly doing. So what was it up to?”

He paused here. No one in the group indicated any knowledge of this, and some looked quizzically at one another.

Richter switched to another old color photo of human migration during the war.

“It didn’t stop there. Tens of thousands of local residents were relocated from their homes to provide accommodations for tens of thousands of our top scientists, technicians and workers. Clearly the plant had a function…”

He looked questioningly at the group again. The older men were characteristically inscrutable. The others were calmly expectant.

He clicked through a series of slides to match the explanation that follows.

“We were obviously up to something else. The most conventional alternative explanation would be that it was a uranium enrichment plant. Few other wartime endeavors would consume that kind of electrical power, space, and labor. There is also speculation that secret SS research was going on related to Black Sun energy, antigravity propulsion, and death rays.

Whatever the case may be, it was not a synthetic rubber factory, and some kind of secret research was going on there. While it may be known to some, it is not talked about. Fortunately Herr Kammler’s father left Europe and brought all of his knowledge here with him.” He nodded graciously to Herr Kammler who replied in turn.

He then switched to a slide of the Colossus of Rhodes labeled “I. G. Farben” with various body parts emblazoned with the names of a companies.


These depiction of the IG Farben logo should do

“This wasn’t the only place. I.G. Farben was a colossus, a conglomerate of companies drawn together by being made offers they couldn’t refuse. It created layers within layers that could conceal secret objectives while making and selling products for public consumption. Projects could be overfunded, and then money could be skimmed and applied to secret research done undercover of some public, or even other secret, projects.”

He switched to series of slides that appeared to be legal documents.

“I.G. Farben created such a monstrous, tangled web of relations that since it was broken up after the war, the liquidation has been impossible to complete even to this day.”

He changed the slide again to a smiling jack-o-lantern.

“Our target for completion is Halloween 2012. An auspicious date.”

Again he clicked to a new slide, this one showing a vast array of links between various media, entertainment, drug, chemical, food, and agricultural corporations.


“This strategy continues to work today. The fascist business model has been applied again and again to create media and entertainment giants, Big Pharma, and that menace we love to hate most of all, the Military-Intelligence-Industrial Complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower made so sure to warn the American people about. Did he see that on his own, or did someone here inform him?”

Smirky laughter broke out around the conference table and then faded.

He now flipped through an apropos series of concentration camp photos and WWII Nazi propaganda posters.

“Of course nowadays we can’t afford the public relations nightmare of concentration camps, slave labor, and gas ovens to achieve our goals. No. No public anywhere would ever fall for that and it’d be too hard to keep secret. No people anywhere would ever be duped again by ideologies based on racial superiority or the global menace posed by this or that ethnic group."

Two fresh slides followed.

“Nowadays we must go about it differently. We medicate nations to death with their Big Pharmas and Big Pharma lobbies. We brainwash them in schools with “progressive” education. Hahaha! It’s ‘progressive,’” he added with air quotes and a sly grin.

Another round of chuckles around the conference table.

Again he clicked through slides of famous brand chemicals, a jet releasing chemtrails, and media logos and personalities.

“We can poison water and food supplies with carcinogenic pesticides and industrial chemicals. We can poison the air with ‘geoengineering’ to counteract ‘global warming.’ We can control the information people access through giant media conglomerates that are made up of brands that used to be independent companies that had to actually compete with each other. We can invent global environmental crises that justify the loss of sovereignty. Global warming, for example, came out of our friends in the Club of Rome."

He now added print ads and short clips of TV commercials.

“We sell this agenda using warmly domestic advertisements shot in soft focus with soft lighting featuring puppies and parents in pastel-colored crew-necked sweaters coddling their children. It’s all done under the guise of caring for and about the masses.”

Now he showed a series of prominent independent researchers who had been labeled as conspiracy theorists, nut jobs, libeled and shamed, and concluded with a few who had met untimely ends like Gary Webb and Dorothy Kilgallen.


Newswoman Dorothy Kilgallen, killed for what she knew about the JFK hit

“And when someone comes along who tells the truth, we muster our conglomerates’ virtually unlimited resources and focus them on branding dissenters as fake news, as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ a term invented by the CIA itself, with our help, to discredit skeptics of official stories. We even pay for 'professional skeptics' to be skeptical of everything except the narratives we push. Some dissenters even meet unfortunate ends. And the best part of it is, we get the idiots to fund their own demise. We have gotten very good at our game while the rest of the world has gotten worse at theirs.”

Excited and enthusiastic muttering erupted around the table. Then one of the gray-haired men spoke.

“Herr Richter, what does all this have to do with the work in question?”

“I’m coming to that.”

“And what does it have to do with Germany?” asked Edda.

A contemptuous scoff was heard from one of the oldest gray-haired men. “It was never about Germany, Fraulein Siebrecht.” He scoffed again and drew approving smirks from the others. He turned back to the scientist. Edda appeared puzzled, though not surprised.

Richter continued his slide show.

“We have four critical tasks at hand:

  1. Figure out what parts we have, how they work, and where they fit.
  2. Figure out what’s missing and how to recreate it.
  3. Make necessary repairs to the structure to ensure it functions properly
  4. Restore the casing stones.”

The group began to nod at one another approvingly.

“I would like to discuss items 3 and 4 first because they are the simplest. These will be funded through Rockefeller and Soros foundations with heroin money that has become available in the wake of the Afghan war. We have a long and prosperous history of cooperation with them, and even now plans are being laid for ‘preservation’ and ‘restoration’ of the pyramids. We are meeting some opposition from the legitimate academic archaeologists, but this will not be a serious problem."

He shows some slides of quarry work, shipping, and stone working.

“The casing stones are already under production so that if there are any delays in politics or administration we will have a jump on the work. Our goal is to finish this by 2017.”


Edda broke in, “Won’t people get suspicious when all these casing stones suddenly appear for the restoration project?”

“Yes. That is why we will simultaneously conduct very public quarrying activities concurrent with the project. Very few will notice that the stones are going up too quickly. After all, they actually believe the Ancient Egyptians quarried and placed over two million blocks, with their mortar, in only 22years with stone hammers and copper chisels.”

Müller roared momentarily with laughter, then collected himself.

“We will also be repairing the damage to the King’s Chamber caused by Vyse’s 1837 expedition. This will be necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the resonance chamber, which is what the King’s Chamber really is. A special polymer has already been developed and tested to exactly match the granite and repair the stones in place. This was developed at one of our BASF plants, a former member of the I.G. Farben cartel as you know.”

Müller laughed again. "We don't make the granite blocks, we make them better," referring to the old BASF commercial. The group chuckled at this.

He switched to a picture of Zahi Hawass.

“Dr. Hawass is causing delays because he loves showing off Vyse’s forged cartouche to every press lackey that comes along and every female intern he fancies too much. Plans have been drawn up to remove him if necessary.”

Then with a subdued laugh he added, “It’s also quite hilarious how he and Erich von Daniken, who hate each other so passionately, have grown to so closely resemble and sound like one another.”

Müller interrupted with a wisecrack and a question. “Excuse me Herr Doctor, remind me to do my Zahi Hawass for you some time. It sounds just like my Erich von Daniken," he chortled. "But how is it that such a busy scientist such as yourself has time to plan all this intrigue?”

“An excellent question. I cannot take credit for it. That is the genius of Herr Kammler and Herr Bormann whose fathers accomplished the same things for the 3rd Reich, even in our darkest hours. Bormann handled financing and Kammler organized construction, research and production. That is how we are here today.”

The two men nodded graciously again. Richter acknowledged. He paused, scanning the assembly for inquisitive looks. There were none.

Richter presented a slide enumerating the steps he now described.

“Items 1 and 2 will take more time. We must compare the inventories in the tablets and seals to what we have recovered from Iraq as well as other places in the Middle East, and indeed, around the world. Then we must match up the items and determine what is missing. Before any of this can be done, we need to translate or decode all the tablets and seals, which will take some years to complete.”

“How many years?”

“Under current conditions, about six and half years, but as more translators are acquired and trained, that figure will be reduced. But the inventory will begin immediately with the first relevant translation.

“Testing has already begun on some of the objects. The spheres, for example, we already know are made of high temperature baked ORMEs.”

“Which are……”

“Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Elements. Most of them are from the Platinum Series of metals. We suspect some of the crystals have this property as well.”

“Fantastic! Truly fantastic!”

“We also know, quite obviously that we are without this…”

Richter now clicked to a slide of a glowing white pyramidal crystal emitting bright blue rays….

“the pyramid capstone! This of course is an artist’s reproduction of what we need to find or recreate.”

He then clicked through a series of pictures representing corporate and university logos as well as headquarter buildings, production plants and campuses.

“Many of the parts we have now will be studied and analyzed by our corporate allies or in university laboratories. Some of this will be done in secrecy couched within other secret research currently going on or planned with these partners.”

“What about the parts that aren’t recoverable?” a gray-haired man asked.

“Another excellent question. You obviously know that according to the ancient texts, some of the parts were deliberately destroyed in the remote past after the Second Pyramid War. These will be developed in a manner similar to the process I just mentioned using corporate and academic partners. This may require the development of new processes, systems of production, and materials.

“Like I said, these items are much more complex and time-consuming. They will also require vast sums of money to accomplish in the shortest time possible. Fortunately, the Americans, and Bill Clinton in particular, have obliged us by repealing Glass-Steagall. American banks can now generate enormous quantities of wealth quite easily.”

Someone raised a hand and spoke, “How are you sure the casing stones will fit properly, and work once they do?”

“Excellent. Excellent. We actually managed to find buildings in Cairo that contained the original casing stones and take measurements. We were able to extrapolate the rest. It doesn’t really matter if they match the originals exactly, as long as we can fit them precisely enough to reproduce the concave, collective properties of the original surface.”

“And how will that be accomplished?”

“With this.” Richter fumbled through a few slides until he found the one he was looking for. It was of the great pyramid, but appeared to be indoors.

“This is a mock-up of the Great Pyramid which was created using precise laser scans of the structure at Giza, and then reconstructed under two miles of ice in Antarctica, only the outer surface of course. As each stone is produced it is added to the structure to ensure a tight, secure and functional fit. The effects become more and more curious as more and more stones are added.”

“What do you mean ‘curious’?”

“That it works.”

Edda raised an important question: “Who do you intend to see this presentation? It would be dangerous if the wrong people got their hands on it, others would find it outrageous or even ridiculous.”

“You are quite correct, Fraulein. The latter we do not have to worry about, for they will dismiss it as quackery. I'm sure our employees at Skeptical Questioner will have a field day with it. It is only for the highest level partners who we have already cultivated and vetted over the years. Their job will be to assign the proper work tasks down the chain using whatever plausible pretenses suffice. It is, of course, all tightly compartmentalized.”


Is this professional skeptic a Nazi or CIA creation?

“What about Faro? It is clear from his publications that he is onto this. And our contacts at CIA say the agency did consult him on the matter.”

One of the gray-haired men spoke up. “He has a firm grasp of the general concept, I’ll admit. We need to keep an eye on Faro. But the project is so vast and so compartmentalized, even he won’t know what’s going on, even if one our tasks were a part of his own research. And even if he did, who would believe him? What was it Fraulein Siebrecht just said? ‘It would sound outrageous, or even ridiculous.’ No government or organization with any resources would ever take it seriously.”

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