The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 19

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 19

A large man in a sport coat, shorts and flip flops burst into the room. Frank and Melissa looked startled. Georgeann rushed in from the adjoining room to check out the ruckus.

“Where is that crazy old wop?” asked Farkell with a fiendishly playful grin spreading across his face.

Faro appeared in the doorway. “You better watch who you call a wop in this town, Mister.” The two men stared menacingly at each other momentarily, then burst into laughter and embraced.

“They probably like me more around this town than you,” laughed Farkell. “I actually spend money here.”

“Indeed you do. And we intend to facilitate your vices tonight.”

“Great. Let’s get started.”

The company seated themselves around the suite and got down to business. Farkell checked some documents the Shorleys made certain to secure before their flight from home and questioned them on events. They could open up a lot more with the lawyer owing to attorney-client privilege.

“This’ll be easy. You guys will return to Anchorage with me. We’ll get you settled in a place and establish state residency immediately. Then we’ll go through a legal name change, get new social security numbers, passports, the whole deal. At that point you’ll be sufficiently under the radar and can chill out. Just don’t come back to Nevada.”

“Can’t we do all that here?” asked Melissa.

“Yes, but this is the first place they’d look. Alaska is one of the last places they’d look.”

“I see.”

“Then it’s settled. Let’s celebrate.”

“Georgeann, pay the man for his services.”

Georgeann produced a wad of cash more than sufficient to provide a night of fun in Vegas.

“Dinner’s on me,” proclaimed Farkell. “And the show!”

After dinner and the show, the Shorleys, Dr. Faro, and Georgeann were far too exhausted for a night in the casinos. But Farkell, who could easily have awaited the Shorleys in Anchorage, never needed much of an excuse to visit Vegas. He also never had a problem pulling an all-nighter when the right kind of fun was afoot, which Vegas had plenty of.

Our intrepid crew had other plans. They rented a car and drove out to the desert just beyond the city. There they parked the car and watched one of Las Vegas’ best nighttime spectacles: the Luxor Sky Beam. At 42.3 billion lumen, it is the most powerful man-made beam of light in the world. It’s comprised of thirty-nine 7,000-watt bulbs that send a blue beam of light straight up into the air that is visible for 275 miles around. It’s even been designated by the FAA as an aviation navigational landmark.

The quartet leaned against their car in the crisp clear desert air and beheld with marvel the intense blue beam that reminded them of a cosmic death ray.


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