The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 43

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 43

Bormann's face turned bright Nazi red. His whole head quivered and seemed about to explode in a bloody mess. His whole body shook with rage. Suddenly, a heavy board leaned precariously against a wall came down with a deafening SLAP that terrified everyone present! Except it wasn't a piece of lumber, it was Bormann's hand on the table. Kammler was more cool-headed, but his eyes seethed with fury.


“How could you let a group of savages,” he spit the word savages, “savages, I tell you, get away with this???”

“They’re clever, these savages. They know the ways of nature.”

“And their windtalkers kept us stumped for the entire war,” added another suck up, almost comically.

“You talk to me of windtalkers???” bellowed Bormann as the top button on his shirt literally popped.

“We know the ways of Nature!” Kammler rapped the table too. “Our physics is superior to everyone else’s!” He continued, “Who’s responsible for this?”

“The only man who saw them up close was killed by one of the savages. He was with several others including two young white men. The two guards who came out after the dead man were too late to get a good look. One of the savages was tall with long black hair, and a girl with streaks of blue dyed into her hair.”

“Tall? Long black hair?” raged Bormann. “You’ve just described every fucking redskin on the continent!”

His minions were plussed and cast nervous, anxious glances back and forth.

“Not too many have blue in their hair. Perhaps if we could find her…..”

“Yes. Yes. State the obvious.” Herr Bormann took a deep breath. “I just know Faro was behind this.”

“He was in the Las Vegas at the time,” offered Kammler. As far as we know he was never anywhere around Dulce.“ Kammler rubbed his eyes and wiped his jawline with both hands, stretching out his lower lip at the end. “Well, what did they get away with?”

“Some technical papers, personnel rosters, schedules, a few financial records, but mostly technical stuff.”

“Technical and financial papers…..hmmm….perhaps Faro did have a hand….”

“Which of our Deathstar projects were going on there?”

“Almost none. The facility was entirely devoted to newer research and transportation, that sort of thing. There might be a little something in the technical papers. The financial records....? Perhaps a paper trail.”


“We must find out what Faro knows of this, if anything, and follow up any leads on these savages and take care of them. Get any information you can and then handle it accordingly.”

“We also have to step up our timeline. I don’t care how you do it, get more competent technicians and researchers in all the labs and ramp everything up. We just received permission from Dr. Hawass to ‘temporarily’ restore the casing stones in a demonstration project. Get started on that.”


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