The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 46

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 46

“What I propose is this,” began Müller, “a two-pronged attack: Number 1) get rid of Hawass, and number 2) set up a humanitarian or charitable event to flush out the savage squaw.”

“Sounds simple enough, but how do you propose it will work?”

“The first prong will be the most difficult. Hawass’s philandering is too well-known to blackmail him personally with it. No. What I propose could not only get rid of Hawass, but have potentially huge payoffs as well.”

“Go on.”

“We use NGOs to stir up unrest, and propel that into an uprising. I’m talking about regime change, and that will include Hawass and all his bootlickers. We of course can profit off the new regime in other ways as well, as Herr Bormann is so skillful at arranging.”

“What about Mubarak? He’s been such a good stooge for us through the Americans so far.”


Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

“The stakes are too high. We must complete the Death Star project before the Americans, or Russians, or Chinese catch up to us.”

Most people today, even policy wonks, or perhaps, especially policy wonks, think the Arab Spring was an organic, grassroots movement. In fact, it was all orchestrated from Bariloche. The Germans had a long history of politicized jihad going back at least as far as World War One. It was now time to fully exploit that tradition.


The Arab Spring with one of its engineers in foreground

“Better yet!” interjected Edda. “We take down as much of the Middle East as possible. How many countries are ripe for such action? This will surely keep the Americans and their media’s attention occupied, like chickens with their heads cut off, and make our reconstruction project look that much better and charitable despite the unrest going on all around!”

“Brilliant, Fraulein! And the Western powers will bankrupt themselves further with various black ops, cover ups, and sanctions and so forth. It will be quite a sideshow for the media as well."

Everyone had a good chuckle.

“So what is the second prong of your attack, Müller?”

“Again, we use the front of ‘charity.’ We start a foundation for some humanitarian purpose among the savages. Perhaps it is education; perhaps it is medical care or substance abuse treatment. What is important is that we choose a cause that will easily seduce the sentimental do-gooders so that they do not look beneath the surface. Then we hold some event that attracts young people, like a concert. In fact, I think the one thing we did learn about this blue-haired Redskin is that she’s in a band. Perhaps we can feature local bands alongside some bigger acts. Socially-minded imbeciles love that sort of thing.”


Live Aid made a lot of money for its promoters

“Hahaha!” Kammler and Bormann applauded in unison while the other gray-haired men nodded in approval.

“You are every bit your grandfather, Herr Müller!”

“Your praise is too kind, Herr Kammler.”

“Now who shall we get to agitate in the Middle East?”

“I’m sure we have people at CIA who can do that. If they don’t bungle it.”

“Yes. And you, Müller, you and Edda shall go to ‘Indian Country.’ Your booming laughter will give every impression of good will. And, er, Edda, ah, well, just go along and smile a lot. I’m sure your unique talents will come in handy. Oh, which reminds me: you better take Mr. Silva along too.”

She frowned, and Müller kissed her on the forehead. “It will be like our honeymoon, my dearest.”

She looked up and smiled sheepishly at him.

By early 2012, the first casing stones were going up around the pyramid with accolades from the press for the foundations and academicians supporting the project. It seemed like such a good idea, no one thought to question it. Inside the pyramid, engineers were prepping for the repairs. On TV, the propaganda puppets at PBS, National Geographic, and the BBC were touting the project's benefits to science and the increase of human knowledge.

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I would like to read this novel. I like this chapter, it is interesting.

Thank you! You can follow the links to each chapter to start at the beginning. Or wait till it's Amazon. ;-P

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Great post keep it up

Thanks. Another coming tomorrow!

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