The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 10

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


Prev. Chapters: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9

Chapter 10

“GEORGEANN! GEORGEANN!” The professor was practically choking as he absent-mindedly flung things from his desk fumbling with the phone.

“What? What?” Georgeann leapt to the doorway fearing the old man was having a heart attack.

Faro sprung from his chair and rounded his desk all in one move. “Pack your bags! We’re going to Vegas, Baby!”

“What? Vegas? What for?”

“I’ll give you what for.”

Georgeann chuckled. “OK, let’s have it, you crazy old man.”

“Do you like to gamble?”

“Not in Las Vegas, no.”

“Oh, that’s child’s play for mafia wimps,” he answered as he waved his hand dismissively through the air. He clutched her shoulders and stared her right in the eyes. “We’re going to gamble with the Universe.”

The secretary chortled mischievously with childlike delight. “Oh, ho ho ho. I love when we have an adventure.”

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