The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 28

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 28

Lucky for Jay they didn’t hit 7-11 or have any burritos. He forbade it. Instead they hit the Sonic on 50 before heading east.


There is a lot of nothing between Fallon and Moab. It’s a very bright and hot nothing in the daytime, and pitch black nothing at night with an increased risk of roadkill. Furthermore, the two scouts slept most of the time having had been awake for two and half days while Jay’s only company was his radio and CD collection. We therefore jump to our friends’ arrival.

Thorny and One Flare directed Jay to the inconspicuous entrance to the Point Man office which was hard to find in the middle of the night. It was on a large property just outside town. The entrance road was padlocked but Thorny handily picked it with the lock picks given to him by the property owner himself as a gift.

Two similar looking older men came out to greet them. They were both burly confident men who swaggered slightly. One wore his customary A2 jacket and drover hat, the other wore a similarly styled King of the Mountain bowman jacket and a matching felt fedora.

Kelly chuckled as he approached the trio. “Thorny and One Flare. What could go wrong?”

The boys had originally caught Kelvin’s interest when they revealed to him that they’d been living in a hogan, they’d built themselves, out of sticks and leaves just outside Washington, DC, completely undetected, for over a year. When he asked how they managed that, they described how they’d carefully chosen the location, were cautious to only enter or leave the park at certain times, and never, ever took the same route twice.

“Why do they look like they’re up to something?” commented the professor.

“We’re always up to something.”

“Jay, it’s good to see you. Been a very long time. Thanks for giving these two jokers a lift. They’d probably be lost without you.”

Jay laughed. “You’re probably right. I thought I’d be away from trouble out in Nevada.”

“You’re never safe from these two. They could show up anywhere, anytime.”


“How’s the knife making going?”

“Not bad. In fact, they interrupted my current project when they showed up.” Jay related how they’d startled him with their stealthy arrival to everyone’s amusement.

“I still have that knife you sold me years back.”

“I happen to have some with me if you want another. I've gotten better.”

“We’ll look at those later. Right now, meet Dr. Faro. He’s the reason you guys were out there.”

Introductions were made all around.

“Thorny, you really gotta take it easy with those thought bubbles.”

“It wasn’t me! It was One Flare! And I didn’t cut Eddie’s piss bottle either.”

Everyone had a good laugh except Faro who was confused by the inside humor. “I don’t think I want to hear about that piss bottle,” he remarked.

“Oh you do, but another time, perhaps.” Kelvin turned to One Flare. “You’re getting good at those bubbles. Not only did I know to get the Doc here, you made me think it was Thorny.”

“A yeah. The fun never stops.”

“Let’s go inside.”

They sat down to a midnight snack. “Here, got these because I knew you guys were coming.” He handed each of them a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

“Word,” said One Flare.

“Nice! Banana Split,” added Thorny.


After snacks, Kelvin turned to Jay. “Jay, Can you let us talk a while? Just make yourself at home. Watch TV, get online, tons of books on tracking, skills, woodcraft, Apaches.”


After Jay was out of the room the men began in earnest.

“Whattaya got?” Kelvin opened.

Thorny produced the camera and notes from one of his pockets and placed them in the center of the table. Doctor Faro reached over and slid them in front of himself. He unfolded the notes and scanned them intently occasionally going “hmmm” or “ah.” Then he reached for the camera and turned it over and around.

“How’s this thing work?”

“Here.” One Flare reached over and the Doc surrendered the camera to the more tech-acquainted younger man. One Flare flipped the screen and pressed the play button, then turned the camera back over to Faro.

Faro watched thoughtfully for a few minutes and then said, “How long is this?”

“About 30 minutes. Here’s what we saw a few nights ago.” One Flare fast forwarded to the pyramidion emerging from the hole and then gave it back to the professor.

“Holy cow! And you saw this in person?”


“What else did you see?”

“We saw a flatbed semi roll out with that thing loaded on it. Headed off south before we lost sight of it.”

“Tell ‘em about the good part.”

“You tell ‘em. You’re better at stories.”

Thorny then related the earthquake and the closing of the hole.

“Gee-hose-a-phat! Got a map?”


Greaves came back with a road atlas and opened it up to Nevada.

“OK. The Shorleys’ place is about here, off 379.”

“Well south of there you got Vegas and….Area 51?”

“You’re correct, Kel.” Said Faro. “But Nellis Air Force Range, of which Area 51 is a part, would be too dangerous. Too many regular military personnel around. My high octane speculation has them going somewhere else that is completely compromised and free of any possible honest government intervention, some place so black and so mysterious, there isn’t even any visible security. The place I’m thinking of is so rogue, that when the government finally did try to take it down with Delta Force under Carter, they were repulsed and never went back.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph! And that’s right here in America?”

“Where is that?”

“Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico.”


Archuleta Mesa

“That’s Jicarilla country.”

“That’s right. And they have their own contemporary accounts of the strange goings on.”

“So wait a minute,” said One Flare while supporting an elbow with one hand while holding his chin with the other. “What is this place and how is it compromised?”

“You seem like nice boys,” (Kelvin interrupted with a mock cough) “and you’ve truly done men’s work, so I’m going to let you in on something,” the professor began.

“This is gonna be good, guys. Pay attention. This is almost as good as what Tom teaches.”

“Yes.” Faro threw a confused glance at Kelvin, but it was clear everyone but him understood the remark so he went on. “To continue: It’s a long and sordid tale but I’ll keep it as brief as possible.”

“Wait a minute,” interrupted Kelvin. “Jay should hear this too. Hey, Jay! C’mere. The Doc has something you should hear.”

“Be right there!” Jay entered the kitchen and joined the group around the table.

Faro threw another furtive glance at Kelvin. “To continue. Our government has been compromised, at least since the end of World War II, by its own doing. You boys may have heard of Operation Paperclip under which numerous Nazis were brought to the US and given gainful employment, usually in government or government contract jobs. Gradually they ensconced themselves in the bureaucracy and big corporate contractors and hired more and more of their ilk until they’d wheedled their way into every government agency and corporation they could.

“What you may not know is that in 1946, Admiral Byrd…” Thorny began to interrupt with a gesture, “Yes, that Admiral Byrd, led a military expedition to Antarctica called Operation Highjump. It was ostensibly a scientific expedition, but then why did they need 4000 ground troops and an aircraft carrier?

“What’s more likely is that they went to mop up the vestiges of the Nazi base in Neuschwabenland, founded in 1938 under the aegis of Rudolph Hess and Hermann Göring. If so, they failed, and the expedition, which was scheduled to last six months, was canceled after only 8 weeks with the loss of aircraft and men. On his way home, Admiral Byrd told the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio that in the future, we would have to face enemies that ‘could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.’ He never spoke about it again publicly and the ship’s logs and Byrd’s personal journal of the expedition remain classified to this day.

"Clearly the party encountered in Antarctica had some kind of superior technology and was able to finance operations there after the war was over. Then in July 1947 you had the Roswell UFO incident, to which the Army summoned the best Paperclip scientists to investigate thinking the craft was probably German! You put two and two together.

"Let’s jump ahead to April 1961 when Kennedy gave his famous speech on secret societies. Most fringe conspiracy theorists will tell you he was talking about the Free Masons and the Illuminati. Utter nonsense. He was referring to the Deep State that was fast taking over the US government and running it in secret. The same can be said for Eisenhower’s Farewell Address in which he warned of the Military Industrial Complex. It was an obvious clue to where this rogue element centered its power and financing.

"This rogue element, nowadays more or less referred to as the Deep State, grew in power over the following decades financing themselves through drug and human trafficking, semi-legitimate financial activity and big government projects. At every opportunity, they got more and more public officials under their collective thumb by bribing them with fame and fortune, and when that failed by finagling them into blackmailable situations, or with threats and coercion.

"If you want to know how this works, the 1980s is a clear example. Bush lost the Republican candidacy to Reagan in 1980, much to the dismay of the Deep State who wanted the son of loyal Nazi sympathizer Prescott Bush in office. They couldn’t corrupt Reagan so less than three months into his Presidency they had him shot by known Bush family friend John Hinckley, Jr. They then told Reagan next time they wouldn’t miss if Bush couldn’t implement certain important parts of their agenda.


"Bill Clinton had far less moral fiber than Reagan, if he had any at all, and was easily bought with a profitable drug running operation into his home state of Arkansas. Anyone who tells you Clinton didn’t know about the 100 million dollars a month in cocaine moving through Mena every month isn’t just naïve, they’re a moron. And that’s 100 million in 1980s dollars. It would be far more today. Bush was rewarded in 1988 with the Presidency, and Clinton got his reward in 1992. Two of his final acts as President were to repeal Glass-Steagall and permanently enslave America’s young people with student loan debt, even reinstating debt that had expired under the statute of limitations! Both acts legitimized further wealth accrual for hidden operations.

"The coup d’etat came on September 11, 2001. The rogue government whose public face was Dick Cheney needed a Middle East war. So they launched the attacks of 9-11 to justify an invasion. What they didn’t know, is that the rogue element itself had been compromised by a deeper rogue element who hijacked the operation. Bad as he is, Dick Cheney would never idly slaughter thousands of American civilians in a false flag attack. The idea was to have a plane hit a tower, kill a few dozen people, and then launch his Middle East war.

"What happened instead was far more grisly. On the morning of the attacks, an anonymous caller to the White House revealed knowledge of secret codes used by various branches of government in various emergencies. No one person EVER knows all of these codes. It’s too dangerous. Among them were codes used by the DEA, the FBI, FEMA, and even the launch codes for America’s nuclear arsenal that, if used, would surely start a nuclear exchange with whomever those weapons were launched at. This rogue element within the rogue element was so entrenched in our intelligence, defense, and security agencies, they had access to virtually every emergency code the government used. They then hit the towers with a second plane, and the Pentagon! The towers were then brought down with a high energy resonance weapon employing scalar technology first developed by the Nazis during the war and perfected in the decades that followed.

"The stooges in the Bush administration and their Deep State masters knew they were screwed. Afterwards we got the so-called Patriot Act which basically wiped out the Constitution. Americans were so unsettled by the 9-11 attack they actually fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

"When we went into Iraq to confiscate weapons of mass destruction, there were weapons of mass destruction all right, but not what you think. The Deep State within the Deep State was after something far more sinister than chemical and biological weapons, or even thermonuclear weapons for that matter. They were after planet-busting weapons of cosmic terror.

"I consulted with the administration on this. As much as I despised them, I knew it was better for Darth Cheney and friends to have them than the rogue group that was racing to acquire them. The only problem was, against my and Colin Powell’s advice, Dick and Donny included the CIA in the group specifically set up to seize said weapons of mass destruction: Task Force 20. We knew the CIA was completely compromised by covert Nazi operators and would spill the beans to their own overlords in Argentina. Cheney and Dumbfeld should have known based on the events of 9-11, but they were poisoned long ago by their hubris and wouldn’t listen.

"The result was that a group of Paladin Group-trained commandos disguised as Task Force 20 beat us to the punch. Using our own codes, as they did on 9-11, they beat the real Task Force 20 to the Baghdad Museum and got away with the goods.”

“Wait a minute,” interrupted One Flare. “WMDs in a museum? What?”

“That’s right. These were ‘archaeological artifacts,’” the professor explained with air quotes, “that were actually components of a terrifying weapon built by a paleo-ancient civilization, that even now that group is trying to reconstruct for their ungodly purposes. That pyrimidion you saw emerge from the hole in Nevada is actually the capstone to the Great Pyramid and a key component in the weapon system the pyramid was originally designed as in humanity’s dim and forgotten past.”

Thorny and One Flare were about to protest the preposterousness of the professor’s tale, but considering what they had witnessed, decided better of it.

“So then who were those guys at the hole?”

“They showed up looking like normal military, a special operations force perhaps, but there were not. They were another Paladin force dispatched to take control of whatever was happening there. The reason I know that is because I had a run-in with these Nazis during research on one of my books. Apparently I was going to deep and getting too close to something and they wanted me to back off, or else. Fortunately, I have a dead man’s trigger which I informed them about.

We came to an agreement: I would back off if they would give me something that would always get me out of trouble should I have any more run-ins. They taught me a secret hand sign, which I used with the commanding officer at the hole. He immediately understood it and seemed baffled that I knew it. Furthermore, the check they coughed up as compensation for seizing my friends’ property was not a US Government check but drawn on a private account, which, by the way, turned out to be good for the amount.”

“Whoaaaaaaaa! Dude! No way!”

“Way, my friends. Way. And to get back to my original point, these people built and operate an underground base at Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico. It started out as an actual black project, but it was so deep and so black, they were able to usurp it and operate almost completely unnoticed for quite some time. When the government finally realized what was going on with their own black project, they couldn’t very well complain to Congress, so they sent Delta Force to try and oust them from it in 1979, and failed miserably.

"Now, the idiot fringe will try and tell you that it is some kind of joint alien-human secret base that does biological experiments and creates human-alien hybrids in perverse genetic experiments. That’s all hogwash and a legend that is in fact encouraged by the base’s true operators, the post-war Nazi International. They have worked there to perfect rediscovered ancient technology and flying craft.”

“Anything else you wanna add to ruin our evening?”

“Well, if you insist I add insult to injury: all the precious democratic institutions we hold so dear are, at this point, nothing more than a charade.”

Thorny slapped One Flare on the shoulder with the back of his hand to indicate he was about to recite a movie line, “That figures! That fuckin’ figures!”

One Flare looked at Thorny snapping his fingers in recognition, then pointed decisively. “Apocalypse Now!”

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