The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 52

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 52

The four band members split up and returned to their rooms. Carrie and Mary paused at the doors of their adjoining rooms and smiled broadly at one another. “See you in a few minutes.”

As they entered Mr. Silva and crew slunk out of the stairwell and waited for the doors to close. They approached Carrie’s room and knocked. Anticipating the “Dynamic Dudes,” as our protagonist likes to call them, she incautiously opened the door before she had completely finished changing, in nothing but her bare feet and a long t-shirt beaming with expectation. Four thugs pushed their way in as Mr. Silva stood outside to keep watch.

Carrie looked absolutely terrified for about half a second, and then lit into the intruders. She swung with rights and lefts that bloodied their faces and connected with bone-crushing kicks to their knees and groins. The men were flung around the room as if they were small animals tossed by a raging puma. But they were resilient and continued to come.

Hearing the ruckus, Mary rushed in through the adjoining door and joined the fray. Carrie was clinging to the dresser to catch her breath, her chest heaving and her eyes spitting fire at the men, who now moved more timidly. Mary struck like a rattlesnake, first one hired thug and then another. They were baffled, confounded. They eyed one another as if completely ignorant of what to do next against such fierce vixens. Neither girl had ever studied martial arts, but one was Navajo and the other Apache, and that was enough.

At that moment, Mr. Silva exhaled an exasperated sigh and burst in to check on the rumpus. He moved quickly and calmly into action. At that moment again, a very annoyed Edda entered the room a few seconds behind Silva rapt in consternation.

Without breaking stride she stated, “Fools! You’re lucky I’ve come to check on affairs.”

As she said this, Mary was just turning to meet the threat as Edda leveled a powerful jab to her temple and put her down. Silva moved for Carrie who fought as ferociously as she could in her exhausted state, but she was no match for an internationally renowned professional and well-practiced henchman.

He rolled her over on her stomach and, with a little help from his assistants, got her tightly hogtied limb by limb, wrapping the rope along her legs and cinching each loop like he was tying a Christmas tree, just like in the Japanese pictures he’d been studying. Edda trussed Mary likewise. They stuffed cloths in their mouths and wrapped duct tape around their heads a few times and then finally stood up to brush themselves off and breath.

The fire hadn’t gone out in their spirits though and they writhed and squirmed with such ferocity and with such vengeance in their eyes that even Mr. Silva was shaken, and he wondered if it would ever be prudent to unlash them as long as he or they were alive.

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The fight in today's part has raised my curiosity...what will happen now? Good post..

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