The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 29

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 28

“So after all that, we still don’t know how or why the pyramid thing got into a hole in Nevada,” observed One Flare.

“Ah, sorry, Jay. I think were done with the part you can hear.”

“Hahahaha! I don’t want anything to do with what you guys are up to. I’m going back to your book collection now.”

“The answer to that is simple,” stated Faro. “The Templars brought it there.”

“What? The Knights Templars?”



“The gay guys, in white suits,” added One Flare.

“Wait a minute,” interjected Thorny. “Practically the first thing they did after their formation was dig up everything under Solomon’s Temple. Are you saying they actually found this thing there and then shipped it off to America? Or the New World, I guess. America hadn’t been named America yet…..”

“How do you know this shit?” asked One Flare. “You always know about shit like that.”

“You’re friend is more or less correct, One Flare,” the Doc continued. “Although there is no actual evidence they were gay, the Templars did in fact find something while digging under the Temple, and they went about it so quickly and with such priority, they must have known something was there. Whatever it was it made them fabulously wealthy.

“While it has never been definitively proven what they found, it had to be something of immense importance, something that gave them power over the Church and all the kings and princes of Europe at the time. They were finally driven into hiding by Philip the Fair of France who attacked the order and tortured and executed practically every member he could get his hands on. He went to the Templar port of La Rochelle, but the fleet had already sailed, most likely loaded with the secret treasure they’d found in the Holy Land. There is evidence to indicate they came here, and there is even evidence they were in what is now the Southwestern US. It doesn’t take my particular brand of high octane speculation to put two and two together in this case.”

“What makes you think it’s the pyramidion, specifically, that they found?”

“It is known from ancient tablets that the important parts of the Giza Death Star were scattered or destroyed. Some of those were kept in Egypt to be used for other purposes, hidden, or destroyed. It’s my supposition that Moses, who was initiated into the Egyptian priesthood and a close association of the pharaoh, would have been familiar with those articles. When the Hebrews fled Egypt, he would have tried to take what he could with them.

Now imagine, you’re the king of Egypt, thousands of Hebrews are leaving your country and you find out they are absconding with your most treasured and powerful items, which they may share with your enemies or even use against you themselves. Thus you have the perfect motivation for sending your army after them the minute you find out.”


“Well slap my ass and call me Sally! You’ve just rewritten the entire history of the world and religion….’n’ just frikkin’ everything.”

“It’s just tracking, guys,” added Kelvin. “He’s just following the tracks and asking, ‘What are the tracks telling me?’”

“Yeah, yeah. Just like tracks tell you where someone’s been, they also tell you where they’re going before they get there and what they’re going to do before they do it. So our guys are going to Dulce to unload and possibly transport a weird ass glowing mini-pyramid to somewhere else.”

“Very good, Thorny. I can see listening to the Sex Pistols hasn’t caused too much brain damage,” observed Faro. Then he added thoughtfully, “Although I have to admit, Johnny Lydon had it right when he wrote “God Save the Queen” and called out Jimmy Savile for his despicable crimes. He earns my respect at least for that.” Faro threw back his head and laughed, “Leave it to an Irish Catholic boy to speak the ugly truth!”

Kelvin spoke up, “Like I said before, that’s Jicarilla country. I know a guy out there I can call. You guys ever meet Daryl?” asked Kelvin turning to Thorny and One Flare.

“’s he the guy we met at Scout class?”

“Yeah. On his 12th birthday his grandfather took him horseback riding out in the desert. Then he took his horse and said, ‘Wait for me here till I get back.’"

A year later, on his 13th birthday, his grandfather came back with the same horse and said, ‘Congratulations, Grandson. Now you are a man.’ That guy?”

“That’s him. Also did a stint in the Army Rangers.”

“Man, that is one dude I would not wanna mess with.”


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