Starting a New Road Trip to Los Angeles, California!

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Atlantic to Pacific Road Trip


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Going to try to make this one a low budget trip. Splitting it with my friend Sean, we plan on camping out at national parks and doing most of our own cooking. We are passing through some really cool towns and scenery. This time, since I don't have to drive the whole time I can grab some better pictures. Haha.

If you have any advice to give I will be willing to hear it. Please help save us money because after all is said and done it is job time! Need to find a place to move and start fresh! Hopefully with a good Financial Analyst position somewhere, or any kind of math-related job, really.

The Stops and Drive Time Between

Fort Myers, Florida

12.5 Hour Drive

Nashville, Tennessee

9 Hours

Topeka, Kansas

8 Hours

Denver, Colorado

5.5 Hours

Moab, Utah

4.5 Hours

Escalante, Utah

1 Hour

Bryce Canyon, Utah

4 Hours

Las Vegas, Nevada

4 Hours

Los Angeles, California

5.5 Hours

Phoenix, Arizona

2 Hours

Tucson, Arizona

4.5 Hours

El Paso, Texas

2.5 Hours

San Antonio, Texas

1 Hour

Austin, Texas

2.5 Hours

Houston, Texas

5.5 Hours

New Orleans, Louisiana

13 Hours

Fort Myers Again


  • Time - About 3 Weeks
  • Gas - $480
  • Tolls - $60
  • Food - $300
  • Lodging - $200
  • Camping Necessities - $60
  • Total = $1100

Combined Road Trips



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Have a great day Steemers! Happy Trails & Best Wishes!




So if I'm interpreting correctly, you're looking for a new city/state to move to, and cost of living is certainly going to be a concern. In that case, my universal first rule (courtesy of a few of my friends and most of my relatives) would be to avoid settling down in California at all costs.

Nevada has a reasonably low cost of living (with the possible exception of the Lake Tahoe area), though you might be able to do better in several of the other states on your road trip. I'm thinking most likely certain parts of Texas, as there's been a trend of smaller businesses leaving CA and moving to NV and TX over the last few years.

Oh cool. Thanks for the advice! Yeah. I bet the cost of living in CA is definitely way higher. Getting a job out there would be cool, not exactly where I would want, but if I can get what I want then why not. It will be a pretty amazing ride non-the-less. Thanks doughtaker! Took a week off from the crossword.

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