College Corrosion

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Star Wars -

For over a thousand years, the Jedi Council, oh, I mean, academia, the Old Republic, elevated philosophy in western civilization, especially in the New World, AKA America.

Momentum is Key!

Philosophy stems from Judeo-Christianity. Many of the greatest inventors, scientists, and people, on earth, have originated from Europe & especially from the USA. Success has been rooted from that momentum, which changed the world.

So, What Happened?

For the past few decades, if not longer, emotionalism has replaced the foundation of universities, first in Europe & then later in America as well. Even since the 1990's for example, there has been major shifts in education. Snow Flakes don't freeze over night. Rome wasn't built in a day. Go see the Snowball Butterfly Domino Effect.

Progressive Liberalism is The Walking Dead.

Wait, no, that is insulting to Angry Walking Dead Chinese Mad Cow Disease Birds which is coming to us. Socialism is a lie. It is propaganda. The left is the left as they have nothing left but to dominate & suppress. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Emperor Palpatine, Lenin, Dick Cheney, Obama, Soros, take guns. They have been taking guns. They try to take guns.

Secret Gardens

They destroy us from the inside-out like a Trojan Horse. They are attacking our foundation by taking out God & taking out our hearts, to collapse societies, so they can better take over the world. The New World Order (NWO) has been around in a bunch of different ways for thousands of years but more so now than even a few decades ago. They use socialism and many things as a carrot to get us horses, rabbits, to run off cliffs towards certain death.

College Corrosion?

Can we take back education? Can we do more homeschooling? I was homeschooled. Can we educate each other more and more, offline, and online, on Steemit, Gab, Minds, on ghetto sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more? Let me know in the comments.


They are embedded (infiltration) in many countries, religions, cultures, groups, organizations, education, entertainment, health, science, sports, Hollywood (Holly Weird) and more. Revolutionary Patriots have been exposing the Control Freak Gremlins and you can join us if you haven't already in making the world better, greener, greater, one oatmeal at a time, with smiles on our faces.

College Corrosion

2018-07-01 Sunday 01:09 PM LMS - College Corrosion
Written by me - Oatmeal Joey Arnold (JA)
Written in July of 2018
Published at 02:02 PM

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