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Try everything, Zootopia, Shake it off, Warcraft Templar, and make your country great again. What are your top ten everything of 2016, your favorite moments, memories, or anything, of that year? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine, as follows:

10. Zootopia

We can all shake it off with Taylor Swift and try everything in life with Shakira in Zootopia which my younger Vietnamese English Student loved in Saigon. We were watching Zootopia as part of the curriculum for class and applied the lesson to our own lives. When the going gets tough, do we try the same thing again and again while expecting insane results, different possibilities, or do we shake it off and try everything? We cannot stop this feeling for cheap thrills with Justin Timberlake and Sia. Another exciting animated film was Angry Birds. We are all birds. Don't let the pigs come over the open borders. We can all be Tommy Robinson and save our angry bird countries.

09. Can You Be a Hero?

The only super hero film better than Batman Vs. Superman, in 2016, would be Captain America - Civil War. For decades, geeks have been waiting for the epic match between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Wonder Woman was there, too. Spoiler alert, the Smallville hero died just like we saw in the comics in the 1990's by Doomsday. Only thing cooler might be seeing the Avengers fight each other.

08. Kung Fu Panda 3

Master Turtle said being in the moment is a gift because that is why they call it the present. Be in the present. Be in the moment. The end of this film was similar to the end of Star Wars Last Jedi of 2017 where all the pandas or all the people got the force. That is controversial just as much as if robots became humans because equality degrades uniqueness. Socialism reduces competition, the struggle to be the Pokemon Master.

07. Zoolander 2

This 2016 film is a sequel to the first Zoolander film from 2001. Derek Zoolander was helping children learn to read but then retires from modeling. He loses custody of his son. Justin Bieber and other pop stars were being murdered. Valentina asks Derek to help investigate the murders. Derek is surprised to see the new Michael Jordan of fashion, Don Atari, who is a non-binary all, meaning neither male, female, and/or neither the neither as in everything and nothing or something but not but is and is not or not at the same time. Confusing sentence, yes, but I wrote it. For more information, talk to Louder With Crowder and @Stefan.Molyneux. Derek discovers a secret link to the fountain of youth. Mugatu tries to eat the heart of Derek's son for immortality which globalists like Rothschild and Soros and Oprah and Bill Gates and the NWO and others seek after. But they stop Mugatu. Derek gets a daughter and returns to modeling. Hansel lives with an orgy and creates ten children.

06. Darth Vader

Star Wars Rogue One features Sand Man, the guy that hates sand. He tears people apart while going after secret Death Star plans. This might be the last great Star Wars film ever made. I'm a big Star Wars fan, of the first six films over newer films and I'm a big fan of Clone Wars and Rebels. Would love to see a film about Kenobi.

05. Pizza Time

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), Out of the Shadows, is a sequel to the 2014 film and it starts with the turtles surfing to see an NBA basketball game. See them eating pizza and having a great time. Almost as classic as the original films from the 1990's. The film is pretty interesting for sure. Baxter Stockman teleports Shredder out of jail but then Krang intercepts it and zaps Shredder to another dimension. Shredder then works to help Krang. Shredder then recruits Bebop and Rocksteady. Krang's technodrome (super tank) begins to come over from the other dimension. Krang freezes Shredder and puts him in a collection of other defeated foes. Eventually, the turtles pushes Krang back to Dimension X. The turtles, like Stormy Daniels, then get keys to the city.

04. Now You See Me 2

In this sequel film, you see even more magic. This film takes place 18 months after the first film. The magicians are hiding in NYC awaiting instructions from The Eye, a secret, Bilderberg-like, Soros-like, Rothschild-like, NWO-like, magicians club. Daniel Atlas seeks after the eye. Dan ends up in an underground tunnel. He hears a voice that assigns him and his team a mission to expose corruption of a company that does what Facebook does, steals data and sells it to other companies, countries, and many big bad things which happens in real life. The film ends with crazy twists. The real world is full of twists as well.

03. Finding Dory

This is the sequel to Finding Nemo. This is a fun animated kids film. Dory is voiced by Ellen. The film includes whales. It is funny how they talk to whales. You talk to whales very slowly with a deeper voice. Talk like a man. There are chase scenes in this film. We learn never to give up when finding everything in lie. We can find meaning and purpose in life just like they find Nemo and Dory. You can find what you are looking for, L4OJ, Looking For Outrageous Joy, found in Living For Only Jesus. What are you L4, Living For? Never stop finding people and eternal foundations.

02. Assassin's Creed

Warcraft is a video game franchise I've enjoyed over Starcraft since the early 2000's and the 2016 Warcraft film was truly amazing for a video game film. The Super Mario video game film was a little weird. The Mortal Kombat films from the 1990's were pretty fun for me to watch like the Star Wars prequels. They get mixed reviews. Warcraft did a lot better. Also, Angry Birds was pretty cool as a film. The only video game that was even cooler would be Assassin's Creed, which has a plot that might be the only thing more complex than Metal Gear. Assassin's Creed tells the story between control freak Templar knights and the brotherhood assassins which spans thousands of years. Since the dawn of time, these two groups would fight against each other. One video game, here, tells of the origins of the franchise which was back around 49 B.C. Assassins believe in maximizing freewill, choices, decisions, freedoms, liberties, the pursuit of happiness, for humanity, for individuals, for local communities, for a family first focus, for nationalism, patriotism, for smaller government, for classical liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, minimalism, while the Templar knights are for globalism. The same kind of fight is seen in Metal Gear and in real life, as seen with Tommy and with our own world, in general, too, especially now.

01. Hillary's America

A movie about Hillary, the first would-be female president king, of the United States of America (USA). We saw the rise of Brexit and Trump in 2016. So many people took the red pill in so many countries. Trump was running around America doing rallies where thousands of people came to each event. Thousands of people were left outside the arenas because that is how big it was. Actually, Trump continues to have rallies even in 2018 and Trump is even more popular now. Hillary stole votes from Bernie Sanders and was stealing votes from Trump. Soros and others were funding Obama and Hillary. Globalists and the Templar knights are trying to destroy America in order to establish a one world order and that is 1984 and they continue to kill us with 5G phone cancer and chem trails and gay frogs and many bad things are killing us and we fight in this #InformationWar we live in and do what we can in global revolutions in America, England, Italy, in many countries around the world, and you can make the world greener one Oatmeal at a time and 2016 was a very big year in world history as we push back against globalism.

Top Ten Everything 2016

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Nice list of vids

Make your country great again.

Dang, I forgot how cool 2016 was.

Agreed, a key year in world history.

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