Teacher Murders Puppy

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Can you say Turtle Power?

Students watched this professor put a live puppy in a water tank. Children in Idaho, in 2018, were shocked as the turtle dragged the puppy under the water. The turtle killed the puppy. Why do people homeschool? Could this be a reason? The problem is subjectivity. When God is removed from school, objectivity is removed. Slowly, over time, things decline, historically. Rome fell because of these kinds of things. Progressivism is a cancer at the heart of men. There are only two genders. Bill Clinton is a rapist. Soros has been funding Clinton. Soros helped Hitler. Soros has been destroying many countries for many decades. When schools babysit children, the school divides and conquers families to destabilize societies which is founded and rooted in families. In school, teachers teach little kids that Tommy can be a girl or a boy or both.

Power Rangers Transformation Time.

Billy can go to the bathroom and come back as a girl. So, Joseph goes to the restroom, as a small seven year boy, and comes back as Josephina. After that, boys become scared that they may turn into girls too against their own will, desire. Control Freak Education has been destroying societies in many countries around the world for many decades or even centuries. We make a difference in the world when we become teachers and when we voice our opinions and when we get involved in local communities, when we invest in the people around us to encourage people to make their own choices as opposed to stuffing ideas down the throats of kids and people in general. Each generation can fight for freedoms or they can watch as liberties slip away as tyranny rises. It is up to each one us to do what we can to save puppies, I mean children.

Teacher Murders Puppy

2018-06-12 Tuesday 12:46 PM LMS: Teacher Murders Puppy
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 01:22 PM

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