Favorite People

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Who are your favorite people? Please let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine as follows:

45th USA President Donald J. Trump:

For decades, Trump has been helping so many people. As President, he brings back jobs to America & much more. Together, we are Making America Great Again (MAGA):

Alex Jones:

For over twenty years, he has been exposing tomorrow's news today or even many years earlier. That is why they lie about him in high schools all over America and much more: a trail-blazer:

Stefan Molyneux:

@Stefan.Molyneux videos has taught me so much about the birds & the bees & history & world news & especially statistics, IQ: it is all about logic, reason, & evidence: the art of the argument:

Paul Joseph Watson (PJW):

Very edgy like Louder With Crowder: young people are digging PJW more than the dying cable networks: the future is moving away from corporate television: the future is counter-left culture:

Favorite People

2018-05-23 Wednesday 09:03 PM LMS: Favorite People
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Facebook & Twitter Banned Me For Posting This Hitler Photo

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I would say Stefan Molyneux and Mark Passio. Great blog post! Upvoted

Who is Mark Passio? Do you follow @Stefan.Molyneux?

This is his channel, gotta check it out. I actually once mentioned u of him. :) Doing a "Great work" https://www.youtube.com/user/WhatOnEarth93

Good. In this video, he mentioned that we should not make decisions with our emotions, and that is very true: people forget this:

Yeah, in this video its kinda unpleasant to watch for some ppl, but theres very many good points.

Cool, gotta check Stefans channel too. Following now.

my mom♥

Yes. Great. Mothers are the best.

Some people say he's a bigot, som people say he's a racist but I say he is getting the job done and I give my congrats to the American people and I'm very happy that things are going better for you all.

Trump has never been called a racist for over forty years. He opened up golf courses to blacks, minorities, Latinos, back when golf courses were still segregated, separated. For so many years, Trump has done so many good things. Globalists are killing us.

Hey, I nominated you for this, if you are interested in taking part :o)

link: https://steemit.com/7daypositivitychallenge/@madis-siimkull/gratitude-day-1

Thanks for nominating me.

This is a great blog post man, I love the trump video. Upvoted :)

excellent post!

Really nice post.

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