Top Ten Everything 2009

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What are your 2009 top ten everything? For me, it's Michael Jackson, Lincoln Hawk, Coraline, Lady Gaga - Bad Romance, Comcast - Wanted Adventure Host Original Green Oatmeal, mom married Bill Cunningham. Went to Long Beach, CA. To name a few. My top ten everything of 2009 as follows:

10 - Coraline

Saw this animated film with Matt Smith, on me, and it makes me wonder if I'm with my fake mommy or real mommy. I am looking for the buttons of this matrix simulation, looking for red pills.

09 - The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

It takes faith, commitment. We can have that feeling. Accept the pain. Expect the pain. You can also expect the worse even while accepting the worse in life and you do better as you continue to remind yourself of these choices of joy over emotions and pain for we all can go after hope over dope found in an eternal foundation. That is a feeling that is from the inside-out as opposed to a outside-in feeling which is way too normal.

08 - Shakira - She Wolf

In other words, women re no men. It is good to keep that in mind if your a man in how you treat women and it matters even if you are a woman. Men and women are not the same and you can honor women. Don't put women beneath animals as many are taught under Sharia Law.

07 - Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

We are all caught in bad romances and that is good and bad and it is what it is and it is good to be alive and to make those choices in fighting for love which can be rooted in eternal foundation, principles, commitment.

06 - Miley Cyrus - The Climb

Life is full o the climb and we can continue as it is the climb, the journey, that makes us who we are in what we are destined to become. Gotta be strong as we got this feeling from the inside-out.

05 - Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Be confident in what you want, be it good or bad, as that is what life is all about, as inactivity can be worse than evil activities, and we can find reform afterwards. When you find what belongs to you, what you need, what you want, go after it. Bring a guitar.

04 - Michael Jackson - This Is It

I've wanted to be the next MJ, pun intended for both MJ stars, Michael Jordan & Michael Jackson, as I love to sing & play basketball, since I was eight in 1993. Not sure if this Peter Pan Moon Walker is really dead or not, but he probably is gone. Each one of us has potential. Each da we can think that this is it. So, leave it all on the court, on the dance floor, of life. Lie is short, so make it the most each day.

03 - Limited 1 - Big Baby

One day, a father comes back home to check on the baby.
Starring - Lincoln Hawk (Father) - Chris Toy (Babysitter) - Joey Arnold (Baby)
Filmed - 2009 - late in March or in April - Salvation Army - Long Beach, CA, USA
Published to YouTube - 2009-11-11 - November Eleven -

02 - Token Fingers - Lady in Red

Guy sees a hot girl. He dances with her. Something happens. Is it my hair? Starring - Lincoln Hawk (Gentleman) - Joey Arnold (Cross-Dresser) - Luke Rocheleau (Wing Man). Filmed - 2009 - late in March or in April - Salvation Army - Long Beach, CA, USA. Published to YouTube - 2009-06-04 - June Fourth - by Luke

01 - Spaceman & Diaperboy

Two polar opposite roommates watch television. Pass the nuts. Queue the new jokes. Don't touch my nuts. Funny. Great show & some great nuts. Commercial. Oh, pass the remote. What is up with that space suit? Great question. When living together, you begin to notice things about the other people. We can either explode or learn how to deal with it. We can have Steven Crowder Change My Mind debates, conversations, dialog, discussion, or we can engage in George Soros Rothschild Satan Rockefeller Divide & Conquer as the Emperor did in Star Wars with the Old Republic fighting the Separatists as Soros Palpatine stood in the middle profiting from both sides while taking control of it all. Spaceman says he has three words for the hat wearing baby man, Ar-Ma-Geddon. Armageddon. Pal. We are talking the end of the world here, 2012. Oh, wait, it is 2009. Do the mathematics, 3 years, 3 words, an asteroid can come any second now & blast us into outer space. We are already in space. As in inner space.What, I don't aliens walking around anywhere. You shouldn't say anything. You wear diapers everyday. Oh wait, not just that, I also wear this hat. Everyone was looking at us the other day at the mall because you were in a diaper. I know you don't know how to take a crap in the toilet. What does this have to do with the end of the world? Oh, you know what, I don't have to put up with this, I'm going to go get a drink. Be comfortable in your hugs. Oh, why do you walk like that? Have you ever seen any clips of people on the moon? This is a non-gravitational suit. 1969 when Lowie Armstrong. Maybe Neil Armstrong. No gravity. They jumped 20 feet into the air of space on the moon. The song - Space Man and Diaper Boy, here together to bring you joy. Walking on the sun. Singing, so much fun.
Starring - Lincoln Hawk (Spaceman) - Joey Arnold (Diaperboy)
Filmed - 2009 - late in March or in April - Salvation Army - Long Beach, CA, USA
Published - 2009-05-14 - May Fourteen - by Luke - a Digital Short

Top Ten Everything 2009

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It's strange, to me, BEP and Shakira are in an entirely different music generation than Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift.

Seeing them together in one hitlist makes me feel awkward.

I love them. They make me sing and dance.

BEP had such great songs. I started to take an interesting in Music when "Where is the love" was in the media.

Did Black Eyed Peas stop making music? I am mostly a fan of Will I Am a little more than Fergie.

I don't know, really. I stopped following what the music industry is up to quite a while ago. Will I Am had some great songs on his own, Fergie.....not my taste.

Yeah, agreed.

I also liked seeing Will I Am in movies, frankly enough.

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