Favorite Cartoons

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What are your favorite cartoons, comic strips, anime, animation, art? Let me know in the comments. Here are some of mine:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Man, I love being a turtle. I love inventing things like the purple one, Don. My dad is Don. I love pizza. I love to party. I made another funny: I love to be green, mean, & seen, haha:


Like Transformers, there is more there than what meets the eye. Are you talking to yourself? Yes, I'm talking to myself, haha. Beauty is not skin deep. There is so much within us:


In this film, the rabbit goes to the United States of Animals, and Sizzling Shakira sings this song, Try Everything, which my student in Vietnam loved in 2015: don't give up: don't give in: until you reach the end: wanna try even if I can fail: keep making new mistakes each day:

Rick & Morty:

Think part Fringe and part Back to the Future: it is a comedic science fiction cartoon series: think Family Guy combined with Star Trek Next Generation: it is exciting and it is brain food:


Loved Joey because I'm Joey and loved the card game strategies that Yu-Gi had: it was like 4D chess: would watch this show in the early 2000's on Saturday mornings: better than Pokemon:


Hillary once said, "Pokemon Go to the poll." The theme song is the best over Yu-Gi-Oh! and the characters are fun. Pokemon means Pocket Monster which is all about getting demons inside us:

Favorite Cartoons

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Simpson’s and turtles for sure. What about x men.

Yeah, turtles for sure, 2nd, Simpsons, third, X-Men.

Transformers and the original TMNT cartoon!

More than meets the eye? Yes. Also, GI Joe is cool. I'm Joe. TMNT over Transformers for me.

Dragon ball Z

Dragon Ball over Pokemon? Yeah, Dragon Ball is pretty hard core and fun. I love the parodies of Dragon Ball with the dub over audio.


nobody mentioned Futurama?! Shame on you!

Awesome. The Simpsons in Space.

I was a kid in the 80s so those are the ones closest to my heart. Voltron, He-Man, GI Joe, Mask, Transformers, TMNT... There are so many!

But my wife and kids also have favorites that I enjoy watching too. South Park, Family Guy, Regular Show and anything Disney is popular around here.

Love all of those, like TMNT and Family Guy is fun.

Rock and morty😻

I love Rick & Morty. You are cute. How are you?

Thanks haha, fine! you?

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rick and morty rocks! :)

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