Trump Rocket Man Memes

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Whether you love and/or hate, Trump, Kim Jong-Un (Rocket Man), Dennis Rodman, free markets, and/or whatever, you can admit to that, to the art of the deal, that it is magical. Life is better when you do your best to make things better for your people first. By extension, you may find opportunities to help others as well. This is historic. Things are happening. 2018, June 11, Monday, Trump met with Kim Jong-Un.

Trump Kim Dennis Rodman NWO.jpeg

People pay money to see Bill Clinton talk about Korea on Sunday, Monday, as we speak, even as Trump meets with the leader of North Korea. See, I don't want to talk about Korea. I want to talk to Korea. Bill Clinton is a rapist and has been working for Soros, for globalism, for control freaks. Did you see Dennis Rodman cry on CNN? Obama would not listen to black Dennis. Did you see Dennis in his red Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat?

USA President Reagan met with the leader of the USSR (Soviet Union) in the 1980's and then the USSR dissolved back into Russia in the 1990's which made things better for Russians and for people in other countries. We all can try our best to make deals with family, friends, customers, staff, employers, neighbors, and so on and so forth. Trump has been in positions for negotiating deals. That is the art of the deal. You can share your memes here.

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Trump NK Screenshot at 2018-06-12 01:20:48.png
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Trump NK Screenshot at 2018-06-11 19:20:56.png
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Trump Rocket Man Memes

2018-06-12 Tuesday 10:59 AM LMS: Trump Rocket Man Memes
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Trump Meets Rocket Man

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