The Murder of Tommy Robinson

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Who is Tommy Robinson?

He has been a reporter in England. Long ago, he had a shop. He was an average Joe a decade ago. But he started seeing Muslim Grooming Gangs years ago. For many years now, Tommy has been reporting on the crimes, the murders. There are so many media blackouts around the world. Bad people are killing us. They want us to stop taking about Tommy. They are sending us messages. Shut your mouth or you are next. I'm Tommy. You're Tommy. What happens to Tommy will happen to you, if you do nothing. Prison guards told Tommy he is going to die soon.

The Murder of Tommy Robinson

2018-06-13 Wednesday 04:35 PM LMS: The Murder of Tommy Robinson
Written by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 05:45 PM
Edited 06:13 PM

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Hello, your article is very interesting. I congratulate you

They are killing Tommy and me and you.

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some should be executed for their defense of the local pedos others for their support of the paki and co pedos rapists and enslavers, others for the obfuscation of brexit, and finally some for kevin crehan :

fuck them all, they are all domestic enemies from your uk perspectives, and from America foreign enemies... red coats !

and paul joseph watson from infowars is such a pussy coward for not mentioning, assange, tommy and kevin...

dangkula is innocent too !!!! what the hell a dog, and the girl earlier for "hate speech" too !!!

fuck those pc to death. they are domestic (or foreign) threat.

PJW didn't make a video on Tommy? At least Molyneux & Lauren Southern did.

yeah, PJW... what I find extraordinary is that a few days earlier he was all boasting about his great skill with the females, how losers most men were etc etc... (While the guy doesn't want to address, hypergamy for example)... but then Tommy happened, and silent.

not a peep, not a word... totally afraid. it's even more telling, or it's his subject / serf conditioning who kicked in... you know england, god save the queens, the king raping his daughter an honnor and all the crap going with being a subject. "great" britain... just lol.

anyway... the times will come when the card games and video games mod with the heads of the most wanted enemies in the uk will be distributed... I really like this air strip... ireland is too small and far... :).

yeah it's extremely disappointing... one sure thing is that if pjw was arrested I am sure tommy would have spoken about it... and that makes a lot of difference for me, at least.

shame on him. at least he could explain his reason to be a good lackey of her majesty the queen of the pedo rapists... and I am not speaking of may (the second of the queen) but the queen of england... on her watch that english girls were raped by the thousand (1400 in a town of 14000 ((telford)) when there were real men, this so called queen would have been hanged or pierced with a sword, and the people would have say, longlive the king...

What I find interesting is how many are implicated in the english judiciary, social service, scotland yard, the police, mi5, 6 and the british army? I bet a lot...

PJW was not on vacation around that time? I have heard PJW talk about Tommy Robinson. I would have to show you. Sadly, you are saying he didn't when he did talk about Tommy. I can show you.

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