Top Ten Everything 2019

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What are your top ten anything and everything of 2019, your favorite moments, memories, or anything, of that year? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine, as follows:

10. Fake News

Control Freaks are able to use CGI and technology in general to create fake videos. They can steal your voice to construct things you did not say. They can steal your data, photos, videos, and everything, to make new videos of things you did not do or say. They can copy and paste you and others into crime scenes. They are working on that and more. They can tell you lies and make you think whatever they want you to think. We live in an #InformationWar and we have to continue to fight as they step up their GAME, their games. They have been trying very hard to enslave us, secretly, subliminally, like 1984, on many levels, with Chem Trails, with Phone Cancer, with many things through the control freak media and the control freak education and the control freak entertainment and the control freak Big Pharma and the control freak technocracy and globalism and centralized plutocracy and more and they have been working on it like the Matrix, like the Minority Report film, like Templar Knights of Assassin's Creed, like the criminals of Metal Gear, like the Emperor, Soros, in Star Wars.

09. Stealing Thoughts

Control Freak Scientists, Inventors, Globalists, are working on technology, on ways to photograph our dreams, to read and steal our dreams like Inception but with computers.

08. Collapse

What will happen to the dollar? Will it collapse? What happened to the gold standard that the dollar had? You can learn about the future from @Stefan.Molyneux for example. Yes, Stefan is on Steemit. Cryptocurrencies have been rising. Control Freak leftists, globalists, have been using phone cancer to murder us. They have been trying to take over our world through brain washing us and much more. It blows our brain away. They are trying to get more and more into our brain to control us from the Inside-Out. Did you see that animated movie, Inside-Out? They are trying to get little Crayon Creatures into our brains like seen in that cartoon film. They are trying to replace our Joy with more and more Apathy, Irony, Ignorance, Submission to Tyranny, and more.

07. Goodbye, Rick Grimes

It is said that The Walking Dead, season 9, will be the last season for Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes. Also, Maggie may be getting limited scenes.

06. Game of Thrones Finale

The eighth season comes out in 2019. It is a parody of real life of real politics. I am a big fan of Jon Snow and the Queen of Dragons.

05. Top Gun 2: Maverick

Do you feel the need for speed? There was an inside joke at camp as I was the Icebreaker in 2018, the Iceman to Maverick Mike Kurtz. The music is exciting. The adventure.

04. Hellboy 2019

A reboot is set for 2019. It looks interesting.

03. Frozen 2

Sounds a little exciting. My Vietnamese students loved Frozen. Good film. Great song.

02. Aladdin 2019

The Genie may be played by Will Smith. I love to sing the Disney Aladdin songs, especially A Whole New World, and the love story between Aladdin and Jasmine reminds me of my high school neighbor, Karla Villa.

01. The LEGO Movie 2 - The Second Part

This film franchise is funny and exciting, like the Matrix but with LEGO blocks.

Top Ten Everything 2019

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Top Ten Everything

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All I care about is ...

6 Game of Thrones Finale

The Night King's about to FSU .

Yeah, I love the queen and the dragon. Cannot wait to see what the White Walkers do as they are passing the wall. I am sad to see it end but will enjoy it in 2019. I love how all the characters interact with each other like a puzzle like Once Upon a Time in some ways.

Rick is leaving the Walking Dead? hard to imagine the show without him but I guess all things must end.
thanks Oatmeal!

Yeah, Morgan left this year. They killed Glenn, twice. Game of Thrones is ending in 2019. Roseanne ended. X-Files ended too, I think. Dinosaur television is going extinct.

those did yes but I think they are still bringing back other shows that had good runs aren't they? I don't know I don't keep up with that stuff very well, always get taken by surprise. thanks Oatmeal!

The Walking Dead did 8 seasons so far and has a spin-off show called Fear The Walking Dead which is on their 4th season right now. Yeah, they bring back shows sometimes, like Roseanne, Fuller House, The Muppets, Girl Meets World, etc.

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