Top Ten Everything 2010-2019

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Tommy Robinson, Trump, Kanye West, Alex Jones, Brexit, Paul Joseph Watson, Steemit, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, Bit Torrent, Drudge Report, Decentralization, Soros, Ubuntu, How-To Videos, nationalism, populism, and Red Pilling has been what the 2010's have been all about. Do you agree with that?

What are your top ten anything and everything of this decade (2010's), your favorite moments, memories, or anything, of this decade (2010-2019)? Let me know in the comments, below. Here are some of mine, as follows:

10. Smart is the New Beautiful

The Babes For Trump is part of the larger MAGA movement which is global.

09. Mashups

The only thing better than a meme or parody may be a mashup.

08. Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB)

I love the rap battle music videos between Darth Vader and Hitler. That might have been the first made by Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter. Another cool battle was between Chuck Norris and Abraham Lincoln. There was Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers. The Mario Bro vs the Wright Bros. Trump vs Hillary Clinton.

07. Louder With Crowder

Steven Crowder is pretty creative.

06. Conservatism is the New Counter-Culture

Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) talks about this, about how younger people are moving more and more from televisions towards computers, especially social media in the 2010's and that is why the Control Freak Media failed to stop the Brexit Vote and Trump Vote in 2016 for example. Control Freaks were also not able to stop #FreeTommy from trending around the world in 2018. You cannot be the dominate culture and the Counter Culture at the same time. Dinosaur Media pushes the progressivism as the alleged dominate culture, globally. Individuals around the world are countering that.

05. Life Hacking

How-to videos, websites, groups, articles, programs, have been rising more and more, over the years, especially in the past few years at an even higher acceleration than ever before.

04. The Walking Dead

Carl Pappa is a great parody song of this television show about zombies. Sesame Street had a Cookie Monster parody bit called The Walking Gingerbread Men. Sadly, at the end, Cookie Monster got the Walkers to dance. Sorry folks, but they're not going to dance. Spoiler Alert, Rick Grimes did the same thing with Negan, so to speak. But you should not do that. In times of war, you should take out the trash and commit. I would kill Negan. Carl is wrong. Being a zombie is an illustration for cancer. We all get cancer because we are not perfect. The definition of cancer is cellular imperfection. Big Pharma and Control Freaks try to control when and how we die. We should be making those choices ourselves. We are being encouraged to murder zombies, as in sick people. Great AMC series. Negan chose to murder. Dexter Morgan and Batman would have executed Negan. The Zombies did not make the choices that Negan makes. So, why are they killing walkers and not Negan?

03. Memes Break The Internet

This goes way beyond Wreck-It Ralph in Breaking the Internet. In Europe, people have been imprisoned for viral pictures (memes). In July of 2017, the CNN Vs. Trump memes ran wild, and then, that same month, the Alex Jones Muslim Somalis Super Deluxe Folk Song contest prompted hundreds of video entries from all around the world, including entries from me, Joey Arnold Oatmeal, in Saigon, and some people won thousands of dollars from those contests in August of 2017. To this day, people continue to make memes, even at the risk of being murdered. In some cases, they throw you in jail. In other cases, they kill you and make it appear as if it was a suicide.


Steemit is the new Facebook, MySpace, Xanga, YouTube, Twitter. Steemit is a social network that is built on a Blockchain system and it uses Steem, which is a Cryptocurrency. I bought a plane ticket with some of my Steem and Bitcoin money. For many years now, we the people have been redirecting technology away from Control Freak Globalists in many countries around the world. BitTorrent

01. Decentralization

Nationalism over globalism. Joy Villa - Make America Great Again (MAGA) - people are rising for the case of local communities, family first values, and nationalism, patriotism, culture, in many countries around the world.

Top Ten Everything 2010-2019

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