Top Ten Everything 2008

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What were your top ten everything for 2008? My top ten everything of 2008 as follows:

10 - Hot N Cold

Katy Perry - Dairy Queen - Red Hot Chili Peppers - irony is what this song is all about. Life can be better with commitment. Life has 50 shades of hot and cold. Also, it is better to be hot or cold as opposed to warm.

07 - When I Grow Up

The Pussy Cat Dolls - be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

06 - Love Story

Taylor Swift - Romeo & Juliet - Embrace Real Love - Men can be men - Men don't have to be Beta-Cuck Imitation - Women don't have to be too manly, if they don't wanna - Make Romance Great Again.

05 - Take a Bow

Rihanna - Sung this at Camp Kuratli - Know when to call it quits - Know when to walk away from deals, relationships - Learn to be direct, honest, clear, with others, like Rihanna.

04 - Just Dance

Lady Gaga - Colby O'Donis - Don't Give Up - Keep Going - Do What You Can - Each moment, each day, you dance, like the LEGO People, Everything is Awesome.

03 - Poker Face

Lady Gaga - Donald Trump - Poker Face - 4D Chess - Art of the Deal - Stefan Molyneux - Art of the Argument - Do your best for yourself first, your family, your local community, and your country first.

02 - Dark Knight

One girl at Kuratli 2008 was the Bat Girl. We saw the film. She go me hooked on it.

01 - Wall-E

Do you want to survive or really live? Braveheart Man said, "They shall take our lives, but they shall never take our freedom." Saw the Wall-E cartoon film with Maverick Mike and other Salvation Army Camp Kuratli friends. Not sure exactly when we saw it, but it made me cry. Amazing. Almost as exciting as Muppets.

Top Ten Everything 2008

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the love story was my favourite and whats your??? @joeyarnoldvn

I Love Katy Perry.

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