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What are your top ten things, people, places, ideas, words, dispensations, timelines, stories, videos, photos, websites, quotes, animals, drugs, sports, games, foods, hobbies, and/or anything, everything, anyone, everyone, any time, of all time, in / through / by any way or in all ways, or what? Let me know in the comments, below. Surprise me. No rules. This is the first post in my Top Ten Series and here are my Top Ten Everything, as follows: this is a rough draft list: this is from the top of my head: very random: I'll be making more Top Ten posts in the future:

10. Confidence

Avril Lavigne sung Girlfriend in 2009. If you don't know, Avril is like a female Canadian punk singer. That song, Girlfriend, embodies the pursuit of happiness as we are looking for outrageous joy (L4OJ) and I am attracted to women who are focused, committed, like No Doubt Gwen Stefani in Wind It Up from 2006. Love women who are creative, blond, daring, glaring, and like evergreens. They make me want to dance all night long. Women who are more women-like make men want to be more like men. This is what life is all about. Life is a river dance. Also love Vietnamese women since I lived in Vietnam for 5 years. Generally, I like Asian women over European women, physically speaking. Long story short, it's complicated, haha. Was petty attracted to Tyra Banks. So, maybe I don't see color. But I do love Roseanne. Love the planets of the apes.

09. Dance

The only thing that can last longer than a laugh is a dance seated deep in the root of the heart. Whenever, Wherever, from 2009, by Shakira, a female Latina hip-hop singer dancer, embodies the rhythm of the river dance of life. Shakira is only about five feet tall, but big things come in small packages. Shakira, like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, was spending five to ten hours a day in dance practice for like years.

08. Competition

On The Floor, from 2011, by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, is a song that makes me work harder, faster, stronger, better. Oh that reminds me of another song, Stronger, from 2009, by Kanye West. We are drugged out. We are trying to get out of the control freak plan. We are trying to merge with the bigger plans of destiny for humanity founded on eternal principles of Sam not Bee. Uncle Sam is our heart, not Sam Bee. We are bees, believe me. We are Tommy Robinson. I am Tommy Robinson. You are Tommy Robinson. I am Alex Jones. I am Trump. What about you? Like Popeye said, I yam what I yam. Do your best to red pill people or whatever floats your boat.

07. History

We learn and live better when we compare and contrast through dispensations, moments frozen in time, and this is embodied in the 2017 song, Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. That is why I love Trump so much. It is also why I love Alex Jones and Mark Dice. They are able to pop us up in the jabber with historical forks towards pop culture. There is so much more we can do in pop culture.

06. Parody

I've been making up songs since I was a small tad pole liver in da ghetto of Oregon, born 1985, was home schooled, kids were smoking weed, but I didn't give in minus a few times. Love Whose Line Is It Anyways which starred Drew Carey, Wayne Brady, and a few other people. Oh, Robin Williams was on it once. Wayne Brady was also on How I Met Your Mother as the black brother of the white Neil Patrick Harris, the man in the tie that says that it is going to be legend, wait for it, unless if you are lactose intolerant, dairy. Love impromptu comedy and situation comedy. Love Weird Al parody music videos. My older sister introduced me to Al. Love the Not The Future from 2016 by Bad Lip Reading.

05. Perspective

We can always do better, one step at a time, and it is always the toughest a few steps before the summit of the mountains in our lives as we journey through storms towards rainbows as seen in a 2018 song, Clearly, by Grace VanderWaal. Her singing style reminds me of Appalachian blue grass folk music which I totally dig as that is pretty classic.

04. Drive

Be in the moment as much as you can. Yes, plan ahead, carefully, meditate, pray, think, eat, drink, exercise, each early sunrise morning. Beyond that, keep a smile on your face in each moment through eternal perspectives which roots on eternal principles which are more objective than subjective. This song, Spice Up Your Life, from 1997, from the Spice Girls, is all about having a good time. There is so much we can learn from that, secondarily speaking, if we are firm on an eternal foundation which we all can build together in family first and local community first devotion.

03. Fire

You need to be crazy because that is the only path towards success in life. Doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results is the root of all insanity just like women and lust and power and the love of money and stuff can be like the root of all evil. This song, What Are You Waiting For, from 2004, by No Doubt Gwen Stefani, is all about that fire. So, what are you waiting for? We live in event horizons in world history that is unlike any other time in history. Revolutions are breaking out all around the world with the #FreeTommy marches as millions of people stand up against control freaks who have sex and then murder babies, children, and they said that you will go to jail if you talk about Tommy Robinson who is in jail in the UK right now since 2018-05-25 and Tommy was talking about trafficking. What are you waiting for? There is social injustice and we all can do stuff to make the world better with one green oatmeal at a time and this Gwen song was an inspiration for my what are you Living For (L4) and Looking For Outrageous Joy (L4OJ) slogans which dates back to like 2004 or so back when I was in New York. Life is full of opportunities and potential and laughter. Learn from each moment, move on, take notes, always smile, and keep going.

02. Strength

Let it all out there. Ross ran to the airport to tell Rachel that he wanted it that way, that he loves her in that biggest 1990's American television show, Friends. That takes gut. That song, I Want It That Way, from 1999, by the Backstreet Boys, is all about being transparent in what you want in life in the Donald Trump art of the deal. We all can make our cases through the freedom of speech which includes hate speech and anything and everything, perhaps, and we compete in the market of ideas in letting people know how we feel and in what we want. Be direct and be honest and leave it all on the court. Give it 110% as in give it your best, your all, your everything. Be gone with the wind, with the sound of Mary Poppin's music. We can have a better future but only when we come together against control freak globalists. You may not hit every Home Run or Touch Down or Goal or Slam Dunk. Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

01. Angelina Jolie

Back in 2001, I saw her first as Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider, or the Tom Raider as my uncle Woof called it. Happy birthday to her on the 4th of June. She was born in 1975, ten years before me. She is the daughter of Jon Voight who was in Austin Powers. Jolie was in a Meatloaf music video, What Dreams Come Through, in 1993. She was amazing with Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in 2005, a film about a couple who were both secret spies. So, they both didn't know until they were both sent separately to kill each other and then they started blowing up their own house and then started making out and then started adopting children from all around the world. I'm in love with adoption for people who cannot have kids. This means, don't get abortions, Jolie could maybe adopt your unborn baby. That Disney film, Maleficent, is pretty interesting as a twist and it reminds me of that television show, Once Upon a Time, which features many fairy tale characters and Disney characters, full of twists and turns. Angelina Jolie reminds me of Mandy Moore, the singer actress who sung Cry.

Top Ten Everything

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