C0ff33 Vlog 27th July 2018 - Getting overheated with me 🔥 @c0ff33a ☕️

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It's been a few weeks since I had the time to put one of these posts together, an to be honest I don't really have time now either but I'm going to do my best to throw it together in some sort of semblance of a post.

My weekly video vlog is simply a review of what has been happening during the week in my life, I have done one on my YouTube channel for a few years now and since I started posting on Steemit I began making a post out of it.

This started out as the YouTube video and a brief description of what I covered for the week, but I started to realise videos on a blog are not often watched - so I added in animated gifs from the video and gave a more fuller description to read instead of watching.

Finally this blog post version became a run down of my week on Steemit, including some of the posts I have enjoyed. I think it's a fun way to share really good content, and help people get more visibility for their posts. The only negative is it soaks up a ton of my time to put them together, including sharing the post links and describing the posts - it worked better in winter when I was stuck indoors more, but now the weather is good we are out enjoying the fresh air so time for doing a post like this disappears.

#SublimeSunday is always a focal point for this round up, the increasing number of people posting with the tag is amazing and I really enjoy reading through all the posts using it. This weeks notable posts were an amazing partridge photographed perfectly on the roadside. There was also an incredible wooden butterfly from Tomorrowland

There was an exciting visit to Boca de Rio an then I took a trip to the beach. I got to enjoy an amazing bridge over a river and to climb up the La Sierra

You can always find an enigmatic smile at the Louvre. Then take a drive in a crew cab truck to enjoy a different sort of Artistic work

I did get to find an amazing temple and then learned about some incredible Witnesses you should vote for

I got to enjoy a pirate chest full of silver and then talking of Pirates one showed me a photo of Mars

All this travelling requires a trip to the Gas Station before celebrating someone's birthday and then getting some new glasses

You know the railway always follows straight lines it could even lead to taking care of Grandma or maybe even to visit a Fringe Festival

Then I took a ramble with The Hive and found a terrible water shortage and finally reached a debate about how women dress

Reading game of thrones can be far more enjoyable then watching it on TV, and then you can go and play a colorchallenge game before looking back on a Steemit journey

Sad news though this week Bad Karaoke is saying goodbye the end of a Steemit Era maybe, it was an inspired competition and had so many keen followers - but all good things must come to an end. Don't worry though, I'm going to keep on singing along to songs badly while driving to keep #badkaraoke spirit alive!

Some days you just have the urge to wear a hat or maybe even admire a stunning quartz collection but watch out for those spreading wildfires if you wake up and smell burning it might be time to get out quick.

You can of course go dancing in the square or even have a Frolic in the forest through the realms of Twilight before getting a felt kitty for your car and then a Kitty cross stitch to decorate the house.

When you Believe in Magic it can be Hard to Say Goodbye but even if you have had a Bad Day you can count on Electric dreams to pull you through

When you are stuck for something to do, you could play a swashbuckling Sworld battle mobile game or even take a walk by the ocean in the moonlight if you are creative you could even Create a Steemcommunity logo just as long as your day is not too unproductive you might even get chance to go shopping in Quebec or even take a visit to Times Square

Sometimes it's important to just say Thank You even if sometimes it takes Balls do it but you can always be rewarded by the Titans of Team Good if you follow your creative journey and discover an incredible beach

When you are feeling a little blue, a hint of purple might see you through and it might even help you see the light or feel very thankful indeed although you might need to send best wishes to someone who has been ill a week or even been ill for just a day or to

What you might want to do is unbox a Silver Round , or admire some art on the buildings of NYC, just take a look out of your window or make a heart in some sand

You can always find something you like in an online store filled with funky designs you can print on anything , enjoy some lizard photography or even win some silver rounds. And once all that is done check out a comprehensive Spanish freewrite and then check out a birthday party to remember

And so ends this weeks vlog, a journey of my week and a sort of story made out of post titles - maybe you will find one or two you enjoy, it's a lucky dip this week because you have no idea who authored the post until you look at it!

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Back with bang and you have it all in one..👍 terrific way to include each of the best👌


Thank you very much, I changed the format a little (or maybe it's been that long I forgot how I did this vlog post) , anyway it's a bit different and shares a whole load of fun posts at the same time.


Its looking great with no mention but directed with post links👌

Lol, this is great! A complete post of hyperlink!


Thank you very much, I sort of evolved my curation post again and turned the post titles into a sort of story - I might try and expand on it for the next one - here the order I read the posts in dictated where they appeared but I am now thinking it might be fun to look through all the posts I have read in a week - and build the story from them so it flows a little better.

Nicely done my friend. It has been a while. Thanks for the read.👍


It has, there are just so many people and posts to read - sometimes my reading posts just gets in the way of creating my own! And I try to spread myself around as fairly as I can.

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Wow Rob! Great job with the hyperlinks-makes a different way of checking out posts with titles that interest. Thanks for putting my hyperlink in. 😊 🤗

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<3 hi! thanks for the mention! lovely post! very original, first time that I watch this kind of history in posts links, very brutal I like a lot this kind of post cause we can travel with you! I voted you for witness few days ago :) and leave you a response about it in your posts the other day too, thanks a lot for the support, blessings and take care, very interestings stuffs in a lot of posts here! see ya :)

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Cool vlog of the day enjoyed it so nice :)

The amount of posts you can read is impressive. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations.

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Oh wow. This is an epic post of goodness! Thank you so much for including a link through to my glasses post ;) I'm looking forward to visiting everyone you've shown some love to here... though I think I'd better take a week off of work to get around and comment to everyone. Bowing down to your hyperlinking greatness!

E x

I love how you worded and worked so much into this post!! I can see why it would take so long but you did it beautifully. Thank you for the mention and I really enjoyed reading it. I'm gonna come back to catch up on more of the links as well! Awesome post @c0ff33a!! ❤

A beautifully written article. I wish I had your knack for writing! Thank you for including a link to my article in your blog. I appreciate you very much! Have a beautiful Sunday, @c0ff33a!

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