My Budding Heart for Steemit and Fundition ! #oneheart contest

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My dear Steemian friend @allesia wanted to see my heart. I wish she would have asked my heart for herself :P , but she asked me to take part in #oneheart contest....ufff my bad :( .

My Heart is full of love for and now So here is my contest entry.


With not so creative hand, and once @allesia throw the challenge onto me, i start looking for something to make a beautiful Heart. With nothing around, my eyes fell on a dump of Sand in my compound. is looking for colorful creative artistic #oneheart for the contest. I am trying to get some Sand Art for the contest.

With no second wasted, i pulled up a straw from the ground and made this amateur drawing on the sand, with Steemit .io and both together, like they are together on Steem Blockchain.


I managed to pull up the #OneHeart, with some budding sapling in the middle. The sapling mark my budding up on Steemit , and it grows naturally. The two sapling are Steemit and Fundition. Here is the closure look of the image:


The contest rule is very simple , and anyone can show the creativity with following guideliness:

  • Use two tags on the Steemit post consisting "fundition" and "oneheart"

  • Resteem this post so the others can see

  • Write down a short description about the photo in the post

  • Comment your post to know that you participated

  • Only one entry per person

  • The image has to contain the "" text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you and depends on your creativity you have a chance to get a bigger upvote. (Keep in mind we don't approve/support illegalities like writing with graffiti on public buildings or other things like that. Stay Creative and Clean)

  • Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition

Fur further contest information and detailed post see Get Your Reward

Further to the contest, here is me trying to take a selfie, though sand art get reversed due to image imbalances.


Would love to see everyone artistic heart for the contest, so bang on the contest, and share your Heart. @allesia, hope you will able to see my heart (:wink) and for sure you do not like my this selfie :P

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow


The STEEM Engine



This post was upvoted by @Fundition because you @steemflow took part in our Heart Contest.

Thank you for spreading Hearts all over. Remember be the change you wish to see in the world ❤️

#oneheart tag shows who are the ones spreading the hearts all over, lets see more hearts around and spread the love with Fundition - Contest lasts until end of August.

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Thanks @funditian for the love..👍 cheers👌

The first I saw the photo I thought that you are at Goa. You are very creative and if I think better our hearts are somehow 'connected'. 😘
My heart is of shells and yours is of sand, and, also, my little heart of shells fits in your big heart. 😉

Wowo 💓 you gotcha my mind...beforr making it i assumed it that way and seems you read my mind & heart clearly ..frumoaso 😘 it woyld b my pleasure to keep your heart safe in my heart🌹 forever👍

Btw..i keep Goa in my list..looking for a partner if you gonna join me someday

When I visit India I will let you know. I love going to the beach and I would like you to be my guide when I see Taj Mahal.

Done..👍we will plan B.B.B. (Beaches of Goa...Back Waters of Kerela and Beauty of Taj Mahal)

what a noble cause, keep up the good work

Well drawn he(art) ... foundation ke lie sand to jaroori hai

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Very creative, and the seedlings in the centre of the heart are a nice touch. The only thing with sand is it gets everywhere, you keep finding it months after going near a beach!

#thealliance #witness

We do not have beaches nearby @c0ff33a the sand were kep in our compound for construction purpose. It was instant reaction to get into the contest👍

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This contest seems to me a nice one! I'l try it.

wow, very nice, super tempted to join the contest now and by that way, its super creative what you have done.

Thanks for swinging into my post dear👍 glad to see your entry on my content....👌 ...the contest is really join in..with you awesome creative minds👍

Cool idea for a conntest :)

Kya baat hai. Hanumaan ji ka dil yaad aa gaya. Dil ke cheer ke dikha diya @steemflow! 😊 Keep up the good work!

Hahah ..thanks for the appreciation..👍 bas Ram Ji ki talash hai 🙏

Love your "sand-art" drawings for the contest!
Good luck! @steemflow

Thanks 👍