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From The Desk of @enginewitty -


I imagine there is some, if not a lot, of confusion floating around on certain branches of the family tree. Where is Gamma? Where is Beta? What happened to the Syndicates? Where are the Syndicate leaders? Where did all these people come from? We'll get to that, just keep reading. We're not going anywhere, we love our family, things have just been reorganized and revamped to better acclimate to the growth we all want and to efficiently accommodate everyone.

But Why?

I think 'evolution' is probably the best term. Things grow, things change, and we must adapt to those changes. There was a 'board meeting' held this week with the higher ranking officers and the main thing that kept coming up was the notion of a unified family. Sounded like an interesting plot, so, all of the servers (except the main hub) have had a major overhaul. Instead of jumping back and forth between servers all the time to engage with your allies, we'll all now be on one server. We'll give people a little time to migrate, don't worry. Every member coming into the 'castle' is proven to be of high quality and will be subject to the same 'House Rules' as everyone else. The officers have been placed in specific servers based on their strengths and are still here to help the best they can.

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Admissions Office - Formerly GAMMA

The office used to be the Gamma server. It will be headed up by several officers. Former Gamma leader & long time veteran @edthecanadian, new 'take no prisoners' officer @battleaxe and the 'Latino Tandem', @sol25 & @leyargoz. The 'Latino Tandem' is the only pair that will be on all four servers, along with some new Spanish speaking officers - veterans @oscarps & @txatxy and former Beta members @mrstrange & @crisangel. We want to make sure no one feels left out and is comfortable, regardless of their native tongue. The sole purpose of the office is for applications. This is **THE ONLY** way anyone can become a member of #thealliance now. This is the front door. This is the 'Sorting Hat'. This is the only point of entry. The officers there will review new applicants and decide whether or not they are alliance material. Some (unfortunately) will have to be turned away. Some will have potential and need to become 'students' if they so choose. Others will be sent directly to 'the playground'.

#thealliance class.png

The Classroom - Formerly BETA

There are some Steempeeps out there that have potential to be great quality content contributors to the platform but just aren't quite 'there' yet. Some people will remember when 'the core' was still a thing and we were just starting out, we had instilled a training program. We had a few graduates like @armshippie and @coolbuddy before the syndicates were opened. This practice was starting to carry over into the syndicates, and as such, it only seems natural to take people under our wings once again and teach them how to post better content. Along with the Spanish team, this server will be run by another officer and some handpicked 'teachers'. @topkpop (former Alpha Syndicate leader) has the most experience and a critical eye for quality. She will be assisted by long time member @avesa and former syndicate members @katrina-ariel and @ameliabartlett. I'm sure they'll do a fine job tweeking our students before sending them to 'the playground'.

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The Playground - Formerly ALPHA

When people are sent here, it means they have the quality we desire. Why? Remember, not only are we a family quality content creators, but **CURATORS** as well. This is where we find out if our new adopted 'kids' are going to be grafting themselves to the family tree or if they just intend on swinging around on our branches. This server is now in the capable hands of some of the most engaging members and officers we have in #thealliance. The thoughtful @tattoodjay (former Gamma Syndicate leader) will be joined by the sweet social butterfly @saffisara (former Alpha Syndicate leader). On top of the Spanish team, we're also bringing in former syndicate member @c0ff33a, who I'm sure everyone has been seeing EVERYWHERE, to help watch the 'kids' during recess. They will be attentive to the support and engagement the 'kids' are out there offering. The point is to mold them and meld them into our family atmosphere so they are easily welcomed by the rest of our 'society'.

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Who Is Who???

It doesn't matter what syndicate you came from, though I'm sure it may hold a little piece of you as we move forward. History in the making everyone! What's that? How do you know who your allies are? @thealliance follows **ONLY** family members and the support accounts. Simply visit that account and see who we're following, and you will know who your allies are.

New 'Voting Pool'

That being said, the only communal voting account will be from @thealliance until @themothership fires her engines up. All members from the syndicates should be in the @steemvoter now. I am ( @enginewitty ) also pulling the vast majority (maybe all) of my auto votes from people as I just don't quite have enough Steem Power to effectively support everyone. So, I will be mostly manually curating from now on. **BUT** the votes will be worth more when I do get around to you 😎

#thealliance @thealliance @syndicates pagebreak.png


Megathrusters Are Go! All Form Voltron!

Anybody? Bwahahahahah! But that is the goal here, unity. We are all pulling together to form one true family instead of four 'separate but equal' ones. I know it'll take a few days for everyone to become accustomed to the changes and I'm patient. Once this machine is up and running, I'm sure it'll function quite smoothly. If anyone has any questions or comments, please ask away. Steem on Fam!

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Fantastic update. It is great to see things set out the way it is and to see all members together in one place. Thanks for all your hardwork @enginewitty.


And thank you for hanging in there through all of the confusion :P

Checking in jefe!


Love that interview 🕵


Avoiding the smoke n mirrors funk by
keeping your flow like a Shaolin Monk

Thank you for this amazing update and now I'm sure it's all clear from the comfusen.. Lol
As always you made this change into something great and it all make sense.
I belive in our family 😊 ❤️
Thank you for being YOU!! Best boss!
Best family 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Family Hug!


Aww...thank you sweets 🤗😇


Always 🤗

Good moves, good calls, good team work making it happen. You all are doing a fine job.


Thanks bro, i know there is no perfect method, especially amidst the madness lol!


I've been deep in the thick of large community management, and yer doing a f'n bangup job.


Muchos Gracias Hermano!

I'm not everywhere yet...but I am working on it. I like the new format it will a make it easier to interact with the whole family and enjoy everyones content.

I think this is great. Now we can all get to know each other properly.

Also - @battleaxe is a great person to have on board :)


Mew and Mork seal of approval <3
Mew and Axey swimming in the "ecoystem"


Eating the funky green seaweed, chilling in the ebbs, taking it eaaaasssy. 💓💓


Agreed 😎

OK now it all makes sense... I was a little confused for a moment yesterday when I rocked up to the "office door". Let's find my feet here and see where I end up. Cheers

Right on sounds good 👍

It is definitely great to see everyone together- one big, happy family <3 And yeah, thank you for all the efforts you have been putting in @enginewitty.


Thank you too hun 🤗

Great update @enginewitty and definitely loving this simplified way of handling family business.

Thanks for the update @enginewitty. Oh crap @battleaxe is my boss now...gulp.


Ha ha watch out she a whipcracker 😉


:( right in the feelz
;) @jbcoin, look forward to seeing you around

It does make more sense to have everyone in the same place. Great initiative!

Sounds like a great plan!

and when I felt like I found a family "ALPHA" I come back from my trip and "ALPHA" is no more 😪😪😪
J/K 😁 (damn! over reacting is so hard..how can drama queens do it 😵)
I'm really happy for this new "adventure". Always wanted to meet my allies 😍 all of my alllies


Well, glad it suits you 😀


is that supposed to look like a compliment (with evil intentions)? 😀
I'll take it as one lol
thanks I know everything suits me 😉

This is really cool!

Lol. Love it! Bigger, better, stronger family :) Thanks for laying out what' what and making it all clear!

Checking in, (thanks AXEY!) this looks Great!
Been too busy to get out much, working up a new Vote Bot for the @minnowbootcamp project, btw ;) Alliance Folks will be WELCOME to Join, going to make it profitable for new minnows to get into a vote bot that can multiply their votes back to them ;)


Id love to hear more. I think you know how to reach me lol 😁

Wow this is awesome, I can feel the hype. The #alliance army is getting stronger under the leadership. So much excited for the upcoming days of excellence 😊

I like this way where we can together.

Excellent changes, synonymous with evolution. I am very grateful that you have given me the opportunity to be part of the select group of Spanish officers. Thank you for that great vote of confidence @enginewitty, @thealliance and @syndicates. I will do everything in my power to not disappoint them.

Thanks for the update man. Bigger, stronger family. I like the way things are moving :)

At first I was confused as to what was happening all so changed, and finally all had been answered. thank you for posting it
very happy to get together all together

one big happy #family... go #thealliance \m/

Thank you for the update. I'll probably need to read it again with a fresh head (it's late where I am).

all my questions are answered :P

Awesome update! Its great to see #thealliance grow bigger and stronger and to watch it evolve like this. That reminds me, I need to delegate to @themothership!


Dont get left behind! Lol!


Entendido, muchas gracias por la expliación

It's good to have the whole family in one place... I totally support this decision :)

I honestly did feel the different sectors made us more segregated.

Let's be a real alliance now! WOO

Ok, I'm still not sure what group I belong to, but I'm from the family of Theallience...

Thank you so much for letting us know what is going on - but more so - for creating and leading this amazing community!! It truly is a family - lots of cousins LOL

Thank you brother. UV resteem

This is good, I feel more united with all the family now that we are all on the same channel!

Exciting stuff going on in The Alliance right now, I'm looking forward to "@themothership" launching and seeing where these new changes lead to. You have built a fantastic leadership team and the potential is huge. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of The Alliance!

I think I need to find out more about this alliance. Sounds interesting. Back to the research board we go. Thanks for giving me a head start. @insideoutlet

This was such an awesome update. I am a little sad to see the break-up, but am excited to be mingling about with the whole crew.

See you soon! I am of to the playground! Great work, @enginewitty

Lol..I will admit that I was one of the confused but not any more!! Thanks for the update and clearing things up for me!! ;)

Just a more open family to love. I was finding I was only checkinh gamma posts, but now its a whole new world in this ocean!😊

Thanks for your hard work and all the leadership! This is the greatest thing to happen to Steemit since I joined! The support from my Alliance family has been second to none. Go #Alliance!

Been chasing grandkids for a couple days, so yes, confused, but will try to get up to speed ASAP! Thanks!

Sobthats what happened lol haha i was really confused with everything. I thought i was kicked out of the group, God forbid. I get it now. Thanks for the update

Now im getting it slowly. :)

After were all together I guess that's when we'll announce to everyone that @goldenarms is the new supreme leader and everyone has to upvote all my posts at 100% right? #bowdown #tastemygreatness #kissthering #beansandweiners


🤣 you Crack me up GA!

Always great to change up things to meet needs as they grow! Way to go!

Thanks for the clarification. Glad to be in the family. Love this structure too. With love ❤️💖💕

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 13.10% vote... I was summoned by @syndicates! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Hi! I'm a scientist who writes fantasy and science fiction under various names.

I'm apparently already following some people in the alliance. I noticed some of your posts and read the house rules.

Can you clarify if I understand correctly what the alliance is? It is a curation group that discusses what content to support on a discord server, yes?

How active should members be on the discord chat? Do you guys like science fiction? Would it matter for membership that I don't (won't) use upvote bots? What, for example, besides fantasy and science fiction, I would post.

I don't use discord or chat much at the moment. (Time does not permit.)

However, maybe in the future, I will, and I might be interested in joining :D


We are a group of curators. But one of the main things is we look for quality content creators to join as well. And yes there a defiantly some of us who would like science fiction stuff.


I'll be publishing content similar to what I've been publishing this a week :)

How much discord use is required?

In case you are interested: I've also been talking with some people here about getting up and running something like busy.org, except which, additionally, has MathJax installed.
The post editor in that case needs only a few lines of code to render LaTeX.

People would be able to quickly share technical content. Yes, myself included. (And much of the community from MathOverflow might switch over to steemit. I'm pretty sure many from there can and would vest substantially and correct spam, helping quality content become more visible in general.) What do you think?


I like the idea especially if because it will help the platform grow.As far as discord some use it a ton some almost never. It's the best way to chat with allies and share info etc... I'm gonna tag some guys that may be able to steer you in the right direction. Also check @thealliance weekly notes post. @Tattoodjay @enginewitty @edthecanadian


I registered on discord. Pretty nice interface in fact.

I'll check out what you guys are doing when I have some more time :)


Should make it easier for me to find everyone now. Thanks for the Update @enginewitty. I don't think I've ever met @battleaxe, almost sounds scarey. :) I know I could use some pointers. Thank you for taking me under your wings at @thealliance. I'm almost ready to purchase my boarding pass for the #mothership. Thank you for all the support@tattoodjay. Looking forward to meeting more of the group.

Terrific team work mouves was done in a fantasique way