Thankful Thursday Donor Report Delayed A Week

in youarehope •  5 months ago

Across the highway from my house:


The leading edge of the fire. This has shifted directions, the winds picked up and this photo is a couple hours old now. It is now much, much worse.

It has been slow on steemit, I will do a two week report next week. Thank you for your understanding, and a special THANK YOU for upvoting this post without the report as it still benefits YouAreHope.

Please pray for Council, Idaho. They are evacuating the south end of town right now. I appear to be safe for now.

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Where is this?


Mesa, Idaho

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Oh my! That's scary. Sending love and prayers for rain. Stay safe!

thoughts with you.....stay safe

That's scary... take care over there.


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That's terrible, there are some many wildfires - and all over as well I just woke up to news that a California wildfire is taking lives as it spreads.

My thoughts are with you and @longsilver , stay safe and keep us updated.

#thealliance #witness


Thank you, we are out of immediate danger. Dry lightning and 25 mph winds are forecast, so not quite "all clear" yet but much less scary than last week.