My Experience of the Monalisa painting at the Louvre

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What I write today is completely my view on this topic and not meant for any controversy or to put down any Artwork

For years I have been hearing about this Beautiful painting of Monalisa at the Louvre, and it was one of my dream and in the to do list to see this once in my lifetime. I had read that it is one of the most beautiful Art work of Leonardo da Vinci so for sure had my curiosity to see it.

Luckily I got a chance to visit Paris and Louvre Museum. The Museum is beyond words. Such beautiful, mind blowing paintings, sculptors, culture representation. Dignified Art at its best. You have Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Jean Auguste, Jacques-Louis David and who’s who of the Art world there.

I got an opportunity to visit the Louvre twice, but the first time I was visiting Louvre, I was so excited because I was going to visit my most dreamed painting of Monalisa. I remember had a sprained ankle that day and had some problems walking. I was myself doubting how I will be able to go through such a big place, but the excitement kept me going.

I walked my way through the museum witnessing the work of all the great artist which was a sheer delight and then came the Monalisa, and to my surprise it was the biggest disappointment of my life. I was expecting something magnificent but what I witnessed was nothing compared to the other art work in the Gallery. Personally I feel it is a much hyped up art. It is a beautiful art but not the way it has been showcased.

I was very curious to see it, so I decided to visit that section of the Art first, paving my way through I reached that part of the gallery and there was complete madness. There was so much crowd in this part of the Gallery. They have a railing and you can see the work only from a distance of around 8 to 10 feet, everyone was flocking there to get a picture of themselves with the Monalisa Painting.

I also managed to get one clicked, but there were many like me I noticed in the crowd who did not get fascinated with the Art. I was observing everyone’s reaction for some time and it was all mixed, some were so delighted, some were like Ok we have seen it once, and then there were few who just made one glance and walked away. Though I spent quite some time analyzing the work and trying to understand the reason behind it’s so much popularity. Had read it somewhere that it is the most studied work in the history of Arts due to its composition techniques and may be that is one of the major reason why it is so popular, but from my common eyes I really could not figure that out or may be the view was from too far and hence I could not really get the real charm of the Art work.

Nevertheless when I visited the second time, I made it a point to take a glance at it for once.

You see the picture below of the Monalisa, I did not get very good results from my camera too on this one.

I tried to click it along with me, there was mad rush in this area, everyone was trying to take their pictures from the best possible spot, but it was very difficult..

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It was one of my dream too and unluckily I no chance to visit Paris and Louvre Museum. It is true that this Museum is very beautiful but I not seen
My photowork for you



Absolutely the museum is stunning. May be someday you will visit

I visited the Louvre about 25 years ago and actually got to see the Mona Lisa as well. I was so surprised how small it actually was, not to mention the giant case it was in also. The statue of David was probably my favorite piece that I remember. It just seemed massive to me, but after all I was only a young kid at the time.


Yes me too was surprised to see some other stunning art work which has never been brought to light. I loved the last super work, it was a fabulous piece.

Such an enigmatic smile! This is something I would like to do one day, the Louvre Museum is one of those must visit places you have to try and make the effort to get to and really experience something amazing.

Fantastic post, loved reading about your experience.

#thealliance #witness


You should absolutely keep it on top of your list. Its a grandeur with magnificent art work from all over. I visited it twice and I still feel I have not seen enough of the place.

There are much more beautiful paintings than the Monalisa, it is just popular because of who painted it @nainaztengra You also had a good lovely photo with it :)


Thank you @cryptopie. You are write may be it just got popular because of the popularity of its creator and the uniqueness of Monalisa itself

Yes, sometimes it can happen means, one particular aspect can look differently because we call it as Magic Of Angles means, when we see one picture we are watching it through the captured angles and not through our eyes. This means that possibly we can like the captured picture more than live and practical one.

Art is one of the greatest aspect of our lives because, art portrays messages and stories to us and we can dive in particular art and we can understand the essence of that particular art, and we can create an connection with art then that art becomes great aspect for us.

And some people create such an art which cannot be understood by everyone because they hold something unique and to understand it we have to run our imagination and we have to dig into that art so that we can find the true message or aspect.

And i can understand through your words how much happiness essence you felt. And you had pain but still you walked throughout and explored your favourite art work, and i hope that you enjoyed this experience.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


That's true, if we do not understand the subject well then it becomes difficult to see the finer aspects of it. I am sure even this has the same logic. All said and done it is one hell of a place to visit and 1 day is just not enough.


Then i wish that you will going to have one more tour to explore more art pieces. Stay blessed. 🙂

Wow you got your dream real by visiting your best place well done congrates

many of which you can see in this exhibition, must be very best-selling art, maybe one of the images in this display, @nainaztengra, ☺️

I had a similar experience with the Taj Mahal.
Though world-famous and hyped, it didn´t to anything for me, maybe I´m romantically challenged 😘.
As for Mughal architecture, I liked the adventurous, crumbling vastness of the Red Fort much more.


Ohhh trust me I had a similar feeling when I saw Taj Mahal. When I feel these things were a master piece when they were created but now we see such master pieces around that the expectation bar is raised very high and these old master pieces do not fascinate us any more.
The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi and Muscat are the real master pieces of today's age.

Wow it's really ossmm I can feel your movement in museum and your happiness nainaztengra

Thanks for shared your movement 👍☺️

If I had heard that it is a very small painting and I can check it by your picture next to it, it is a pity that you have not enjoyed the experience as much as you wanted!


The Musuem had some real master pieces which was a wonderful experience, but I am glad I saw it otherwise the curiosness would have always been there

I think..."Monalisa" outside the frame looks definitely better than the Monalisa in the frame !!! :) :) LOL


Hahaha that's too much Amit. Anyways I take that compliment 💖💖

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