The realms of Twilight: A surprise greeting turned into duet (me and my best friend Kelly)

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Priscilla and Kelly - by priscilla Hernandez (

Above: Me and one of my best friends and fellow singer Kelly Miller-Lopez some years ago. We are both portraying the sisters in the Grimm fairytale Snowhite and Rose Red. Photo taken by @hedac. Kelly and I exchanged gowns for this picture. She made herself that white dress. I have the chemise still.

An ocean apart... but never far from each other: A surprise greeting

Above: Me and Kelly this week, recording a greeting and video reply together with our phones

Some days ago my dear friend, fellow singer songwriter Kelly Miller Lopez (lead singer of Neofolk/pagan band Woodland and solo project Rosa Mundi) and one of my dearest friends surprised me with a spontaneous phone recording of her singing one of my songs. As I reply I grabbed my own phone and recorded myself dueting with her and doing harmonies. We have sung this song together on stage a few times (last time in Baltimore, Faeriecon 2016). So This video is not the best audio/image quality but an spontaneous greeting and videoreply of two friends, because an ocean is not enough to keep us apart. Thanks Héctor @hedac for merging our smartphone videos and blending us together with your lovely clouds time-lapse. That way we are together in The Realms of Twilight.

I love you Kelly and miss you so much! Thanks for doing this and making me feel so special.

A song about innocence and magic: The Realms of Twilight

This song is about the innocence, that sparkling fire that we lose when we grow older and leave our childhood behind. But if not too late, this song brings the hope to relight it before it’s vanished completely. It was included in my first official album Ancient Shadows, but this is an spontaneous version just recording ourselves with our smartphones a couple of days ago.

Priscilla and Kelly - by priscilla Hernandez (

My sweet raven sister... I miss you too 💜
We keep on connecting in the strangest most magical ways even if we are far away... (not surprising). The oceans between us mean nothing to us

Priscilla and Kelly - by priscilla Hernandez (

The Realms of Twilight (Poem/Lyrics)

Child of ours
you remember us
though we yearn to know
will you tomorrow?
Your spirit sour
you were so sweet
Now you're growing old
and full of sorrow
And time takes flight so fast
the days of games and joy
are gone in a blast
The days we gaily glew
like white stars in the dusk
playing in the realms of twilight
Ephemeral but true
so wild and so sublime
our shimmer crossed the sky
and then started to fade
Oh don't you miss now your invisible friends?
Sweet child of ours you know we wish you well
the time has come now to tell you fare thee well
And when you feel your light dies down
just call our name
and we´ll be back to keep your blaze
oh safe with us
glowing again in the realms of twilight

Long time friends and collaborators

Kelly and I have been friends for over a decade now, we met for the first time in Faerieworlds festival (Oregon) where we performed together. She as my guest and I as guest of their band. We crossed paths many times (Oregon, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cornwall, London...) joining our voices. Sometimes jamming crazy muppet songs in the hotel room and acoustic sets or up in the stage cloaked in wings and magic.

Faeriecon Philadelphia - by priscilla Hernandez (

Us performing together in Trocadero Theatre (Philadelphia)

But always a dream away, the connection and mutual admiration has always been strong... and things like this just made my day...

So hope you enjoyed the video, the audio and image quality was not meant to be the best, but it brought us together over the phone :)

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

Kelly Miller-Lopez
Woodland / Rosa Mundi


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Amazing song and video! So well done :) Upvoted!


Aww thanks always for your encouragement

I absolutely love this, not just the bittersweet song, but the friendship that spans the world. Love love love love love!

Awwwwwwww. This is so super sweet i have no words. It was actually quite cool that you did this "over the phone".
And the photos. Really Yid, how in the world do you think up all those amazing outfits. :D


Awww thanks so much I'm still editing the post I just added a live pic... well those dressed in the first pic she made the white dress herself entirely with her hands. We´re kind of geeky performing... so the problem is to find "normal" not medieval garments in the wardrobe. Yes, no fancy recording this time, just two spontaneous over the phone greeting. Hector helped me to put them "together" but the purpose of the video is not to be the "finest" or "best sounding" but to bring us together.

awwwww I want to photograph you together again. Hopefully soon. I miss Kelly too. Magic happens when you are together.

That story was the first thing i thought of when I saw the pic lol even before i read what you said :) you compliment eachother :) vocally too :)


We sing in each other cdsand we have shared stage many times. She nicknamed me "The Fraggle Princess" a decade ago. Now she is working on her solo project Rosa Mundi that will be so pretty.

Beautiful song and voices as always. Love the side-by-side editing to bring it together.


Sometimes simpler things have special magic.

Imagine what kind of quality musicians you two both are

because there is not a millisecond delay or speeding in it, and the voices are so complimentary

true rockstars..come on stage!


Aww thank you, just two full phone takes, no edits, actually we have been on stage togethe both sides of the pond in fact quite a few times, i think there is a pic in the post. And I love it because I always feel confident that with her we can even improvise.

Another stunning piece of music, you have an incredible talent and your singing is quite ethereal. You friends voice compliments your own perfectly.

The lyrics are delightful to read through, it makes the post so much more special that you include them.

#thealliance #witness


Aww thanks, here the quality is limited by two phones, just unedited takes brought together. It was such a sweet thing to do cos we live afar, even if we have shared stage many times it has been a a long time,last time we saw each other and sang together was late 2016 so this was tech helping us to get closer.

I truly loved this one and the song you two sings together is incredible 😊 angel voices.
So sweet written and seem like a wonderful friendship I pu have and in true friendship there are no barriers 🤗 and the outfits are amazing, love them a lot. Beautiful pictures my friend and thank you for sharing. Much love! 🌹❤️🌹


Aww thank you. She made that white dress herself. Thanks for the listen and the love.

Oh such a cute friendship story and such a really amazing phone recording video. I love this song and your fairy tail photos :) ! Great job

Beautiful song, 👍👍👍


Thank you

This is marvelous and so beautiful, both the song and the story of you two! What a wonderful blessing! 💚

I really love the pictures and the song!! Awesome as always Yidneth <3

All I can say is WOW


Thank you, no big technical skills here, she recorded her greeting with her phone (vertical and kind of blurry) and I replied real time with mine on hers playing. My partner @hedac helped me to "blur" them together in a single video and we cleaned up the audio a little but no fancy recording equipment, nothing but two spontaneous take and the longing to be together with a friend. Below, last time we sung that song of mine together (Faeriecon, Baltimore, November 2016)

Priscilla and Kelly - by priscilla Hernandez (

Yet distance is nothing if you love and care for someone

Priscilla <3 Eres hermosa.
Me encanta tu voz.