TearDrops Token -"Proof Of Tears"- The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 41

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"Tears" have always ever been a symbol of human and drops of it is always created from a place of beauty.

I know how many tears i have teared and i know how many tears you have teared and just how many tears humanity has teared and good or not-so-good tears should have value because in reality they do/did, for Jehovah keeps these tears in a skin-bottle at the very least.

@teardrops didn't just start. It is historical history, that an imaginary coin (smart media token) is already hitting the > exchanges. Hahaha, [email protected]; "you and me".

@teardrops is still an imaginary smart media token but my precious brothers and swities here on steemit are valuing it and loving it and loving me in return and exchanging and i tell you, this is historical. It is a beauty to watch!

The @teardrops colorlesspaper is filling up quickly and gosh, no "black or white" involved; just "human". It is historical.

With @teardrops SMT, we will evolve something that restores special value to every and each tear drop. We will be able to use @teardrops tokens to dry up many tears and perhaps, replace them with a new breed of tears: we will add more "tears of joy".

My witness name is "steemgigs".

Many have a bit of confusion when attempting to vote for my witness and tend to put in "surpassinggoogle" in the witness box. I knew this was likely to happen from the very beginning. Yes, @surpassinggoogle is the more popular of both accounts but i wanted my witness (steemgigs) to represent things bigger than me; "us!"

Please, you can verify your vote visiting Here and if it is not there, you can still support my witness typing the word "steemgigs" into the first box for witnesses. Or if you would like me to chose steemit witnesses on your behalf, simply type in the word "surpassinggoogle" into the second box .

The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 41


Welcome to the edition The curation A Tear Now Has Value # 41, in this edition 60 wonderful Steemians are rewarded with extra exposure shared through our account, and ascending votes to create inspiration and add tears of enjoyment.

@jalasemIn steemgigs.org: Contest ¿What did i learn today?Participate using the application steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: Steemgigs TIL Challenge
@jerryboy4luvIn steemgigs.org: ¿What did i learn today? He spoke with an elder and learned fundamental aspects for marriage to work, this including understanding towards women, indulgence, physical beauty is ephemeral and should not be the reason why you choose your partner, the recognition of the good things among other aspects. He also tells that he learned about greed and the negative and undesirable effects it produces on human behavior.#STEEMGIGS: STEEMGIGS (TIL) TODAY I LEARND
@inspiredgideon1Writing: Talk about the importance of the role a mother plays in the lives of her children. The adult of today depends on what the mother does or does not do in the process of raising the child since this stage is fundamental for the creation of values. A fragment: "Do not become a lazy mother and give birth to more children that will increase evil in society"THE PLACE OF A MOTHER IN RAISING KIDS: MY COUNSEL TO FELLOW YOUTHS AND ESPECIALLY LADIES
@tudorsLife: He talks about his feelings of fear to the hospitals. His memories are very painful the last time he was in one of these places. He feels that he did not receive adequate attention and was treated as an experimental object where "pieces of me were killed, a bigger piece every time and when i finally left, it was a completely new being."Today's VIAND for DINNER
@anotsopopularkidLife: He considers himself an optimistic person, however he tells that there are vulnerable moments when their dark inner voices say otherwise. But it is precisely from these moments that he takes advantage to learn and meet again.When you hear "I don't like me today" inside you
@loudetteiamWriting: She talks about the ups and downs in life, and how the human tends to magnify simple situations with an attitude of complaint, depression or intolerance. One of the ways to help improve these behaviors is to assume a listening attitude, give a smile and in conclusion, be a rainbow in the cloud of someone.JOURNAL Fourth: I am the rainbow in other's cloud
@jackdoghoLife: He shares the details of the theft of which he was a victim. Moments difficult in which his life and the of his friend was in danger.MY FIRST ROBBERY EXPERIENCE- MY PHONE WAS STOLEN NOW I NEED A GOOD PHONE
@yenipaolaWriting: Use The intimidation or threat to children to fulfill the tasks and rules of the house does not have the desired effects positive over time. In SpanishIntimidación o manipulación
@mhm-philippinesLifeHappiness BW Photo Contest @daveks
@emz89LifeTeardrops: Asking Forgiveness
@jimbarcelonaPoetryExtreme Changes of Time
@ckadie1324Life"Cousins Are Friends That Will Love You Forever"
@andestraPoetryUntil Your Heart
@iamjeydiiLifeSorry Baby, I will use the earnings of this post to make a surprise for you and to say sorry.
@phantum04LifeWhen your proof of tears "sadness" replaced by proof of tears "happiness"!
@antonettePoetryWeak Happiness
@aoife12LifeFor you Sis!!!
@sheshebaylosisWritingAng Aking Mga Kaibigan
@daisyt23WritingWATCH YOUR WORDS
@olawaliumWritingAvoided Tears
@mercy11PlacesPromoting Province of Tabuelan, Philippines: The Maravillosa Park Resort
@racheleeciousWritingTulang-Filipino : "Ang Kalat sa Daan"
@ortorres1123Writing"School Trigger"
@ashley4uLifeNikhil's condition now !
@smartcarthyPPoetryIT'S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE
@muhammadzamanWritingTeardrops mom
@memox17Sportthe passion of football thanks to the World Cup Russia 2018
@arwinhilomaFood: RecipeHOW TO COOK BEEF BROCCOLI
@maverickinvictusRequest a service in Steemgigs.org: translator#STEEMGIGS: I will pay someone to translate an English Steemit post to Mandarin (Standard and Pinyin)
@qiraUsing Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: I will invite people to do good
@lizbethkOffers a service on Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: I will Create GIF's to fit your Personality, Organization and Reputation.
@imran498PlacesVisit to Rana Safari and Luxury Resort Lahore
@sonofodinPoetry"African Poetry 1 - My Father's House"
@gamsamPoetryBroken - Original Haiku
@cradleUsing Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: Post a Photo of your Mobile Phone Challenge
@mikesthoughtsOffers a service on Steemgigs.org#steemgigs I will make your photos look super awesome :)
@liamnovUsing Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS : My entry for Post a photo of your mobile phone challenge by @long888.
@febradaytamarraOffers a service on Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: I will some Engineering tutorials specifically Electronics Engineering Field of studies.
@desmonddeskOffers a service on Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: I will TEACH YOU HOW TO ORGANIZE SPECIAL INTEREST WEEKENDS
@michaeljerry0Offers a service on Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: I will DESIGN YOUR STEEMIT LOGO AND BANNER
@fanenOffers a service on Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: I will teach you how to make beats with fruity loops
@albanyg12Using Steemgigs.org#STEEMGIGS: Post a Photo of your Mobile Phone Challenge HUAWEI Y511
@orlandetoPhotographyC#STEEMGIGS beautiful day
@misspinay85PhotographyToday's VIAND for DINNER
@alvibokz15PhotographyLet Me Take A Selfie
@proudbisdakPhotographyMacaw: Endangered Bird Species
@cebufinestPhotographyThe Three Musketeers
@cyclaire30PhotographyCattle Breed Raising in the Philippines
@zuleefDrawingTEARDROPS: My illustration + Teasoning. @teardrops
@jesuscarrasqueroDrawingTEARDROPS: My illustration
@sherylneilCraftsDIY Hobby, What is your Hobby?
@johnartistArtThird Tattoo Session: "Meaningful-naked Face"
@nanteDrawing#Teardrops of Hope, Joy and Courage
@andreinacepedaDrawingThe eyes of the soul @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle
@josegcDrawingTEARDROPS: My illustration
@jacksonafDrawingTEARDROPS: My illustration
@francismgDrawingTEARDROPS: My illustration
@chrisjaylDrawingAn Escape of Boredom: Deadpool Drawing
@leeyen23DrawingT E A R D R O P S : My Step by Step illustration @teardrops
@josecarrasqueroDrawing·My illustration: Teardrops











Please visit some of these publications shared from our account and interact with each other, there is always someone who needs your help, a voice of encouragement, a testimony of life to be heard, or you can enjoy a work of art, a poetry, a craft, a tutorial, an inspiring message, get a rare knowledge etc.

Your Boy Terry


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I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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@jerryboy4luv In steemgigs.org: ¿What did i learn today? He spoke with an elder and learned fundamental aspects for marriage to work, this including understanding towards women, indulgence, physical beauty is ephemeral and should not be the reason why you choose your partner, the recognition of the good things among other aspects. He also tells that he learned about greed and the negative and undesirable effects it produces on human behavior. #STEEMGIGS: STEEMGIGS (TIL) TODAY I LEARND

Well-expressed thoughts!!!
Talking with elderly people and asking advises are priceless

This is great @franbel. I am glad the post was useful to you. Do have a lovely weekend. Cheers.

Thanks for promoting me and my work! :) It's much appreciated. Still trying to get clients with my @steemgig so things like this really help. And, thanks for helping to create a bigger, better community of creatives! :)

congratulations to all..
@memox17 you're featured again, great! keep it up

I'm so happy for them. Congratulation to @memox17 for been featured again. I'm so happy. Thanks also to @surpassinggoogle for his love always

Great work @memox17...
Keep it up and continue inspiring more Steemians!!!!

Thank you so much @teardrops! And also, Congratulations to all featured steemians! we all deserved it 😊.

Thank you so much @teardrops for appreciating my blog and including me in your curation. Bless you more. :-)

So kind and loving community. If you do well again, I know he will surely put tears of joy on your face, because tears now have values

Wow! ALexus is on the cover image congrats again to my friend @phatum04 got featured today..and to everyone who's curated here Congratulations ..

Hahaha...true.nagulat din ako siya cover image...bagay pla niya.lol 😙

Ang cute ni alexus 😘

Another curated batch 41. This only show that @teardrops is effective in its very own way. Congrats to all the deserving ones. Your names deserved to be post there.

They really deserves it. I'm so happy for them. Thanks so much @teardrops for the initiative


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”

Wow..thank you @teardrops for choosing me as your cover image..And to all steemians chosen here, congratulations!!!

Thanks also @surpassinggoogle for making this possible...

Congratulation again my dear friend.. Im so proud of you 😚

Indeed, a tear now has value. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle.
Congratulations to those curated

Infact, tears is now valued through @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle thanks to them

congrats to us @daisyt23 :-)
thank you so much @teardrops @surpassinggoogle :-)
jehovah bless us all :-)

Congratulations to us again @misspinay85 and thank you again @teardrops @surpassinggogle. :)


I'm happy for you. Congratulation. Thanks also to @surpassinggoogle for making this a reality we love you so much sir

Thank you @teardrops
Thank you @surpassinggoogle

I am glad that I was able to help you in a very small way just by voting you as my witness. You have always been a very kind and supportive to us all without wanting anything from us other than the pure heart. Thank you so much for everything. It's good that our tears now have values. Thank you for giving additional exposes to the people above. They all deserve it. I am sure steemgigs will soar high.

A collection of little kindness to a person will mean so much when we do it together.

You have said well. Thanks to him again and again. It will be a good thing to be symbiotic to each other and not only a liability. Pls let us all vote him as witness. He really deserve it. Thanks

thanks @surpassingoogle for your love and support to me and the whole of the nigeria community.
i felt reluctant sharing my robbery experience before now because i felt it wasn't important. i never knew you took it so dear to your heart. thanks for your concerned
much love @jackdogho cares

To you it may not be important but @teardrops places so much value on those things that may appear as though it's not relevant not knowing it will help others in one way or the other.

Everyone has something to offer because no one is useless in life

@inspiredgideon1 congratulation to you. I also agreed on what you said above

thanks alot

Congrats to every Authors that share the teardrops post on this platform, it good to support surpassinggoogle community by growing it.

Well the teardrop community growing much faster and this project rocks on this planet :-)

Yea, it must grow faster, he has been doing well in impacting people's life. Thanks so much to the community

It keeps on getting better. Good to see other good posts getting featured. I am impressed. Thank you for being my voice @teardrops. This always mean a lot to me. Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle. I wish you strength.

This is really good. Rewarding all kinds of tears. Teardrops you are impressive. Thank you to you Sir Terry for this awesome idea.

God gave us talents to benefit others, not ourselves. And God gave other people talents that benefit others as well. Keep spreading the inspiration, Terry! @teardrops @surpassinggoogle Bless you 🙏

Amen, this is a talent to be candid, some even have the ability to do it, but don't have the talent to impact life's. Thanks so much sir Terry for all loves always

Congratulations to the talented Steemians being featured again. To madam @sherylneil, my kababayan in Dubai and also from Pangasinan, congrats!
Thanks @teardrops @surpassinggoogle for looking after the talents of our friends.

@sherylneil Crafts DIY Hobby, What is your Hobby?

You were featured here on @teardrops..:)

Keep on steeming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hidden talents that the blockchain and steem has refused to recognise but thanks to @teardops for placing value on these unrecognized talents.

congrats to all who received teardrops token on this batch specially to ms. @phantum04.

Hahaha...thank you sir @atongis...👍

Congratulation to @sherylneil I'm so happy for her again at this time. Thanks also to @tearsrops

I agree with you.

They are really talented.
Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for taking the time out to find out these talents....

Thank you so much @teardrops for featuring my post to help people see the the important role of a mother in the formative stage of a child.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle the brain behind this great work. Thank you being a channel of blessing to others.

support steemgigs as witness if you have not!

Congratulations to all steemians curated. Thanks for yur kindness and love to all minnows may be Jah be with you @surpassinggoogle

I said Amen to that. Forward ever @teardrops

Congratulation to them. I also say Amen to the prayer. Thanks so much @surpassinggoogle

He is such a wonderful man that put #teardrops of joy on the minnows face...kudos to you @surpassinggoogle

Congratulations to all featured authors. 😀 Congratulations to my dear brother mano @nante! Yay! Featured ka didi mano. 😀 Clap clap clap! 😀 Congartulations @inspiredgideon1! Cheers! 😀

Thank you my cute sister

Congrats to the authors and massive thanks to Sir Terry for this wonderful work again.

Despite how sick you are, you still got time for steemians . You are wonderful

Infact, this community is growing higher everyday. Thanks for this and I believe this community will be far better than others. Thanks so much

Congatulations to all featured Steemians. God bless us all.

Wow! This is a batch of SteemGigs and Steemians artists.

Indeed @dunkman...
such a wonderful batch and lists of inspiring Steemians.:)

congrats to all featured article! a big thanks to sir @surpassinggoogle

Off to our 41st! Congrats to everyone featured! We are grateful for you @teardrops for giving value to our tears.

Congrats to all Steemians who made it to #teardrops curation rewards, especially to ma’am @antonette...
Thanks to @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle for giving another batch of teardrops a value and appreciation.

Congratulations to everyone of you. I'm so happy with you, most especially @maverickinvictus and others. Thanks also to @surpassinggoogle for making this initiative a superb

I've gone three of the posts, will take time to read more of the posts. Those posts really worth the token they got. @surpassinggoogle, thanks for this great opportunity

I want to congratulate all the Steemians featured this batch. Keep steeming guys! I'm happy for you.

Congratulations to all Steemians who were curated on "TearDrops Token -"Proof Of Tears"- The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 41"*

Continue inspiring and believe that can offer something..
Keep on Steeming

Congratulations to those who got featured....
I'm happy that our tears can be rewarded.....
Great initiative Sir Terry

I'm so happy for this edition because someone I know was also featured. Congratulation to you @desmonddesk thanks to @teardrops for this initiative

Hey! Thank you @debere. I am grateful to @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle for his useful kind visitation on my blog.

@mikesthoughts congratulations to you and those curated as well. Thanks to the man behind this. I'm so happy with this

Thanks! Always an awesome surprise to be featured like this :) Bit by bit, working my way into the deeper water, hehe.

Congatulations to all featured Steemians again. Enjoy your reward, especially to those first timer.

Hi Snowhite....
Good to see you here again.
Congratulations to those curated.

Yes sis @julietisrael
I’m always be here. :)

Congratulations also to sis @phantum04 and @mercy11

Have a great day ahead!

Hahahaha, first timer... All the same congratulations to them all

Congratulations to all the featured steemians, you all deserved it very talented... Sir Terry @surpassinggoggle, thank you for the support.. Get well... 😘😊❤️

So amazing, another set of featured by @teardrops changing tears and adding more values to tears. Im so happy for you guys for this privilege, congratulation to you all most especially my friend @inspiredgideon1 I know you deserve it ok, keep it up. thanks to @surpassinggoogle for how far you have been helping through @teardrops and i know much life has been touched. Thanks so much sir

Thank you so much brother. I am honoured.

My appreciation to @teardrops for featuring my post once again.

The good feeling that accompanies seeing you have visited my blog is always amazing. Thanks @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle

@inspiredgideon1, you can never preach it enough. I appreciate your piece, single youths need to wake up, especially ladies. I don't talk much about marriage personally, except it's for someone, I pray and think more on it, because it's one huge responsibility that can't be taken for granted, but I talk about my children so much I feel like I know them by their faces already, I pray for my home more than I pray for myself, because it will be the base of my sanity, and maybe, a compensation for the life I've had, so I take nothing lightly when it comes to that.

@hotetteiam, those were just the right words... I help people get out of bad states, but no one has ever really been able to help me out of mine, so I had to find a way to help myself and I realized that helping others heals me. Now when I'm in a very bad psychological state, I look for a problem to solve, then I would have solved mine. But it's not all about me, it's important to me that anyone who comes to me bearing a burden, leaves lighter, however little. That is my inspiration. If half the world have problems, and the other half offer to help, then the world is healed... This is not the case today, so however you can, you leave a rainbow in a person's cloud, even it it's just the shadow. Great work there.

Thanks again for making my morning @teardrops.

congratulations to all who made it on this batch.. especially to @phantum04. happy for you. cover image my friend!!! 😊

Kayo yung cover image nung The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 37 ngayon naman si @phantum04..

This is amazing. People getting value for teardrops. I pray for more strength for you @surpassinggoogle

Congrats awesome steemians! I have another different post to read :)

@anotsopopularkid Life: He considers himself an optimistic person, however he tells that there are vulnerable moments when their dark inner voices say otherwise. But it is precisely from these moments that he takes advantage to learn and meet again. When you hear "I don't like me today" inside you

I like this article and we have the same feelings too sometimes.
But we need to fight that negative feelings inside us.

Our tears is not dropping in vain any more. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle

Rather it comes with value.
Out of our Pains came some gains


So adorable...
Nice timing<,,,

Thanks for sharing this photo.

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