When your proof of tears "sadness" replaced by proof of tears "happiness"!

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Hello everyone here in steemit!

Hope you are all well... :)

Few days ago, I joined the contest of steemitachievers and tell the story of my steemit name which I considered it as my proof of tears "sadness".

But now, I want you to tell a story but this time it's my proof of tears "happiness".

They said...

If life can remove someone you never dreamed losing.... it can replace them with someone you never dreamt having!

And that's exactly happen to me!!

When I lost my daughter... :(

And my son, Alexus came... :)

Let me start the story...


The picture above is my son, Alexus Zayn..We took that picture when he was 2 but he is 3 years old now going 4 this year.

He is the one that I'm talking about.

He is my proof of tears "happiness".


Because when he came into me, my life has now a value!!!

Like @teardrops always say....

That our tears has now a value... :)

Let me share some of his picture and I will give a short description of the photo.


This is the first photo of Alexus. It was taken at the hospital after I gave birth to him. When I first saw this picture, this is the first time I feel happiness again in my heart..

That time...the SADNESS that filled my heart when I lost my first child.. was gradually replaced by HAPPINESS when I have the second...


This one is taken when he was 2 months old. It was December that time and this is the first time that his Dad see him personally.


This is our family picture when Alexus baptized at St.Thomas Aquinas Church in our town, Mangaldan. It was July 5, 2015 and I remembered that time, it was raining very hard. But instead we got annoyed, we considered it as a more blessing coming from HIM💒...:)


This one is captured during his 1st birthday last November 24, 2015. The girl holding her is my aunt, Laila and she was the second mother of Alexus because she was the one who help me taking care of Alexus from he was born. And of course, the clown in the picture for we want the best for our son...hehehe :)


He's picture in his 2nd birthday November 24, 2016. It was simple but memorable for us...:)


While this one is his picture blowing candles on his birthday cake last November 24, 2017. The other child o his left is Johnlyn, his cousin and bestfren... :)

TIME flies very fast...

That's why I am enjoying every single moment with him. Because whenever I see him, all my worries and stress in life disappeared.

It seems that he is my happy pill dose...hahaha :)

And this will end my story....:)

Hope you like it....:)

Thanks for droppingby!

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