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I am but a little boy of 25 who grew up under a mother that knows the value of a mother and the role a mother plays in the life of a child.
It's not about getting into marriage that is the issue but the issue is the ability to control the home as a father or mother. It goes beyond being called a father or a mother, it comes with much responsibility and to some extent I can conclude that the success or a failure of a child depends on what the mother does or fails to do. Your opinion might be different from mine but I speak based on the mother I have. My life today and what I can be could be traced back to her. Her prayers and counselling, her words of counsel at the early stage of my life was as though she was making noise to me but as I grew older, I get to see and understand the value she has created and impacted into me through her words.
It was a preparation made from her youthful age, she said to me and I quote her


And this trend continued even after she gave birth to all her children. She would cook but not eat on some days and no one took knowledge until of recent she opened it up to me that she was fasting and praying for her children. Her prayers has being yielding results and one of the days I went for choir rehearsal, a woman said to me, "thank God for your mum", and I ask her why that and she replied me
Non of you(I and my siblings) is giving your mum headache

It didn't come that easy, she paid the price and got the prize.
My sisters and my friends, sit up and build that home even from now that you are single. Pray for your children and lay the foundation for their future. Don't become a lazy mother and give birth to more children that will add to the evil in the society.
Dear singles, don't prepare for wedding alone, prepare for marriage. Stop the noise about wanting to have the best wedding in town. My friend it is useless if at the end of a great wedding you ended in a bad marriage. Having a good wedding is good but prepare for marriage more.

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This is true. Wish for a good marriage even you got the not-so-good-wedding. We all know that wedding is important because of its blessing, no need to let everyone one you got the very expensive or the very unique or the most of the kind wedding but having a good marriage is for a lifetime.


Thank you for butressing that point because this is what young ladies crave and desire without first planning for a good home.
Thank you for coming around.

Sometimes couples are only caught up in the moment but don't look forward to what's ahead. They may have in a certain way but when troubles come they quit. They expect too much from someone which destroys the relationship instead of working out their differences and be more understanding of each other.

God bless your mum for her faith and love.


Thank you dear @leeart

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I know exactly what you're talking about, I've lived it and longed for more. Coming from a man, I really appreciate this piece. Thank you.


Thank you so much @wakkylyon the impact of mothers is so much if only Young ladies can prepare ahead of time, am exempting the guys but more work lies with the mother.
Thanks for reading.

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