#STEEMGIGS: Steemgigs TIL Challenge

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TIL (Today I learned) Challenge

Everyday we learn new things, those things we learn help us improve the way we do things, our daily lives. We even learn things that could help us generate reasonable income and at times it might do with simple but yet amazing life hacks. This challenge is about you sharing what you learnt.

How to Participate

  1. Head on to Steemgigs and login
  2. Then go to: https://steemgigs.org/surpassinggoogle/tiltoday-i-learned
  3. Narrate what you learnt and paste the link to your post
  4. Paste the link to your post as a comment below
  5. If you are participating from other platforms aside steemgigs,
    1. Use theses tags: steemgigs, surpassinggoogle, TIL, TIL-challenge
    2. Paste your link in the comment box (please note that we prefer you use the steemgigs editor for this)


  1. Please be original don't copy. Plagiarism is not encouraged
  2. Make sure your post is beneficial
  3. You are encouraged to resteem this post (not compulsory)

5 winners will be selected

  • 1st prize - 3sbd
  • 2nd prize - 2sbd
  • 3rd prize - 1sbd
  • 4th and 5th prize - 0.5sbd each
  • Entry with most number of votes gets 1sbd or 1sbd extra if he or she is a winner

Winners shall the announced in a week time. Happy Steeming!!!

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This is great and I have sent in my entry of what I learnt today. It's so good that I am the first to enter for the challenge. Whoaaaa. I hope you read through and learn from what I learnt today. Cheers!! Below is the link to my entry.


Believe me, this is going to be a great challenge, I will follow this tag throughout this week, and participate as often as I can, it is not going to be about winning, but lessons that we would learn from ourselves.


The contest is about using the interface


Oh, no problem about that. The rule should be worked on.


More about principles than rules, context, undertone, the underlying is what "steemgigs" as a whole represents. An entire segment a knowledge-bank was created on steemgigs.org to incite contribution of knowledge, the context of the post highlights that.


that will be nice bro

But isn't this a misuse of the steemgigs tag? You're not offering a gig but just presenting a contest. The #challenge or #contest tags would be more appropriate.


steemgigs.org has a knowledge-bank that we are trying out and trying to introduce. It is a model involving contribution but niche-based. We want to have room for everyone where everyone eventually becomes a steemgigger or dream-builder and for this you need niche-based knowledge. So it is #til but they will have the option to choose a category related to what's on steemgigs.org There will also be room for creative contests on steemgigs, but we havent arrived there yet. This post is aimed at showing users other facets of steemgigs that's unfolding. Posts from these categories, have a seperate segment on the website and dont interface with gigs. People will go there to learn how to become eventual gig creators


Someone updated the post and told me I can write it on my blog and share it here provided I used the right tag.. Check the post update...


Yep no worries. I didn't read that part. But i spotted the person's preference mentioned twice.

Wow,this is really great,this contest is really nice,great work from steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle.

Great initiative contest...@jalasem...


thank you @prince121

wow superb contest @jalasem Hope i'm not late for this to perform. What about deadline submiting entry?


Sure @shohana1
The challenge will run for a week. So you can participate

We learn manythings everyday, every moment and steemgigs gives us a opportunity to share our daily teaches. I appreciate this great challenge.

Wow. Off to work! Steemgigers and clients are great people on steemians

so finally here is my entry @jalasem
I have a question, is this TIL post for this contest is one per account? I mean multiple entry allowed or not? thanks


As much as you want, one per day (maximum). I will select the best. Thank you for your participation. My great steemgigs seller


thanks for your compliment my best gig buyer 😊

hello sir @jalasem, here is my entry post , thanks again for the contest Also huge thanks @steemgigs platform owner sir @surpassinggoogle to make this effective project on steemit. https://steemit.com/steemgigs/@steemit-fairy/the-lesson-of-my-day-will-remember-for-lifetime

upvoted and resteemed and now i'm in, hope to come soon with my entry, thanks for the contest @jalasem

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I am so thankful for sharing this kind of challenge for all of us Steemians. Big thanks to @jalasem and @surpassinggoogle. Here's my entry link for my TIL(today I Learned) challenge . Hope you will support my entry blog.

Everyone is a winner but I just have to choose some at my descretion

Check the announcement here:

Thanks to everyone that participated in this challenge

Hello, here is my entry on what I learnt this week and as a member in the steemgigs building via contributing my knowledge


  ·  last year (edited)

Great initiative. We do learn a lot everyday, it is merely the appreciation of things around us. So here’s my take on the challenge:

Glad I made my entry however I wanted to edit it on #steemgigs but I don't know how:



We are sorry, edit will soon be supported

@jalasem, this is my entry I hope you take time to read it thank you so much sir.

This is a good idea @jalasem. This motivates me, I have posted what I learned today and here is my entry


Here's what I learned today. I learned to do wirings for my room myself. and It was actually a successful DIY of me. :)


https://steemit.com/steemgigs/@roldamn/patience-is-truly-a-virtue here is my entry sir. This helps me alot, the more I know the lesser I truly knew, so i will keep digging for learning and keep influencing. Thanks and have a nice day :)