Nikhil's condition now ! 💗🙏

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

Hey guys , this is yet another update on Nikhil , again I am so debited to everyone for praying for him. Today I got this message about him , it said like this .

Nikhil is better and as expected he developed infection of lung which is treatable. They have reduced sedation and gradjually wean ventilatory support. Love

I don't really understand the last part , maybe it means , he will be removed from ventilator support soon , I don't know . But he is so much better. He was literally in a life death situation and God has really done miracle to him. He has recovered him so far , but it's really because of all the prayers , please keep praying . Thanks again guys for all the support towards him so far. God will surely bless you.

If you guys don't know what had happened to him , he was in a tragic accident , a car hit him , while he was coming from class , and he was in a critical condition . It was a really bad situation .

But everyone was really praying and that's what has helped so far. Please continue praying guys . Until we hear he is totally fine. God bless you guys!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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Praise the God of Israel! He is the healer of our souls! Bless the Most High! @ironshield

Amen @ironshield 😇😇😇😇. May God bless you for your prayers .

God bless him and touch him to heal soon with His supernatural powers. and lets continue to pray for his fast recovery.