in poetry •  last year

I heard it’s over, but doubt fills my heart
With tears flowing to flooded stream, I try to shut my ears.
With a heavy heart, my emotions are set ablaze.
I wish this isn’t real, because it’s just too hard to say goodbye.

You are more than a diamond-my dearest lover
My mind keeps pondering on the smiles you bring
You light my world, you rekindle my heart…
Such a rare gem you are
O precious lover
I can't think of saying goodbye

You are a blessing to my heart
You are a healing balm to my wound
I need no other but you
Never go away, don’t say goodbye
For we can cross this ocean together.

I promise to be there for you at all times
To be your greatest supporter
To be your inspiration
To be your muse
Forgive my wrongs I plead
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wonderful poetry,i like it.are you poet?? @smartcarthy


Not really...
But anything can be learnt, so I learn through exercising my writing abilities.


really your writing skill is good.keep it ,you will more better.thank you so much.@smartcarthy

I see this is as a piece of art, I enjoy it, thank you @smartcarthy


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