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Tears occupy a special part among the wonders of our body, although it is true that the eyes are the eyes of the soul, tears would be the liquid state in which that same soul expresses itself, according to what it feels. We have all cried for different reasons, a farewell, a lack of love, the end of something important, that which is unattainable, although tears also fall when you reach that goal you so loved, to enjoy with your family magical moments, to see a son get to this world and even see someone from him.

Tears can be seen and felt as a form of liberation, also as a way to heal the soul or perhaps as another type of communication of our heart in conjunction with our feelings. As humans we must take into account the simplest things, or maybe because of the simple we can not see. Our body together with the soul are the perfect combination, arms and legs are lethal weapons, but things like our mind keep beyond weapons, beyond all that. Our mind can be a paradise if you want it, it contains an extraordinary power, a power that is able to control infinities of things. The mind is the center of everything, it is the spiritual world, it is where you see your feelings and keep each one of your lived experiences. The eyes are another wonder, but without a doubt the tears have a very special meaning and significance, they make you feel alive, they are simply the result of what you feel at that moment that they come to light.


Let our next tear

be of happiness for the success achieved in Steemit.


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wow...nice one there. Tears is a form of non verbal language and it's one of the words we can't fake because it comes from the soul.